Vietnam Kratom: Everything You Need to Know About This Signature Strain

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If you want to know all about Vietnam kratom you’ve come to the right place. Vietnam has played an influential role in my life. As a young man, I grew up hearing all about the bustling cities and magnificent pagodas of the region.

At 17 years of age, my father had volunteered for service with the US military. He was promptly shipped out to South Vietnam were he and other soldiers fought in the famously controversial war against the Vietnamese members of the Western Bloc.

But it wasn’t just war stories that my father brought back to him when he returned from overseas. There were myriad tales of dad’s brushes with Taoist philosophy and colorful folklore as well as the exotic beauty of Saigon women (at least one of whom he almost married and brought back to the United States).

What really stood out to me was his fascination with the flora and fauna of the country. While his fellow troops were getting goofy on the local “cigarettes” and hoping to come across one of the rumored marijuana fields, my old man was marveling at the flying squirrels and clusters of intricate mangroves jutting from the coastal swamps.

One day he and his platoon were out in the brush after a particularly long and arduous journey on foot. My father’s feet were badly blistered from walking so far in his Army-issued boots and he told his closest buddy that he didn’t know how much farther he could go.

“I’m dog tired, man. This shit’s bringing tears to my eyes,” he confessed.

His buddy reached in his bag and came out with a tin full of evergreen leaves. “Chew on these,” he said.

“That doesn’t look like pot,” my dad said.

“It’s keh-thum,” his buddy replied. “Charlie’s best friend and secret weapon.”

As my father would soon learn, the contents of that little tin were, in fact, the plant matter from Mitragyna speciosa, a tree indigenous to the area. The leaves were kratom leaves and they packed quite the punch.

In no time at all, my dad had quit his complaining and was feeling right as rain. Many years later, I would learn that it was kratom—and not the marijuana that was so prevalent during the war—that carried my father through until the day he arrived home.


Although Vietnam is not known for exporting or otherwise commercially growing kratom, the Mitragyna speciosa trees have been growing in the wilds of the country for many centuries. Today the top kratom vendors make it their business to visit the region so that they can study the techniques used by local farmers.

As you’re about to see, Vietnam kratom has been sought out by sellers and consumers alike because it has a very pronounced aroma. The properties inherent in Vietnam kratom depend largely on the tropical climate and the methods implemented by growers.

The weather along the Mekong Delta is vital to the mineral-rich soil that these OG (old grown) trees grow in, either directly or indirectly affecting the alkaloid profile of their kratom leaves. These alkaloids occur in high concentrations within the veins of each leaf and are responsible for the strain’s pungent fragrance and robust properties.


Those who have familiarized themselves with this outstanding strain report substantial utility where general vitality and lucidity are concerned. Each vein color produces its own variation on these effects, but all of them share a subtle but impressive overall impact.

Users who are eager to balance body and mind often turn to Vietnam kratom when other strains fail to deliver the goods. This is sensible considering Vietnam kratom’s reputation for perspicacity and personal emotional welfare.


As with most other strains, Vietnam K is available in a couple of distinct vein colors. The hue of each vein represents the properties they are most effective at delivering. For instance, Green Vietnam is more comforting and sharp while Red Vietnam offers that same sense of coherence with the added bonus of restfulness and decompression.

White Vietnam is, perhaps, the most popular of all three, providing a more potent experience that may give users a boost while maintaining a general sense of well-being.

Although Vietnam kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA and no medical claims can be made about its purported benefits, one thing is clear: Users love brewing kratom tea and they’re all too eager to share their experiences with others.


Yellow Vietnam kratom is commonly found in Long Xuyen, a provincial city that is located on the west bank of the Hau Giang River. It is along the riverbanks of the Mekong Delta that Yellow Vietnam is harvested.

Yellow kratom has been lovingly compared to Super Green Malay because of its high concentrations of mitragynine, paynantheine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciociliatine and speciogynine.

You’d be forgiven if this all seems rather confusing to you. After all, kratom has been widely promoted in the Western world as a substance that is only available in three varieties of vein color. What most articles fail to mention is that the vein’s hue can be altered during the harvesting process.

Selecting older grown trees is but one method by which yellow vein kratom can be obtained. By selecting only the most mature leaves, a grower can ensure that the veins will be affected by their protracted exposure to the elements.

Mixing and fermenting green, red and white strains is another technique for yielding yellow vein kratom. The combination and agitation of all three can often yield a tawny shade. Drying each strain outdoors is integral to this process.

Like Green Vietnam, Yellow Vein Vietnam is well-known for its sharp and attentive brew. Those who drink Yellow Vietnam tea often find themselves more alert and optimistic, although this varies from person to person.


Since there are multiple forms of Vietnam, an appropriate dosage depends on which vein color you have chosen and what you are using it for. It also depends largely on your personal sensitivity and body type (height, weight, et al.).

Many seasoned kratomites can tell you that the aroma of Vietnam kratom is strongest when you drink a cup of tea on an otherwise empty stomach. However, first-timers should avoid doing so as the experience may prove too intense.

Eating a small snack prior to dosing is a good way of mediating this problem while ensuring that it won’t take forever to kick in. The effects of Vietnam kratom typically present within 45 minutes.

The following is a list of dosages based on the experienced recommendations of those who are adept at brewing kratom tea:

  • Novice (First-time dosage)—1-2 grams
  • Low dosage—2.5-4 grams
  • Moderate—4.5-6 grams
  • High—7-8 grams

If you’re new to kratom and are brewing your first cup, be sure to stick to the lowest possible dosage so that you can become acclimated to its aroma before taking the plunge into the more moderate range. All users should slowly graduate to larger dosages and avoid taking more than 7 to 8 grams in one sitting.

It is advisable to cycle your dosages, taking two to three day breaks from kratom usage. This will enable you to avoid developing tolerance or addiction.



There has been much chatter online about the various Vietnam strains. One user on Reddit said, “Of the strains I’ve tried, green Vietnam seems to be the most effective on me.”

Elsewhere, a user writes, “Precious Mitre white Vietnam is the business. Great morning strain!”

Another user agrees, saying, “Precious Mitre has Great WV! Energetic without the jitters!”


Of all the means by which someone can avail themselves of kratom’s aroma—brewing a tea, slamming a kratom shot, going the simple route with ye olde toss ‘n wash—taking kratom capsules is easily the most pleasant.

Most vendors offer kratom powder in 00 size kratom capsules which are convenient, easy-to-ingest and capable of prolonging the duration of kratom effects. The following is a short list of our favorite sources for kratom caps.

  • Original Harvest Kratom
  • The Evergreen Tree
  • My Kratom Club (Hello Vietnam Capsules)


Like the gorgeous capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam kratom has something for everyone. Pick up a batch today to discover the strength and staying power of a true original.

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