Lively Mood Kratom Review: Is This Vendor Truly Legit?

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What does it mean to buy from Lively Mood Botanicals? This Chandler, AZ kratom vendor is a proud purveyor of pure, unadulterated ethnobotanicals. Their mission statement is clear at a glance: “Energy. Vitality. Rejuvenation.”

That’s the lively mood meaning. These independent artisans want only what’s best for their growing clientele. To this end, they submit each batch of Mitragyna speciosa leaf for heavy metals analysis and maintain a dedicated clean room for preparation.

What’s more, this vendor offers detailed information about how to craft your own kratom soap and provides lab results from Summit Laboratory, so every customer can be sure that they are getting uncontaminated product.

Kratom packages are securely sealed and carefully packaged to ensure that their teas are never compromised. As an added incentive to new customers they provide free USPS Priority Mail shipping on orders of $75 or more.

As we all know, it can be a pain to find a supplier who sells high-quality herbs. Between crappy smoke shop brands and overpriced vitamin store supplements, there are so many bad actors out there who just want to turn a big profit at your expense, often to the financial and physical detriment of the consumer.

Luckily when you come across a seller like Lively Mood you know you’ve found that proverbial four-leaf clover—a seller who can honestly say they offer the best botanicals around. That’s because Lively Mood Botanicals has been hard at work, perfecting their craft since 2016.

They source their products from experienced farmers who know how to harvest the freshest and most potent herbs possible. Each batch is finely ground for a smooth tea with a rich aroma.

Those craving some variety will be pleased to find that they have more in their repertoire than mere plain leaf. Read on to learn more about their full collection.


In addition to their plethora of slow and fast kratom strains they also stock Blue Lotus, Kava and Maca in a number of sizes and types. This includes their Blue Lotus 50:1 Extract Powder and their Maca which comes in an organic powder or a 4:1 extract powder. features numerous slow, moderate and fast strains, but none are nearly as beloved as Ultra Premium Bali Kratom, a powder that has been known to sell out within hours of it being restocked.


Premium Bali is exactly what it sounds like: High quality plant matter from OG trees of the Bali region in Southeast Asia. It is infamous for its potency and known for containing large concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, kra’s key indole alkaloids.


The following is a full list of strains that are perfect for first-timers who want to get acclimated to kratom’s aroma before diving into the stronger stuff.

Unlike the other strains on this list, moderate forms are not fast-acting or overwhelming. They are well-rounded variants that are ideal for those who want to unwind after a stressful day. Mild in nature, moderate strains offer a good balance between the “fast” and “slow” strains’ respective aromas.


Slow strains are good for night-time use, either as a form of incense or a strong cup of tea before bedtime. Slow doesn’t necessarily mean that they act slower so much as they are good for slowing things down and turning out the lights, as it were.

Many believe that brewing slow tea before bed leaves them feeling rejuvenated in the morning, although this is speculative at best.


  • Maeng Da
  • Premium Grade Malaysian
  • Premium White Sandai
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Ultra Premium Elite Elephant
  • White Vein Vietnam

Fast strains tend to be more potent and generally take hold much quicker than other forms of kratom. They are renowned for their extended duration and robust aroma.


Prices vary from $11.99 to $14.99 for an ounce, depending on which powder you order. For instance, 2-3 ounces of Green Vein Hulu Kali goes for $10.99. I know, that’s cheaper than buying an ounce. This is because Lively Mood has incentivized bulk orders by charging less for more.

4-7 ounces will cost somewhere around $10.00, again, depending on which strain you choose. You can also order as much as 16 ounces or more for approximately $8.75 per ounce. I’ll use myself as an example: I ordered 25 ounces which earned me 225 Lively Mood Points good toward a future purchase. It only cost me $218.75.

I found this to be unreasonably high for a bulk order since I usually pay between $80 and $120 for a kilo (35+ ounces), but I can see what they are trying to do and it should appeal to the casual user who is used to picking up small pouches of kratom for sporadic dosages.


As you’ll see when you visit their homepage, you can sign up for discount codes and special promotions that are exclusive to subscribers. Just punch in your email address and you’ll receive member only newsletters with all sorts of deals and giveaways.


Like all the top kratom vendors, Lively Mood accepts a wide array of payment types from Bitcoin and eCheck to C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery), mobile check or credit card. Both Mastercard and Visa can be used at checkout. All payments are processed securely through their RapidSSL-encrypted online pay portal.


Customers have been effusive about this vendor with one user writing, “Good Solid Vendor with some good Kratom & other herbs & botanicals. Shipping was quick at 3 days & was packaged very well. Pouches were good enough & were all Labeled well. The Prices for their Kratom are very high but you are getting a good product but expensive.

“They have a very good variety to choose from & a few unique strains that most Vendors just don’t offer. They also offer Blue Lotus, Kava, & Maca which are all good especially the Blue Lotus. I can recommend this Vendor if you don’t have a Budget & are looking for a good quality product with some of the best Customer Service & very fast shipping.”


I ordered multiple items from Lively Mood Botanicals including their Blue Lotus Extract Powder and several ounces of their moderate, slow and fast options. Here’s what I wrote in my notes:

“White Sumatra—3.5 grams on an empty stomach; toss and wash method. This Indonesian treat is white gold! Took hold within nine or 10 minutes. It’s 3:15 now, three and a half hours later and I can still feel it. A profound sense of oneness between body and mind…subtle changes in my thinking, deeper in thought than I’d normally be at this point in the afternoon. Definitely one of the stronger “moderate” options.

“Red Malaysian—3 grams on an empty stomach, brewed and filtered, added honey and a sprinkle or turmeric powder. Feeling lively and able to walk without stiffness. This one is definitely a day-time choice, for sure. I can see myself taking this one every other morning or so. Oddly hungry considering how nauseous I sometimes get with reds.

“Maeng Da—3 grams about 30 minutes after eating a small breakfast with juice. Maeng Da really is the Pimp Daddy of the bunch and this one is no exception. I feel a bit fuzzy, but otherwise this is awesome. Full body awareness…my focus is honed in, I’m in the zone.”


I was a bit reluctant to order from these cats when I saw that their lab results were woefully outdated. I didn’t want to be disappointed as I have so many times before.

To my astonishment, Lively Mood Botanicals proved out to be every bit as legit as they claim, and my order was full of surprises. Their powder had a pleasant scent, an easy-to-stomach taste and a smooth microgrind that made it easy to knock back.

For consistency and efficacy you can’t go wrong with LMB. They are the real McCoy. Point blank.

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