A Deep Look Inside the Bluelight Kratom Community

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Bluelight.org is an international open source harm-reduction community that was founded for the express purpose of mitigating the harm caused by drug use. The site serves as a judgment-free platform for those in various stages of recovery.

Bluelight’s forums are an inviting place for inquisitive visitors of all stripes to discuss subjects as diverse as sobriety, addiction, experimentation and more. Unlike other recovery-related sites, Bluelight does not push an agenda, nor does it seek to discourage drug users from seeking alternatives to the 12-step program.

Although Bill W and his ilk are welcome on Bluelight, their doors are open to those who have found other means by which to get clean and stay sober. Subjects explored in their forums include SMART Recovery, home detox formulas, folk medicine, nootropics and so forth.

Among the most popular topics discussed on the site is kratom or Mitragyna speciosa, the Ayurvedic herb that has taken the Western world by storm over the last decade plus. Forum members regularly talk about their experiences with kratom and the benefits they claim to have reaped from “burning” it.

In the following post, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Bluelight and its many on-site forums. We’ll also talk about how Bluelight compares to other kratom forum communities online.


Unlike other recovery sites, Bluelight doesn’t take an authoritative tact when it comes to recovery resources. Their fundamental mission is to “meet people where they are and encourage open dialogue that empowers the individual to be the primary agent of their own physical, mental and emotional well-being.”

By contrast, other sites dealing with addiction and behavioral health tend to push drug users to attend NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). The major difference is in Bluelight’s embrace of all perspectives, whether educated or potentially misguided.

During my time on the road, I’ve had both the pleasure and displeasure of meeting people from all walks of life. One such encounter was at a Hilton Hotel function held by a local chapter of AA. I can vividly recall a listening to an AA “sponsor” and a fifty-year old man who had managed to stay off the “sauce” for five years without participating in the 12-step program.

Rather than congratulating this man on refraining from alcohol abuse after a lifetime of intoxication, this Anonymous representative scolded the man for believing in himself instead of a Higher Power, even going so far as to tell him that he was a “dry drunk” who would inevitably fall off the proverbial wagon.

Such propaganda is prevalent in the United States and beyond. The more that addiction has been institutionalized, the more we see alternative medicine and alternative lifestyles stigmatized.

Where organizations like AA insist that their program is the only way for a person to truly achieve sobriety, Bluelight endeavors to open channels through which the afflicted can find hope, build a network of like-minded friends and attain true emotional support.

Any Bluelight kratom review is likely to contain pertinent info about vein color, adverse effects, what areas it was useful in and a whole lot more.

This is just one aspect of what makes Bluelight so special; the other important element is their open platform for users to share recommendations for safe chemical combinations and, alternately, cautionary tales. Many forum members have warned their fellow users against combining different compounds, stressing the detrimental effects such combinations may yield.

Of equal or greater import is their Research Portal which provides researchers with access to the sites’ voluminous posts regarding cannabis, kratom, kava, amphetamines, hallucinogens and more. In this way the site assists in the augmentation of surveys and studies on important scientific subjects.


If you are reading this post then you’re likely wondering what the Bluelight community has to say about kratom. The long and short of it is…a lot.

Their plethora of relevant forums include the Opiods – Kratom Megathread—a page that covers everything from relapse and cycling to strength of kratom strains—and their Basic Drug Discussion meeting place, a medium for talking about kratom dosage, best strains, et al.

Naturally, the subject of vendors has been broached on multiple occasions. The following represent the most talked-about vendors on the platform:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Urban Ice Organics
  • Krave
  • OPMS

One Bluelighter wrote, “Kraken Kratom is pretty awesome but they don’t have white maeng da. It’s just Maeng Da.” This is understandable given the ubiquity of Maeng Da—widely considered one of the strongest kratom strains—and the popularity of the same. In fact, Maeng Da, aka “Pimp Grade,” is referenced more frequently on the site than any other form of Mitragyna speciosa.

There are no fewer than 10 full page results for the search term “maeng da,” as opposed to other terms such as “full spectrum” or “fst” which only produces seven pages of results, many of which stand for “forced swim test,” a phrase that is unrelated to the science of kratom.

Another Bluelighter said, “OPMS really is good, I have to admit. I’ve been a daily kratom user since ~2014 and my intake has been roughly 40-50g per day of red bali/borneo/indo etc for at least 3 years now; I have been severely dependent for these 3 years, if not longer. My tolerance to kratom is ridiculous. Despite being a sh*tload per cap (no prices) compared to other products, damn it’s good.”

As you can see, their forums are an excellent soapbox for those who want to address sensitive issues such as kratom tolerance, kratom addiction, kratom hangover and so on. Their members often urge their fellow posters against taking large doses, noting the potential for abuse and kratom overdose.


Although Reddit is another viable platform for those seeking detailed information about kratom in its many forms, it isn’t nearly as organized as Bluelight. Users on the kratom sub-reddit are known for trolling each others’ posts, posting inflammatory remarks and, even worse, shilling for specific brands.

More alarmingly, one individual posted to Bluelight.org about his dreadful experience on the social news aggregation website. In their post, entitled “Reddit Posters Tell Me I’ve Ruined Kratom for Myself Permanently,” they write, “So, all these people are basically saying that it is possible and common to permanently ruin your Kratom tolerance, and I just don’t want to believe it.”

While it is important for users to understand the potential for tolerance and addiction, it is irresponsible of those in the community to scare a fellow member by suggesting that their situation is hopeless. By contrast, those on Bluelight tend to walk their fellow Bluelighters through the perils of tolerance and abuse, offering valuable insights into how they were able to lower their tolerance and achieve more desired effects.

Where the Bluelighters seem to delight in offering each other a helping hand, the vast majority of kratom sub-redditors seem more concerned with talking up specific vendors and strains…or simply bad-mouthing each others’ predilections.

With so much consternation and misinformation running rampant across Reddit, it is obvious that there are less judgmental and more reliable places one can visit to learn more about the leaf.


Another useful online resource can be found at I Love Kratom, a site that acts as both a forum and a sort of watchdog group. This site facilitates an open dialogue among users that is not dissimilar from Bluelight’s, but their added bonus is a carefully curated list of Approved Vendors.

Those who have made it onto the much-coveted Approved Vendors List have done so by submitting to the requirements laid out by the site’s moderators. These moderators request third party laboratory results and other vital information from vendors before deciding whether or not to add them to the list.

This is a great tool, particularly for beginners who need to be pointed in the direction of trustworthy sellers. Their reviews, especially those by veteran poster Mad Max Night Rider, are comprehensive and colorfully written. They save first-timers from being misled by paid endorsement reviews like the ones commonly found on YouTube.

The bedrock difference between these two sites is their coverage of Mitragyna speciosa and everything that comes with it. While ILK focuses mostly on strains, effects and brands, BL opts instead to explore the purported benefits, side effects, dangers and methods of usage that everyone in the community should be concerned with.


Anyone who wants to participate in an open conversation about Mitragyna speciosa should sign up with BL and join in the spirited dialogue that’s already in progress. Together we can enlighten each other and the world.

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