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Left Coast Kratom is one of Oregon’s foremost purveyors of OG kratom powder, full spectrum kratom extract and horned leaf kratom. They have only been around for less than two years, but in that short time frame they have racked up four-star ratings and introduced a variety of alluring products.

Covering the kratom scene can be a funny thing. For every brand that’s eager to send reviewers free samples and other swag, there are a fair number of vendors who think they’re the greatest thing since the Cavendish Laboratory split the atom.

As a kratom blogger, it is incumbent upon me to always tell the truth about any given vendor. Of course, the so-called “truth” can often be rather subjective in nature. Example: I’m sent a sampler pack of three popular strains from a famous name in the industry. In my review, I shared my mostly lackluster experience trying these strains.

The next thing you know, an angry email issued by the seller in question and I’ve gotta make it clear that my review was based on personal experience and was not, in any way, intended to be an indictment of their brand.

It’s a given that everyone reacts differently to select strains of Mitragyna speciosa. And therein lies the challenge of producing a well-rounded overview of any kratom business. This is true of any experience, good or bad. Just because I enjoy a brand’s White Vein Sumatra doesn’t mean the next person who buys it will feel the same.

There are many factors that affect one’s experience using kratom powder. Body type, sensitivity, personal proclivities and diet all play a role in how a strain’s “aroma” hits you. Many kratomites can attest to the value of taking kratom on an empty stomach. This is known to potentiate the aroma and make for a longer duration.

Nevertheless, reviews of kratom can become very pedantic with posts focusing on seemingly trivial things like discounts, freebies, expedient shipping, etc. I’m guilty of this as much as anyone. Just last year, I wrote a post in which I raved about Left Coast Kratom’s affordable kratom extracts.

While I stand by everything that I said about this seller in that review, I realize now that the pedantic side of kratom blogging definitely got the best of me. In said post, I focused more on cost and loyalty rewards than I did on other key elements that matter to the community.

For the sake of presenting all available research, I decided to give our readers an updated report on this excellent Pacific Northwest kratom vendor. I’m happy to hammer this one just in time for the holiday season. I think you’ll agree that LCK has a host of products that are perfectly suited for stuffing some stockings. ; )


This seller specializes in consistent quality, ethically sourcing their many strains from a cross-section of trusted farmers across Southeast Asia. They keep things fresh and exciting by constantly searching for new discoveries to add to their online store.

LCK has left a positive impression on the community by tailoring their catalog to the seasoned kratomite and the novice alike. If you’re a newcomer to the kratom space, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on their Beginner Strains page.


Their many heavily discounted strains include all of the following:

All of their kratom strains are offered in powder or capsule form at varying price points. They also manufacture Gold Reserve Extract, Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract, FSE (Full Spectrum) in tincture form, Platinum Tea Tablets, Maeng Da Full Spectrum Powder, Gold Elephant Extract, 50x Kratom Extract Powder and UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) in both powder and capsule form.


Those who wish to buy kratom locally in Portland should do well to visit LCK’s online store. You may be surprised how much less they charge than your local smoke shops and how much better their quality tends to be.

Not only is Left Coast Kratom on the top vendors in the state of Oregon, they’re also one of the fastest when it comes to shipping. This is especially true if you live in the area. Your order may even be eligible for a local courier service, although you should inquire about such a service prior to placing your order.


For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I’m not gonna bother telling you about who cheap their extracts are (they really are, though). That said, if you’re in the market for plain leaf the prices on kratom powder represents the industry low. Most strains start between $8.12 and $9.80 for an ounce with 56 grams going for $15.89 and 112 grams selling for $24.64.

Compare any of those price points to those at a neighborhood headshop and it becomes crystal clear why so many people prefer to purchase their tea over the Internet. If you’re still on the fence, you can snap up one of their free samples with your usual order.

Maybe you love Super Green Malay, but you’ve yet to find a white vein that appeals to your sensibilities? Just add an ounce of SGM to your cart and you’ll be able to get a free sampler of some of Sunda’s finest Sumatra on the house.


The Left Coast Kratom Twitter account is but one of the many places you can visit to get your hands on a Left Coast Kratom promo code. Deals and discounts are frequently offered, often in conjunction with sitewide blowouts and seasonal specials.

In the past, verified coupons have been available for anywhere between 15% and 80% off your total at checkout. If you do some digging on Google you just might find some super savings.


Customers can take advantage of their COD (Cash On Delivery) shipping option which saves you the hassle of having to share vital information online. When your package arrives, you can simply hand your payment to the courier as you would if you ordered a pizza.

For the more privacy-conscious users among us, LCK currently accepts Bitcoin payment via Coinbase or mobile wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot phone in an order, all purchases must be made through their online portal. On the plus side, their site is safe and secure, relying as it does on encryption to protect consumer data.


  • Wide variety
  • Consistent Quality
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Friendly & Reliable Customer Support
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Accepts COD
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Fast Shipping


  • Not an Approved Vendor with I Love Kratom
  • No Third Party Lab Results Displayed
  • No BBB Accreditation
  • Lacks Relationship with AKA (American Kratom Association)


As new kids on the block go, Left Coast Kratom have made a terrific first impression on those of us who have tried them since their 2018 launch date. Their products are diverse, their services professional and their proprietors generous. Try ’em out today and let us know how you feel about LCK.

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