Zodiac Kratom: The Strongest Kratom Extracts Available

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The folks behind Zodiac Kratom make some rather bold claims about their business. Much like the Zodiac killer claimed credit for crimes he hadn’t committed in letters to the San Francisco Chronicle, this Zodiac allege to have a product of unsubstantiated quality.

Billing their kratom as the “best product in USA,” this expansive company has made a name for themselves by backing up such bragging with bawdy products and dedicated customer support. Unlike many ma and pa brands, Zodiac employs more than 20 experienced staffers who work in concert to bring the strongest and freshest OG kratom leaf to market.

Where many of the top kratom vendors are relatively new, this company has some substantial longevity. They’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and bring that long history of experience to bear on their R & D efforts.

Each batch of Mitragyna speciosa is carefully tested in a third party laboratory prior to and immediately after it is extracted. This ensures optimal quality and zero contamination.

The following is a look at what they’ve got to offer and what you can expect to pay for their products.


Just three grams of this one is akin to about 4.5 grams of your standard 15x extract. It’s an explosive concoction that comes in a easy-to-reseal pouch with a shiny finish that will make it stand out from the rest of your stash.

Black Label kratom is made from a Maeng Da strain. Maeng Da, otherwise known as “pimp grade kratom,” is widely considered to be the strongest strain of Mitragyna speciosa. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of the Black Label extract.

These wildly uplifting kratom capsules combine the best of green vein and red vein kratom strains, producing an aroma that is replenishing and buoyant. Put more simply, this one is pure fire. I would call this one a middle of the road product, something that is good for social engagements as well as nighttime activities.

Consumers should be cautious about this ultra-powerful formula as side effects may include psychiatric symptoms such as hallucinations, agitation, confusion, blurred vision, brain swelling or seizure. These adverse effects tend to occur at higher dosages.


Like Zodiac Kratom Blue Label, the Red Label is of the utmost potency. That’s because it’s a 100x formulation in terms of potency level. When I first saw their 3 count of Super Natural Red Label Kratom Extract, I immediately questioned the legitimacy of the brand.

Any time a kratom brand uses deliberately misleading words, “supernatural” in this case, it makes me feel a little icky. I tend to stay away from vendors who deploy hyperbole in their advertising as a general rule. Such terms can be a warning sign that you’re dealing with a company that wants to get one over on you for the sake of maximizing profit.

However, it is always a good idea to save the skepticism until after you’ve given a product a fair shake. In the case of Zodiac’s Super Natural Extract I’m glad that I didn’t let my jaded attitude get in the way of trying it out for myself.

Forged from Red Vein Malay, this Malaysian OG strain is among the finest reds this reviewer has sampled in quite some time. It is robust, strangely sweet and capable of replenishing the work-weary user.

This extract comes in capsule form which is perfectly convenient since it’s far stronger than plain leaf and, therefore, you don’t have to choke down 12 caps in order to unlock its “aroma.” This removes the headache of having to use a measuring spoon and digital scale to figure out your dosage.


This Bali strain bears mentioning, if only for its conspicuously mild hue and moderate aroma. It is a bit of a “slow” strain that nevertheless possesses a wide spectrum of properties. This is due, in no small part, to the high concentrations of several different indole alkaloids.


A single ounce of kratom powder will cost you $10 while three ounces goes for just $20.00. Unfortunately for those who like to buy bulk kratom powder, this vendor does not offer kilos or split kilos. In fact, they don’t even offer 500 grams.

The largest buying option is an 8 ounce pouch which costs $30.00. On the plus side, the more you buy the less you spend. I recently ordered an ounce of Bali, three ounces of Maeng Da and eight ounces of Malaysian. My total came to $40.00. That’s almost a half kilo (340+ grams, to be more precise) for under 50 bucks.


If you search long enough you’ll likely find a promo code on social media or a verified coupon clipper site which is good for as much as 20% off your total at checkout. Savings will automatically apply when you complete your order.


Some have accused this vendor of appearing to be headshop bullshit and it’s clear to see why. Their packaging and low-tech website point to their being a smoke shop brand. But those who aren’t easily fooled know that this is a solid product, one that’s backed by lab testing and a commitment to research and development.

Those who have personally sampled their Red Label and Black Label variants attest to their consistent strength and efficacy. Some have even called Black Kratom a true dynamo. In a market as over-saturated as the speciosa industry it’s tough to distinguish between the good, the bad and the worthless, but Zodiac’s extracts speak for themselves. You try it, you love it or it’s too much of a good thing. Period.


If you’re a seasoned kratomite who’s tired of more traditional options, this vendor will likely turn you around. Their proprietary extract powders are perfectly suited to the chronic user who has lost their mojo and wants to get it back. Pick up an ounce of each during the holiday season and discover the stocking stuffer that will outshine any other gift.

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