Dragon Kratom: What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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As kratom has become fashionable, vendors have found that there is much demand for stronger product. Customers who have tired of Red Bali and gotten used to the extra strength Green Borneo yearn for something fresh and exciting.

Dragon kratom was introduced to the current marketplace as a brand new brand with ultimate potency, but there’s much that people don’t know about this exotic strain. For starters, suppliers are presenting it like it’s something that’s been newly discovered.

While it is true that select sellers offer recently developed blends that fulfill this promise, the name Dragon kratom leaves room for dispute. In the past, we’ve covered with no small degree of asperity the rising tide of shady smoke shop brands that threaten to poison the well.

Although Dragon kratom doesn’t exactly fit this mold, there’s much that consumers need to know about it before mulling a purchase. In today’s post, we’ll tell you all about what it is, where it comes from, how it affects users and what people really think about it.

Let’s jump right in!


A lot of disreputable fools will suggest that Dragon kratom is a new strain of kratom powder. These bloggers are perpetuating one of the oldest tricks in the book—by advertising a preexisting item as the newest sensation, they are dressing up something old as something groundbreaking.

The reality is, strains like Red Dragon have been around for as long as any other form of kratom leaf. The name derives from the dragon symbol that has been a mainstay in Eastern culture.

Far from being something new, Dragon kratom is actually old school Thai kratom. As some of our readers may already know, Thailand was the first country to grow Mitragyna speciosa trees. It has been illegal to harvest kratom in Thailand since 1943, but countries like Malaysia and Myanmar have adopted the techniques traditionally implemented by Thai farmers.


This strain mostly grows in and around Kuala Lumpur where its name was taken from the name of the capital’s professional basketball team. The dragon symbolizes potent and auspicious powers, most notably power over rainfall and floods.

This is fitting since Dragon kratom is harvested in Malaysia’s rainforests where the damp, mineral-rich soil yields mature kratom leaves with thick veins and large volumes of indole alkaloids. These alkaloids include mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.


Like other strains, Dragon is widely available in a variety of vein colors. The most common of these vein colors are green, red and white, but Gold Dragon and Yellow Dragon are also around from time to time.

The vein color of kratom determines the strain’s range of effects. They can vary from very slow or very fast, depending on their alkaloid profile. As you’ll see below, each type of Dragon contains the same properties at disparate concentrations.


Green Dragon possesses a host of special qualities, not least of which is its invigorating aroma. This propulsive strain has found favor among athletes, sports figures and night shift workers. Users say it helps them power through intense workouts and other rigorous activities while also helping them to recover while they sleep.

Those who are run down from an arduous daily routine may also appreciate Green Dragon for its mitigating results. Some have even suggested that it makes them more cheerful.


Red vein Dragon kratom is, perhaps, the most in vogue of all varieties, providing as it does a strong coffee-like brew that puts some extra pep in your step. It’s the most bracing of the bunch and also one of the longest lasting.

A sharp but calm form of kratom with just the right balance of liveliness and tranquility, Red Dragon has become a bestseller with everyone from soccer players to soccer moms.


We get asked this question a lot and it’s always unfortunate. As kratom becomes the subject of much controversy in the Western world, it’s increasingly considered a recreational compound. For this reason, people often wonder if it produces some sort of “high.”

Although kratom does contain psychoactive properties which could elicit extreme effects at higher dosages, Red Dragon is not generally regarded as a euphoric substance.

The FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use in the United States, so no medical claims can be made about its purported benefits. But we do know this much: Red Dragon and other strains like it are enjoyed by many for its distinct effects.


Arguably the most uplifting of the bunch, White Dragon is manufactured by blending the oversize leaves of White Elephant with the principally stronger Maeng Da. This robust mixture yields an experience rife with vivacity and stamina, one that every longtime kratomite can appreciate.

Known for being more nootropic than its counterparts, White Dragon may be a good choice for those who are looking to bring attention to bear on an important work project or complex creative endeavor. Its cognitive effects are not backed by conclusive scientific evidence, but initial studies have been promising.


If you’ve ever used kratom then you already know how hard it can be to choke down. In powdered form, kratom can often be clumpy and bitter in taste. The clumpiness and bitterness combine to make for an especially unpleasant ingestion.

Those who have used the lazy toss ‘n wash method (sticking a spoonful of kratom powder in your mouth and chasing it with a drink) are no doubt familiar with that nauseating feeling of powder sticking to the back of their throats.

Methods like this can lead to the loss of product as many users end up gagging and throwing up their kratom dosage. This is to say nothing of the dosage process itself which typically requires owning a digital scale and measuring spoon.

If you are one of the hundreds of American kratom users who wishes to take the headache out of kratom use, decent kratom capsules are definitely the way to go. 00 size capsules are easy to swallow, contain just the right amount of micronized plant matter and generally come encased in vegetarian caps.

Some of the best sources for affordable kratom capsules include the following:

  • Kratom Core
  • Original Harvest Kratom
  • We Kratom

When shopping for Dragon kratom online, be sure to look for a vendor who offers a money back guarantee. If your satisfaction isn’t a priority for a seller then they don’t deserve your business.

Safety should be your priority, so make it your business to find out if a vendor’s products have been properly tested for adulterants by a third party laboratory. Trusted suppliers will share their lab results with customers to assure them that they are legit.


One user described Red Dragon as “almost too strong,” writing, “Had to lower my burn from 3grams to 2. Still one of my favorites.”

Another user says, “Just tried the White Dragon a few days ago, and i was extremely impressed. Great energy and focus, without the jittery/anxious feeling. It is by far one of my favorite strains now.”

Over at I Love Kratom, one of the best forum communities online, expert boarder Jennluv echoed this sentiment, saying, “So after loving the red dragon (red veins), and golden dragon (yellow veins) from the herbal cafe, I ordered their White Dragon. It’s a blend of red tai, mixed with green indo. I like how the name is white dragon, that’s genius lol, It’s like red and green, make white!

“The texture is super fresh! It has a lasting focused energy to it, and it’s got that red tai in it for pain. One of the main reasons I use Kratom , is to give me energy, improve my mood, while making my body comfortable , so I love this strain because it can touch every base.”


If you want the classic Thai experience with a twist, consider buying Dragon kratom from a vendor who ethically sources each batch from Malaysia. Just make sure you manage your expectations and see lab results before you add a pouch to your shopping cart. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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