Kratom Cats: A Look at a Vendor With A Lot of History

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If you run a search for the term “kratom cats” online you’ll come up with innumerable results, such as “My cat…loves kratom,” “Do cats like kratom?” and “Can we give kratom to our pets?”

Given the popularity of this search term, it should come as little surprise that there’s a vendor named Kratom Cats. What should be of particular interest to the community is the longevity of this brand. Founded in 2011, this Pacific coast kratom seller has stuck around long enough to perfect their craft and prove their mettle in a congested marketplace.

So, what are they all about and why should you care? We’ll answer those questions and more in the following review.

Let’s roll!

WHAT IS KRATOM CATS? is the official online store of Kcats, a Pacific coast kratom vendor with a voluminous inventory of fresh Mitragyna speciosa powder. They are active in the fight to keep kratom legal, having supported the efforts of the non-profit organization Botanical Education Alliance.

As members in good standing with the kratom community at large, Kratom Cats have brought a diverse product line to market that has continued to draw admiration and respect from legions of loyal kratomites.


In addition to their plain leaf strains, this seller regularly stocks digital scales and other paraphernalia for the discerning enthusiast. The following is a full list of their kratom powders:

  • Maeng Da Supreme
  • Powdered Premium Bali
  • Red Hulu Kapuas (Kalimantan)
  • Super Green Malay
  • Super Red Vein Indo
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Vein Thai
  • Yellow Vein Sudanese


Of each of the strains listed above I’ve gotta give major props to them for their Maeng Da Supreme. When I first saw the name I rolled my eyes, thinking, Gah! Yet another example of vendors slapping hyperbolic names on standard brand strains just to move more units.

Then I sampled a batch of MD Supreme for myself and whoa, daddy! This one is fire! It’s got all of the attributes associated with traditional Maeng Da, but it’s clearly fresher than your average bear and, dare I say, more pungent. The aroma really has a kick to it and you it remains effective after four hours or more.

A close runner-up would be their Premium Bali which took me by surprise. I’ve never really been a fan of Bali myself, but this one was really inspiring, instilling hours of creativity. It gave me what I needed when I was struggling with that mid-morning slump. Highly recommended!


This is the only downside that I can report about this brand. They are significantly more expensive than their competitors. A measly 100 grams sells for the astronomical price of $50 while a half kilo (500 grams) goes for $150. That’s at least $20-30 more than the top vendors charge for a full kilo.

And speaking of full kilos, a 1,000 gram pouch will run you $250 which is what many suppliers charge for two or more kilos. They definitely need to work on their prices if they intend to stick around in the long run.

That being said, they have managed to build a reputation over the better part of eight years, so they’re clearly doing something right. As Slater said in Dazed & Confused, “Hey man, it’s quality, not quantity.”


I mentioned earlier that a lot of people ask if kratom is safe for pets. The truth is, there is no legitimate way to answer that question without making unsupported claims. The reason is simple: The FDA feels that there is insufficient scientific evidence to prove that kratom is safe and/or beneficial. This applies as much to pets as its does to their humans.

Since the FDA has not approved Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids (Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, respectively) for medicinal use, one cannot purport to have a definitive answer about its potential efficacy.

That being said, there is plenty of reason to believe that kratom could be helpful to cats and dogs in much the same way that folks have found it helpful for themselves. Just as many American citizens have spoken about the relief they believe that got from brewing kratom, there are many individuals who have administered kratom to their house cats to assist with their ailments.

Here’s what we do know: Kratom side effects are common with many users reporting nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, dilated pupils, agitation, heart palpitations and more. Kratom hosptilizations have also occurred and kratom hangover is often reported.

Those who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic health conditions are advised to avoid kratom use. The same is obviously true of their pets. Anyone who administers products like kratom or CBD to their cats or dogs should take proper precautions. If any new symptoms develop they should immediately discontinue use and consult with a physician.


Despite the possibility of the aforementioned side effects and health complications, most of studies on the toxicity of Mitragyna speciosa have been conducted on animals (mice, cats, dogs, etc.). The results of such studies have shown minimal toxicity.

Pet owners can make of this what they will, but I think the research speaks for itself. However, there is limited research assessing the toxic effects Mitragyna speciosa may have on human beings.


As of 2019, this vendor is only accepting COD payments via UPS. As they explain on their homepage, “Other payment methods have proven to be too volatile. We do waive the COD fee, and we have lowered prices across the board since we don’t have to pay processing fees.

“Furthermore, we have free shipping bonuses available, depending on the size of the order, and a 10% preferred customer discount for our regular customers after placing 5 orders.”


The kratom community is much like any other Reddit community. For every helpful reviewer and generous member sharing useful documentation, there’s a dirty dozen haters and complainers trolling the sub-Reddits.

One former customer wrote, “On Monday (so 2 days ago), I placed an order before their cutoff time with USPS Express shipping. it didn’t arrive yesterday, and wasn’t in the mail today either. I’ve sent severa emails that haven’t been responded to either. There’s a record of my order in my account information. It lists it as “paid” but then “unfulfilled” under the “fulfillment” section.”

This same person follows this with an update, writing, “my payment has processed (read: they’ve already taken my money), and still not a word from them. Really starting to lose patience.”

It’s easy to jump to conclusions, especially since there is a legitimate reason why customers worry. Let’s face it, we’ve all been burned by at least one dealer in our lifetimes. The problem is, these shady brands have given the industry as a whole a bad rap.

That’s why we see posts like these where the user doesn’t even give a ma and pop business the benefit of the doubt. The reality is that independent business owners are often responsible for every step of the manufacturing process from soup to nuts.

Eager customers who are rabid for their kratom fix often lose sight of the day to day contingencies that may crop up in anyone’s life. In much the same way you might miss your shift at a store you work at because you’ve come down with the common cold, a kratom vendor might come down with a case of the flu or suffer a personal loss that hinders their daily operations.

These are all factors that should be considered when dealing with a seller, particularly a seller with Kratom Cats’ years of experience in the biz. If your package doesn’t arrive on time and you’re not getting an email response from the owner, consider alternate means of communication. Many owners can be reached on social media or by telephone.

Just because one user had a poor experience with a seller doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too. After another user was jumped to judgment by calling Dave [the owner] an a*sh*ole, yet another user jumped in to defend him, saying, “Dave always seemed cool to me, maybe it’s b/c I was faithful to them from 2012 – 2015 when SS was out of extracts. They sold “Speciosa enhanced Bali” which was the exact product as SS UEB.

“I will attest to their cut offs being early and changing to less hours for shipping / dwolla problems etc, however…Dave always took care of me and made things right when I had a concern or complaint. Made up for it by refunding shipping/sending free sample, including 5-10% more for the next 2-3 orders etc.”


This vendor is not for the frugal folks who want to buy bulk kratom powder and capsules. They are a provider of premium grade Mitragyna speciosa powder and their potent strains have kept people coming back for more for nearly a decade. Check ’em out if you got money to burn.

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