Sumatra Kratom: A Comprehensive Guide to This Sundanese Strain

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Sumatra kratom is a premium grade kratom strain that has been around for as long as the Mitragyna speciosa tree itself. This Ayurvedic herb grows freely across most of Southeast Asia and has long been a staple of Indonesian culture.

Hailing from Sumatra, one of the largest Sunda Islands in Indonesia, Sumatra kratom contains a host of powerful properties. The humid climate of the region contributes to the density of this kratom leaf’s myriad alkaloids and flavonoids.

These properties work in conjunction with one another to give Sumatra kratom its distinguished aroma and prolonged duration. The tempered effects of this strain make it the polar opposite of MD kratom, offering a “slow” experience that sticks around and leaves quite the impression.

Today we’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about the exotic and exciting strain, from soup to nuts.


Perhaps you’ve heard that kratom is marketed as a natural pain supplement. Although it is true that many users with chronic pain brew kratom tea, there is a relative lack of conclusive scientific evidence to support any claim about its effectiveness in this area.

Some kratom vendors are sketchier than others and they have no qualms about pimping Sumatra kratom as if it’s some sort of remedy for pain conditions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here in the United States, kratom has not been approved by the FDA for medicinal use and remains unregulated. As such, no medical claims can be made about the plant matter of Mitragyna speciosa or its inherent alkaloids.

With that said, it’s worth noting that lots of individuals chew kratom leaves while experiencing pain or fatigue. 30 Helens agree that it can’t hurt to add kratom to your diet if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy.

Those who use kratom in moderation are generally rather happy and heartache-free. However, those with preexisting health conditions and/or those taking prescription medications should avoid kratom use as it may pose a health risk.


Like most other strains, Sumatra kratom is available in three main vein colors—Green, Red and White, respectively. Each of these kratom veins differs in alkaloid content and effects. But these aren’t the only forms of Sumatra or Sundanese kratom on the market.

Green Vein Sumatra is widely regarded as a terrific mood booster that provides a mild “aroma” that leaves users feeling clean, motivated and empowered. Personally, I appreciate how sociable a fine cup of Green Sumatra tea makes me when I’m down in the dumps.

This one is renowned for its nootropic qualities, appealing to those who are looking to optimize their mind before and during a creative endeavor or work project. Students and working professionals dig the protracted focus they often achieve after brewing Green Sumatra. The lack of “brain fog” is another big bonus.

Red Vein Sumatra is said to be particular robust, easily dwarfing Maeng Da in terms of overall potency and duration. And when I say duration, I mean duration; Red Sumatra’s unique aroma may last as long as nine full hours before dissipating.

Sumatra’s lush forests may be largely green, but that doesn’t stop White Sumatra trees from growing thick pale veins. These veins are abundant in key alkaloids such as mitragynine, paynantheine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

White Vein Sumatra tends to be quite a booster at lower dosages, providing users a delectable brew for their mental and physical regimens. Customers have said that White Sumatra leaves them feeling especially zealous at moderate dosages.

Its high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine play an instrumental role in why it is so calming and consistent. And it’s this consistency which has earned it stellar strain reviews. It’s also why we included it on our list of the best kratom strains.

Yellow Sumatra kratom is another rare but in-demand variant. Brands like Happy Hippo have marketed Yellow Sumatra as a sleepy strain which makes sense when one considers just how rich it is in mitraphylline, paynantheine, speciofoline and speciogynine.

Yellow Sumatra differs from other yellow strains in that it is not an OG (old grown) blend. Instead of using particularly mature leaves, farmers harvest the kratom leaves during their infancy. These younger leaves are important to the manufacturing process as their veins undergo oxidation for a period of no less than 15 days.

This yellow vein powder is regarded as a top choice for decompression and restorative sleep. Many say that they wake from a nighttime brew feeling replenished and reinvigorated.


Whenever you talk about M. speciosa, particularly in online kratom forum communities, you’ll invariably come across recreational users who want to know if kratom can get them “high.” While it is true that some of kratom’s alkaloids possess psychoactive properties in mass quantity, the truth is that you are unlikely to experience a “high” if you are brewing kratom tea responsibly.

When taken in moderate doses, Sumatra kratom should make for a coffee-like brew that’s smooth, pleasant and capable of offering hours of general well-being. Aside from that, one shouldn’t expect anything too extreme.

In the case of Green Sumatra, we know that many users find it to be of great utility where their mood is concerned. Many have attested to its invigorating attributes and extended efficacy. But euphoric? Not so much.

Yes, it is true that one might feel more profound effects at larger dosages, it is ill-advised for users to take such voluminous amounts of kratom powder. History has shown us that the more you take, the more likely you are to encounter undesirable side effects.


As with other white veins, White Sumatra kratom is infamous for its hours of alertness and jubilation. Users report feeling cheerful and motivated after brewing this strain.

This one has become very popular among those who wish to replace their standard cup of coffee in the morning. It is also a viable alternative to mainstream energy drinks and the like. The sharpness of this variant has also found favor among students, artists and entrepreneurs.


Even though the list of places to buy kratom online is virtually endless, not all vendors can source legit Sumatra kratom. The real thing only grows in select batches on a finite number of farms and plantations.

The top purveyors of Sumatra strains ethically source it from experienced farmers from the Sunda Islands. These seasoned experts are knowledgeable about the grafting and fermentation techniques requisite to a potent crop.

The following is a short list of the best kratom vendors for Sumatra kratom:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Phytoextractum
  • Purkratom
  • The Evergreen Tree


As an unregulated substance, Sumatra kratom’s exact dosage cannot be suggested. Naturally, there are those who have strong opinions about this. Most seasoned users have pointed to the following as a responsible range:

  • Novice (First-time dosage)—1.5-2 grams
  • Low—2.5-4 grams
  • Moderate—4-6 grams
  • High—6.5-8 grams

First-time users should avoid taking kratom in large dosages and should opt instead for taking small, measured dosages that will enable them to get used to kratom’s unique effects.


Any Sumatra Kratom Reddit post will show you just how kratom crazy consumers have gone for this particular strain. One user writes, “I have green sumatra from Canopy and it’s starting to become one of my favorite strains.”

Another user agrees, writing, “Always one of my favorite mid day strains. it’s not generally extremely potent and middle of the road sedation/energy.”

Elsewhere, a user called Red Sumatra “fantastic,” adding that it provided lots of “euphoria, great pain relief and overall good mood boost feeling. Not terribly sedating, actually uplifting, yet deeply relaxing at the same time.

“I took it as my 3rd burn of the day yesterday, late evening, and it still hit strong, even after i had 2 strong burns earlier in the day. It took like 30 min or so to take effect, but once it did I knew i was in for a ride!”


If you’re a creative individual who’s looking to maximize your potential and stay focused on all of your endeavors, Sumatra kratom may be the right strain for an afternoon in the Imagination Station. Just be sure to brew responsibly. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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