Cambodian Kratom: Blends, Effects And How to Pronounce Kratom in Khmer

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Kratom plants are grown all across the Kingdom of Cambodia where it is said to as common as nettles. Backpacking tourists have frequently sought it out without giving much thought to how it is pronounced locally or whether it is legal for them to carry it onto an International flight.

What most Americans don’t realize is that the harvesting of kratom is a particularly delicate art, one that requires keen eyes and discerning taste. The Cambodian kratom offered by kratom vendors is carefully selected from only the finest and most mature leaves.

In the following guide, we’ll tell you all about the subtleties and nuances of this exotic strain. We’ll also clue you in on how to pronounce kratom when traveling abroad.


The very best Cambodia kratom is developed and gathered in protected, contained environments by ecologically conscious workers who pride themselves on yielding crops of only the highest caliber. Those kratom leaves that are thought to be too young or malnourished are set aside for a batch of Stem & Vein.

Cambodian peasant farmers toil in the fields, taking care to select leaves with the greatest features such as engorged veins and vibrant shades of green. Cambodian kratom trees are nourished by mineral-rich soil and trimming by experienced farmers.


Green, Red and White Kratom Cambodia are the three vein colors most commonly found in the 3 million plus hectares of pristine forests and moist jungles of the Cambodian kingdom. Each possesses its own distinct attributes.

Green Cambodia is another profound example of green strains, one that shares the restorative and invigorating qualities of other green vein kratom teas. Like other green strains, Green Cambodia’s aroma comes on within 35-45 minutes and has a window of duration of no less than 4-5 hours.

Users have reported feeling less anxious, more optimistic and increasingly sociable after brewing a cup of Cambodian kratom tea. Others have pointed to its value in the area of endurance, specifically for individuals who are undergoing a heavy workload.

By contrast, Red Cambodia is more of a nighttime strain due to its high concentrations of mitraphylline, paynantheine, speciogynine, and corynoxine A and B. It is believed to be of utility to those who want a restful night’s sleep without the morning hangover of many sleep-related supplements.

Of all these strains, White Cambodian is arguably the most popular. Anyone who’s visited one of the many kratom forum communities has likely seen a number of posts about Cambodian White.


This frosty-veined kratom variant is grown just outside Laos and Vietnam where it is manufactured using equal parts White Indo and White Bali. This mysterious blend is by far the strongest of the bunch.

A deeply exhilarating, sociable strain with the potential to put a big, silly grin on your grill, White Cambodia elicits mirth and merriment among those who brew it to lift their mood and get in the groove.

As with the other vein colors on this list, White Cambodia’s effects vary depending upon dosage. First-time users should generally stick to no more than 1-2 grams for their first dose. At this level, they may experience a mild aroma that puts them at ease while carrying them through their day.

At 2.5-4 grams, users can expect a more moderate effect, one that may last up to 4-5 hours. At this dosage, one can expect to yield significant vitality and motivation.

Seasoned users can normally take anywhere from 4.5 to 7 grams without any adverse effects, but all users should be aware of the potential for side effects to occur. Although kratom is believed to be safe in moderation, it may be dangerous at larger dosages.


Most vendors who are adept at producing quality strains know the value of mixing two or more strains, especially when it comes to variety of vein color. Since each vein color is known to produce different effects, sellers have the most success blending a combination of disparate hues.

For instance, PA Botanicals offers a Cambodian kratom powder that consists of a wild mixture of Green Horned Leaf and Red Horned Leaf. Customers can rest assured that they are getting top shelf product because this vendor ethically sources their leaves from a trusted network of farmers in Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos.


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably as impatient as you are cheap. I’ll cop to having pinched my share of pennies by ordering directly from Southeast Asian farmers who charge a fraction of what American sellers charge for a kilo of kratom powder and kratom capsules.

Once I saw how long it took for me to receive my order, I bit the bullet and placed a much pricier order with an American supplier. Naturally, I knew that I might be sacrificing freshness and quality for the sake of expediency, but I didn’t care. If for no other reason than I knew I would get to reap the rewards of kratom sooner rather than later.

Sometimes this kind of rash consumer behavior works in the consumer’s favor. Sometimes…not so much. I cringe every time I recall an occasion on which I found out that an overseas order had been held up by International transit and decided to place a small order with a California kratom company in the meantime.

The resulting package contained less than the amount of kratom powder I’d agreed to buy. What’s worse, it was stale and bitter which made for an entirely lousy experience. To add insult to injury, the seller in question refused to refund any of my money and didn’t so much as offer a free sample in the way of an apology.

By contrast, the Cambodian kratom I’d ordered three and a half weeks earlier finally arrived a few days later and was securely packaged in two layers of thick plastic. The powder was smooth, fragrant and easy to swallow. More importantly, its aroma was bold and long-lasting.

This is why I always tell friends to order from overeas when it comes to strains like Cambodian. Wherever possible, I encourage people to visit Southeast Asia to see Mitragyna speciosa in its natural habitat, so to speak. It’s a beautiful place full of wondrous flora and fauna.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to discover a fully matured kratom tree in the wild while visiting Cambodia, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. You may end up meeting a street dealer who’s willing to sell you some in a local market.

Be sure to ask if they know where you can buy “kh-tum” (pronounced “kuh-toom”) and see what they say. If they offer you a pouch, say “Bo man” (pronounced “bow-man”) which translates to, “How much?”

Chances are, marketplace leafmongers will try and burn you on the price if they think you’re not hip to the prevalence of Mitragyna speciosa trees in the region. Let them know that you are fully aware of how kratom grows in abundance by saying, “T’lay” (pronounced “t-lay”) which translates as, “Too expensive” or “Too much.”

If you are lucky enough to make contact with a charcoal burning peasant who works land on a grow site, you will no doubt pay far less than you would just about anywhere else. Kratom is much cheaper overseas because local farmers do not have to contend with the costs associated with U.S. kratom vendors’ operations.



PA Botanicals is the source for anyone who’s looking for premium grade kratom that can be fairly classified as such. These cats understand the value customers place on genuine OG (old grown) kratom plant matter.

This vendor is renowned for their many remarkable blends such as Champagne Blend and Red Machine Blend. Cambodian is no exception.

Their prices are relatively affordable when compared to other domestic sellers, and they frequently offer special deals to first-timers and return customers alike. A PA Botanicals coupon code is readily available online.


As we’ve seen, Cambodian speciosa is simply chhang and so much stronger than many mass market strains. So give it a go if you’re in the mood for something special and see what you think. Let us know about your experience in the comments below. Lee hi!

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