Happy Hippo Herbals 2019: New Releases and Seasonal Deals

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Happy Hippo Herbals has been around for a minute and we continue to be blown away by their galvanizing specialty blends. It seems like every time we turn around there’s something new and exciting added to their already expansive collection of proprietary kratom mixtures.

Last year it was their Bali Elite Blonde which left me mucho elated and basking in the brightness of an oddly warm September day. Then, earlier this year, I had the pleasure of sampling their Fire Hippo for another choice review.

Since 2014 they have been impressing customers with an ever-growing array of Mitragyna speciosa combinations that are made for the serious stacker who wants something special.

This year they have rolled out a number of new treats that are all but guaranteed to appeal to a wide cross-section of botanical enthusiasts. Below is a detailed breakdown of what they have to offer in 2019 and what customers can expect in the year ahead.

Let’s jump into it!


Happy Hippo is a Boise, ID kratom vendor with a seemingly boundless lineup of fast, slow and moderate strains. They offer their products in both powder and capsule form. Additionally, they sell “alt herbs,” such as Akuamma, Horny Goat Weed, Horny Hippo Capsules (Libido & Sexual Performance), Kava, Kanna, Maca powder and Shilajit.

Of particular interest to first-timers is their Newbie Packs, a variety sampler of slow, moderate and fast kratom strains that enables noobs to get acclimated to the varying aromas of each. This is just one way that they help newcomers to discover what resonates with them.

Their Newbie Hippo Starter Pack contains one ounce of balanced leaf, one ounce of calm leaf and one ounce of fast, vibrant leaf, giving those who buy it a well-rounded idea of what they have in store for them in the site’s shop. At just $30 for 85 grams it’s not the most affordable option on the market, but it’s definitely well worth it if you’ve never tried their products before.


Of the many new releases to come out in the last year, I have to prop up three in particular. They are as follows:

  • Cozy Chocolate (Groovy Mood, Internal Peace)
  • Magic Hippo (Magical Mind)
  • Sunshine Hippo (Wondrous Glow)

Cozy Chocolate is made from micronized Red Bentuangie which is easily my favorite red vein variant. It is premium grade, finely ground kratom leaf that is considerably longer-lasting than other reds and known for its fortifying aroma and gentle mouthfeel.

Magic Hippo isn’t brand new, but it’s still worth listing here for its ability to take the edge off after a rough day. I like to brew this one when I know I’m going to be up against an afternoon full of stressors. It is a subtle, subdued strain with a lush color and an agreeable scent. Magic Hippo is made from Red Sumatra.

Last but not least, Sunshine Hippo is this seller’s Gold Maeng Da. Like other forms of MD kratom, it is robust with a protracted aroma. It differs from others in that it is truly luminescent in hue. Gold vein is notorious for being kind of cloudy and brown, oftentimes looking burnt. Not so with Sunshine Hippo which is the closest to tawny that I’ve ever seen in a tea.


To put it simply, Happy Hippo has got it all! Here is a full list of their kratom products:

  • Atomic Hippo (Green Vein Thai)
  • Cozy Chocolate (Red Bentuangie)
  • Dynamite Hippo (Red Vein Thai)
  • Elite Elephant (Green Malay)
  • Fire Hippo (Red Malay)
  • Ghost Hippo (White Vein Borneo)
  • Happy Hippo I (Super Green Indo)
  • Happy Hippo II (Super Red Indo)
  • Hyper Hippo (Green MD)
  • Invincible Hippo (Ruby Red Thai)
  • Magic Hippo (Red Sumatra)
  • Mellow Yellow (Yellow Sunda)
  • Red Dragon Bali
  • Red Hot Hippo (Red MD)
  • Roadrunner (Super White Indo)
  • Rockstar Hippo (White MD)
  • Royal Golden (Gold Bali)
  • Smiley Hippo (Red Horn)
  • Thunder Hippo (Diamond Malay)
  • Top-Shelf Bali (Green Bali)
  • White Rhino (White Horn)
  • Wild Yellow (Yellow Vietnam)

The real rockstar strain here is, of course, their Rockstar Hippo, a supercharged enhanced Maeng Da with a lot of staying power. I’d place it right up there with their bestselling Roadrunner and Top-Shelf Bali.


This vendor has kept prices low since their inception and that hasn’t changed as they’ve expanded their store. Customers can pick up an ounce of Cozy Chocolate for $12 or an ounce of Sunshine Hippo for $13.00. Four ounces sells for $46 while a full kilo will run you $240.00. Clearly they are far from the cheapest bulk option in the current marketplace, but when you brew their teas you’ll know that you’re getting what you paid for. That’s more than I can say for the glut of online sellers that have sprouted up in the last few years.


The more frugal consumer would do well to check out their Fire Hippo as this Red Malay strain starts at just eight bucks for an ounce with four ounces going for $32.00. They are currently running a November sale that’s good for 40-70% off the cost of Super Red Malay.


Unlike most suppliers they are a GMP-qualified vendor in good standing with the AKA (American Kratom Association). They have dedicated themselves to ethical business practices and proper manufacturing.

Each batch of kratom is guaranteed to be 100% unadulterated and pesticide-free. Furthermore, their customer support is unsurpassed, and they run deep discounts with Happy Hippo coupon codes on their social media accounts (Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn more).


As always, the hippo is here to keep us happy and 2019 is the time to discover everything they have to offer. Check ’em out today and keep an eye peeled for their site-wide seasonal sales. With the holidays just weeks away it’s the perfect time to snatch up some of their specialty stocking stuffers.

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