Mu Synergetics Review: A Look at California’s Premier Ma & Pa Kratom Vendor

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Mark Twain once famously referred to honesty as the best of all the lost arts. But if brands like Mu Synergetics are any indication honesty is far from gone.

Moral correctness may be rare, especially in the kratom industry where shady vendors run rampant like greed-fueled weasels and unschooled rubes find themselves burned by bogus products and bad prices. But for every miserly sewer rat who runs roughshod over those who don’t know any better there are several quality sellers who genuinely care about their patrons and show it through transparency and devotion.


By all accounts, Mu Synergetics is one of those rare—but never non-existent—vendors who shows their customers love and sincerity. Founded in 2011 by a family with a decade-long interest in kratom and ethnobotanicals, this seller has proven their worth by offering next level customer support and careful in-house lab testing.

Based out of San Francisco, CA, this independently-owned operation has been expanding their reach over the last four years. By incorporating exotic herbs other than kratom into their catalog they have turned what could have been a quickly forgotten online store into a fully stocked apothecary.


Their many products include Akuamma, amino acids, Blackseed (nigella sativa), Blue Lotus, Incarvillea Sinensis, Kanna, Kavalactone 30%, Nymphaea Lotus, Nelumbo Lotus, Sacred Lotus and Stephania Japonica Extract.

Their kratom strains include all of the following:

  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Kali
  • Red Vein Kali
  • White Vein Maeng Da

They also stock the following proprietary blends:

  • Green Light Blend
  • Mu Classic Blend (Red & Green)
  • Red Dragon Blend
  • Red Light Blend
  • Signature Super Duper Blend
  • Working Man’s Maeng Da


Each of their plain leaf strains cost $8 for 25 grams with 100 grams going for a reasonable $25. You can get 200 grams for $45 or a half kilo for $85.00. Their half kilo price isn’t particularly remarkable, especially when we consider that native vendors will often offer kilos for as little as $60 flat (or less). But in terms of West coast suppliers that’s not terrible either.

Those who wish to buy bulk kratom powder can reach out via email and discuss bulk pricing. The same goes for wholesalers who wish to resell their product in brick-and-mortar shops or on other e-commerce sites.


Whereas so many of their competitors have been forced to limit their payment options MS has broadened their horizons. They are currently accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, credit cards, e-Checks, Ethereum, personal checks, postal money orders and more.


Every order placed with Mu Synergistics automatically receives flat rate USPS Priority Mail shipping. Early birds may be eligible for Same Day shipping while most will have their order shipped out within 24 hours of placing it.

Like I said before, these cats have changed the game by providing unbeatable customer service. They are always free to talk, text or email, and response time is as fast as you could ask for. They are a friendly brood that are definitely in-the-know.


This seller is an approved vendor with I Love Kratom where one user called them his “go-to for orders for almost 4 whole years now.”

He goes on to say,”You guys provide the best product and customer service I have ever experienced through my searches in the past; immediately after ordering from a couple of different companies, I realized Mu Synergetics is the best of the best, and that I could rely on them and their product. You won’t be disappointed — speedy delivery, high quality product, and affordable. Thank you guys, much love!”

Another user writes: “Sometimes you have to pay for Quality. They are extremely high for my budget but they have some of the best Kratom that I have ever tried in awhile. Very Highly Recommended.”

They have been warmly welcomed into forums in the past and have attracted a small but loyal following across social. As far back as 2012 customers were praising their potency with one person saying, “The guys at Mu Synergetics are extremely knowledgeable and kind-hearted so never hesitate hitting them up with any questions… I tried my hardest to drive them crazy with questions when their extracts hit the market but I don’t think I even came close.”

Another person says, “I just got a bottle of Mu’s Red Kali Extract and it is soooo smooth. Ten drops on top of just a small amount of plain leaf and I am lifted. You guys gotta give that stuff a try. Best kratom experience I’ve had to date.”

Elsewhere they have scored points for their exceptional Maeng Da blend which encompasses the best of green, red and white veins.


  • Diverse product line
  • Specialty blends
  • Multiple payment options
  • Second to none customer service
  • Expedient shipping
  • In-house testing for contaminants and purity
  • No hassles


  • No third party laboratory tests
  • No lab results posted
  • Limited plain leaf strains


When all is said and done, this is one seller who earns every dollar of profit they turn. This family-owned business is reminding us all what makes kratom so special. Those who want something fresh and new should definitely give ’em a go. You’ll love their free samples. : )

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