Divine Shaman Kratom Review: What You Need to Know About This Canadian Brand

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Divine Shaman is a kratom vendor with a rather unique origin story. Unlike most sellers who serve one specific country, DS has expanded its reach beyond its initial location in the United Kingdom to the True North.

As one of the oldest suppliers in the game, they reflect the longevity that a business can enjoy if they dedicate themselves to ethical business practices and strive for excellence. They have proven themselves to the community by rolling out frequent promotions and contests, investing in R & D (Research & Development) and bringing only the freshest plant matter to market.

Regular visitors to this blog will probably notice that we’ve been talking a lot about shamans lately. In the last week we’ve covered Shaman Nation and I Am Shaman alike. What differentiates Divine Shaman from those companies is their storied history.

Like an actual shaman, the proprietor of this store values divination and healing. They have shown their commitment to the good of the planet by implementing an eco-conscious project by which one kratom tree is planted for every order that is placed at their online store.

So, why haven’t you heard much about these cats recently? The answer is more than a little disappointing. Read on.


Established in 2007, Divine Shaman was founded on a need to fill a void. Those living in the UK had poor choices when it came to buying Mitragyna speciosa and other ethnobotanicals. After eight great years of success, they launched their second store in Vancouver, Canada.

By offering some of the cheapest kilos and most exotic strains, they quickly developed a loyal following. Unfortunately, in recent years, pressures were placed on this vendor to shut their doors.

As their homepage now reads, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to make the difficult decision to close down DS. We are so so grateful to all of our customers for being so awesome and feel terrible for having to let anyone down.

“It’s been a pleasure serving this wonderful community. There is a chance we will re-open later in the year, please join our mailing list for future updates. For now, love, light and peace to all…”

You will notice that this message ends on an optimistic note. That’s because it is not out of the ordinary for TPTB to cajole kratom vendors into closing the shutters, but the best of the best find a way back. Perhaps we will see Divine Shaman relaunch under a different name or with a new domain name.

In the interest of keeping our readers informed about the top kratom sellers in 2019, let’s take a look at what they’ve got so that you’ll know what to order when they inevitably bounce back.


This dealer’s goal was always to provide Canadians with the most options possible. That’s why they’ve stocked over 30 different strains including premium, budget, super and extract kratom powder.

The following is a short list of what they’ve had in stock:

  • Bentuangie
  • Green Kuat Malay
  • Green Malay
  • Green Riau
  • HK Kali
  • Indonesian
  • Red Bali
  • Red Patani Thai
  • Red Riau


Let’s be honest, a lot of vendors have started to take baby steps in the right direction. We’ve gone out of our way to ethically source our products, submit our kratom for laboratory testing and invested in clean rooms. But at a certain point, it can become cumbersome to keep up with the latest trends in eco-friendly technology.

High call volumes and massive demand end up preoccupying independent business owners, often to the detriment of their customers and the planet. That’s why DS has taken pains to protect both. In addition to their tree planting project they have used 100% recyclable packages for mailing out orders. Their plain, resealable bags prevent unnecessary materials from ending up in a land fill and polluting the environment.


Anyone who ordered 330 grams of kratom powder or less received economy shipping via Lettermail while those who ordered 330 grams to a kilo received expedited shipping. Those who wished to buy bulk kratom powder (5 kilos or more) were eligible for Express Mail via Expresspost.

Their customer service was always on point with their online contact form. Customer support representatives were friendly and knowledgeable, delivering sound advice to anyone who had any questions or concerns.


This seller regularly provided promo codes and other deep discounts via their mailing list and social media. These coupon codes were good for up to 25% off one’s total at checkout. There were also frequent deals on select strains, especially for those buying kilos or split kilos.


One user said, “I have tried their Green Thai Maeng Da which is top quality.” Another user wrote, “Divine Shaman did a big free sample earlier this year to determine which strains to carry, try searching this sub for comments.

“Each person received different samples and they asked that people complete a survey. It was a bit of a “blind” test, the strain names were generic and were further identified by numbers. I can’t easily relate them to the products currently available.

“I sampled 9 strains and 2 extracts. Of the strains, 4 were underwhelming and 5 were very good. The extracts were inconclusive for me. That’s the feedback I provided to them.”

This underscores the company’s commitment to quality and potency as well as their overall spirit of generosity. They always trusted their customers and, therefore, their customers knew they could trust them.


Although DS has shut its doors for now, they are not likely to stay shut. No doubt return customers are already banging that door down. With few top shelf choices available in Terminal City it’s a no-brainer to purchase from this eco-friendly business.

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