Portal Botanical: What You Need to Know About This Vendor

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The story of Portal Botanical is an unfortunate one since it underscores a sad fact about Mitragyna speciosa and its tenuous future. This US-based kratom vendor was established in early-2016 and wasted no time in setting a precedent for excellence.

An early supporter of the AKA (American Kratom Association), this proprietor regularly partnered with watchdogs and specialty groups like The Secret Garden Guide for community awareness contests. For their part, they donated as much as 6,000 grams of free kratom powder to select winners.

Much of their early success hinged upon such free giveaways and they didn’t disappoint. The following reflects some of their top strains, each of which was available in such volume that even now, nearly four years whole years later, I still have some of their kratom powder in my personal stash.

The extraordinary part? Of the three previously opened pouches in my possession, all of them still smell fresh. That’s really saying something when you consider the flimsiness of many brands’ packaging.


This vendor had a spectacularly wide selection featuring as many as 45 products at any given time. This included the always popular Red Maeng Da as well as Red Bali, Green Malay and White Sumatra.

Those who sampled these strains invariably gave them a nine out of 10 rating with many calling them the most potent around. They also had quite the knack for developing specialty blends.


This was widely marketed as their signature nighttime strain with the owner claiming it to be an in-house favorite. It is made from highly concentrated indole alkaloids which are then converted back into kratom powder. This process yielded a thoroughly fragrant product that was relatively unsurpassed at the time.


As someone who has suffered from Fibromyalgia and sleep disturbance for the better (or worse, depending on your POV) part of my life, I’ve always appreciated nighttime strains that can give me that much-needed assist when counting sheep just ain’t cutting it.

Red Relax was, by far, by favorite proprietary blend from Portal. Equal parts Bali Red, Full Spectrum Extract, Red Indo, Red Vein Thai and Super Red Maeng Da, it was a seriously bold tea that made for a truly enjoyable evening of repose.


UEI is notorious for being powerful, but this seller’s UEI was even more supercharged than other brands’ equivalent. As most of you already know, Ultra Enhanced Indo is a fusion of Bali and Indo kratom extracts. This produces a well-balanced powder that is akin to Gold Reserve but generally does not induce a case of the wobbles.

The best UEI is potent without being overwhelming…Portal’s UEI was the best. Period.

This one landed in my regular rotation from May until October-ish of 2016. That’s about when I noticed that Portal’s presence in the community had fallen off. Their last social media post was in September of that year and directly addressed the national call to action by the AKA.


Two years ago I came across a Reddit post in which a user said, “Their white Borneo is the best kratom I have ever had. I can’t find them online anymore.”

That’s when I decided to see for myself if the brand was still on the market. To my chagrin the user in question was right, their site was no longer active and I could find no trace of them on the Internet. Aside from old Tweets they had vanished like a ghost.

From what little evidence we have to go on, it would seem that this vendor fell victim to what the community took to calling Bangate. The then-imminent kratom ban left many kratom manufacturers running for the hills.

Despite their many efforts to fight this proposed ban, they caved to the pressure when it was crucial for them to stand their ground. Those who are thinking about starting an independent ethnobotanical outfit would do well to look at this as a shining example of making the wrong moves.

Those who are working in the kratom industry should learn a lesson from Portal’s failure. When bureaucrats and government institutions attempt to pass laws to regulate this Ayurvedic herb it is of paramount importance that the industry band together to ensure that kratom remains legal.

You never know when TPTB might take another stab at restricting this highly stigmatized plant and its indole alkaloids. As recently as July of 2019, there was talk in New York with State Senator Pam Helming urging the governor and the Assembly to support her bill to outlaw Mitragyna speciosa come 2020.

If you’re a vendor who is operating out of the United States we urge you to throw your support behind non-profit advocacy organizations such as AKA and the Botanical Education Alliance. #SaveKratom

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