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Finding a good hang can be every bit as daunting as finding the right kratom strain for your personal needs. There are hundreds of forum threads and blog posts concerning Mitragyna speciosa and the effects of the same.

Many of these posts are far from helpful. As a matter of fact, some are downright counterproductive. As is the case with lots of forums communities, kratom-related or otherwise, these forums tend to bring the trolls out of the woodwork.

For example, a newcomer to a forum might post a request for more information about a kratom vendor they’ve ordered from for the first time. Instead of offering this poor noob some much-needed advice, the haters will log on and razz the new member for being gullible enough to buy overpriced crap from a disreputable brand.

Anyone who’s ever spent any significant amount of time in a sub-Reddit can tell you that these confrontational and often misleading comments lead to more of the same. In no time at all, a post that was intended to start a constructive dialogue devolves into a proverbial pissing match between neck-beards, each of whom is vying for their spot as the most knowledgeable and discerning kratom connoisseur.

Another problem facing the kratom community is the influx of kratom start-ups who think nothing of signing up for bogus forum member accounts. These shady vendors then use these dummy accounts to promote their brand in less than transparent ways.

For example, I might post to a site like Reddit to extoll the virtues of a particular strain. Let’s say it’s White Sumatra and I’m eager to share my experience with this kratom powder. The purpose of the post is to let others in the community in on the unique aroma of this particular form of Mitragyna speciosa leaf.

Unfortunately, my post is met by responses from an oddly familiar net handle. This suspiciously uncanny forum member takes advantage of my post straight away. In typical bloviating fashion, this pedantic pest carries on about how the brand I bought is BS and how [Place Competitor’s Brand Name Here] is lit AF.

It goes on like this until this other member draws the attention of moderators and ends up flagged. Or, worse, their comments are allowed to remain active, effectively poisoning the well for all newcomers who will take their remarks at face value.

What this illustrates is the great divide which exists in the Mitragyna speciosa industry—the wide gap between individuals with genuine passion for the plant and those who would obfuscate the truth for the sake of moving bunk product.

I think you’ll agree that forum communities can be a good thing or a bad thing. At their best, they enable the enthusiasts among us to share useful educational information about the science and legality of kratom as well as detailed info about strains, sourcing, pricing and more.

On the flip side, these same forum communities can be troublesome at their worst. When they are used inappropriately by shills and haters they become a real menace, one that further threatens the legitimacy of this Ayurvedic herb.

So, how do you decide where to go when you’re looking for a home among like-minded kratomites? The answer is likely simpler than you thought.


There is a multitude of blogs and forums dedicated to the subject of Mitragyna speciosa and its purported effects. These range from threads about how to buy bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules

to posts about calls to action by non-profit advocacy groups like the AKA (American Kratom Association) and so forth.

Some are very threadbare and basic in their features such as and the now-defunct The Kratom Forum. Most of these forums are barely functional and far from ergonomic. They also lack diversity, invariably covering topics that we’ve all read about on countless websites and personal blogs.

It is this writer’s contention that there can only be one best kratom forum community, and that is I Love Kratom. That’s because these cats are true kratom lovers.

For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I’ll argue with myself here and cop to there being a total of three viable choices for forum community. They are as follows (in descending order from best to meh, ok):

  • I Love Kratom
  • Double M Herbals
  • Reddit

I Love Kratom is by far your greatest option for useful information and true camaraderie. Longtime members are open, friendly, communicative and supportive. They guide newcomers through the typical rites of passage, walking them through the obligatory rules of posting and recommending trusted vendors.

Unlike other forum communities, ILK provides visitors with a list of approved vendors. These are vendors who have complied with the site’s stringent requirements and proven their legitimacy by completing the platform’s review process.

These vendors provide proof of SSL certification, pass a security scan, offer prompt customer support and refrain from making any unsubstantiated medical claims.

Not only is ILK a great place for noobs to get started since it features this list of standout brands but, furthermore, it features some of the most comprehensive user reviews of brands that one could ask for. A personal favorite is MadMaxNightRider, a Platinum Boarder who regularly documents his experiences with various vendors in colorfully-written posts that deliver on everything you could possibly want to know about a given strain.

If you want a place where you can feel like you’re with close friends or family, I would highly recommend signing up for an account with I Love Kratom. People like Laurie, Max and Usernametaken will make you feel like one of the gang even before you get your bearings. : )

A close runner-up for the # 1 spot would be Double M Herbals, another fine forum community where you can receive kratom coupon codes good for 10% off your order from select “sponsored vendors.” This is just one of the ways that Double M assists users in obtaining quality plain leaf. Their partnership with Enhanciosa has enabled members to get regular discounts.

They have a number of forums to choose from, whether you want to enter into casual kratom-related conversation with other proponents of the herb or you need to learn more about strains and suppliers. Another draw to this one is their Off Topic forum which serves as a sort of hub for longtime users to discuss their other interests outside of Mitragyna speciosa.

Off Topic is a great place to go if you want to turn people onto an obscure musical act they may enjoy or if a scene in a movie reminded you of someone from the group.

Last but not least, there’s Reddit. I know I said earlier that subreddits on the subject tend to get heated with many argumentative users asserting dominance over conversations they didn’t even post, but that’s not true in general.

On the whole, Reddit can be a terrific platform for those who wish to learn the truth about kratom vendors. This is a place where members pull no punches and tell it like it is. Many kratom horror stories have been shared here as well as many positive outcomes that users attribute to Mitragyna speciosa.


As with all things kratom, I strongly urge our readers to take the things you find in forum communities with a grain of salt. While there is plenty of veracity to a lot of the jib jab, some of it is just pure jive. But trust me, you hang around forum communities long enough and you’ll get a feel for when something is legit or when it’s strictly gibberish.

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