Riau Kratom: The Truth About This Sumatran Strain

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Riau kratom has been advertised as the latest craze by the botanical industry, marketed as a brand spankin’ new strain by shady vendors who are looking to price gouge on what amounts to little more than Sumatra kratom.

This should come as no surprise since the gatekeepers of the kratom space have been selling this same kind of hype since the inception of the herb’s popularity in the Western world. One need only cast their mind back to 2018 when nootropic nuts were pimping Red Bali as the newest and strongest strain…despite it having been around since time immemorial.

Those of us who have been using kratom with any regularity in the last five years probably remember reading all about how special Rifat kratom was. The truth of the matter was quite different from what we read.

As some of you are likely aware, Rifat kratom is simply the name given to modern kratom trees that are grown from seed since these seeds originate with Claude Rifat, the botanist and psychonaut who first brought kratom back from Thailand. Mr. Rifat was the one who cloned Thai kratom to produce a more wind-resistant Mitragyna speciosa tree with alkaloid-rich leaves.

Riau kratom does not differ dramatically from Rifat or any other form of kratom. The only substantial difference resides in its place of origin. Below we’ll uncover the truth about this strain and give you a better understanding of its position in the current marketplace.


Riau kratom trees grow in the remote Riau province on the central eastern coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island. Located on the Strait of Malacca, a large stretch of water whose wind gusts and wave heights contribute to the wet tropical climate of the region.

This environment plays an instrumental role in the refinement of the Riau kratom leaves and the alkaloid profile of their veins. Kratom powder and kratom capsules are made from the micronized plant matter from these kratom leaves. It is from the veins that run through said leaves that kratom gets its powerful aroma.

Riau kratom has been described by sellers and professional bloggers as a “rare” strain, but this is not wholly accurate. Although it is true that it can be difficult to source consistently potent batches of Riau from the eponymous province—although Riau’s population is quite large, the number of experienced kratom farmers is very small and insular—it is no more nor less costly to export than others strains from Southeast Asia.

One of the things which differentiates Riau from other forms of kratom is its smooth, agreeable flavor. Where most strains are notably bitter in taste, Riau is far more pleasant. This is especially correct where kratom powder is concerned. Riau kratom powder is micronized, resulting in a less clumpy and more silky product that’s perfect for a cup of tea or a toss ‘n wash.


Thanks to its exotic growing conditions and distinct concentrations of alkaloids and flavonoids, Riau kratom is considered by some to be the ne plus ultra of Mitragyna speciosa strains—a choice balance between rejuvenation and exhilaration.

The pinnacle of Riau’s aroma typically occurs at moderate dosages of 3.5-4 grams. This is another way that Riau stands out from other strains. The average user requires a far smaller dosage to achieve the effects typical of other variants.


As is the case with virtually all M. speciosa strains, Riau is available in a variety of vein colors, the most common of which are green and red.

Green Riau is generally regarded as the oldest of the bunch, coming as it does from mature, wild-grown rainforest trees. It is said to be the most galvanizing of all Riau variants, offering hours of endurance and motivation.

By contrast, Red Riau has been embraced by those who wish to kick off their heels after a day full of stressors and decompress in a state of tender repose. This is a deeply restorative nighttime strain that’s nevertheless capable of carrying you through a rough day at work or university.


Since the industry insists on calling Riau rare, we might as well touch on the strain that is truly rare. White Riau is the least accessible and most sought-after of all three vein colors. It provides a nice mixture of green and red properties with its own disparate alkaloid content.

White Riau is a clean brew that’s free from the jitters that are associated with so many other strains. It is potent and invigorating and is largely untampered by the wobbles and lethargy that make many white vein teas notorious.


Consumers have been effusive in their love of this strain. While Riau may not be the next big thing that marketers say it is, it is most certainly a solid choice among many users. One Reddit user said it was some of the best kratom they’d ever had while another reviewer said, “It offers you the effects Sumatra and Indo does, but with a twist.”

Elsewhere a user said, “I’ve tried MANY different strains from different vendors and this is absolutely my favorite…really fantastic…”


If you’re looking to buy kratom online, you want to know that you’re getting what you paid for. The best kratom vendors will take any measures necessary to put you at ease and keep you as a loyal customer.

Always be on the lookout for a seller who offers a money back guarantee, free samples, coupon codes and more. The top vendors in the industry disclose third party lab results so that their customers know they are getting uncontaminated product.

The following is a short list of trust-worthy suppliers who currently stock Riau kratom:

  • Christopher’s Organic Botanicals
  • Gold Leaf Botanicals
  • Original Harvest Kratom

Prices and quantity options vary from seller to seller. Be sure to inquire about special discounts and bulk pricing.


As you can see, Riau kratom is one of the oldest and most revered forms of the Mitragyna speciosa leaf. It is finely milled by the top suppliers and is full of surprises. Try some today and see what you think of this tropical herb.

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