Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Austin, Texas

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Kratom Austin is one of the most widely searched terms on the Internet with page after page of results bringing up few legitimate answers to the question “where can I buy kratom in Austin?”

If you go on the flimsy evidence suggested by Yelp you would think that Austin Vape and Kratom For Sale were among your best options for choice Mitragyna speciosa. As anyone from the University of Texas will tell you, this is total B.S.

The simple truth is that there are a number of terrific local haunts that are home to solid kratom products. This includes tobacco shops, night spots and indie record stores.

Before we explore the full list of vendors in the City of the Violet Crown, let’s talk a bit about kratom legality.


Although the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plant and its active chemical compounds—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—are legal in the Lone Star State, many jurisdictions have outlawed the sale and/or use of kratom.

It has also been relegated to the controlled substances list in certain states and municipalities. For instance, kratom remains legal in the state of Florida, but it has been banned in Sarasota County where legislators believe it poses a health risk.

Some local lawmakers have attempted to pass some rather opaque legislation and those who have succeeded have done so to the general confusion of the public. In many areas where kratom has been regulated by law, the rules are murky about what constitutes illegal possession or use.

As a state that is known for its hands off libertarian attitude, one would think that kratom enthusiasts wouldn’t face any stigma or penalty. Unfortunately this Ayurvedic herb has been demonized to such a degree by the mainstream media that it may only be a manner of time before state politicians do an about-face on the subject.

On the bright side kratom has retained legal status in Austin—and the rest of the state—as of 2019. Those who live in the area can purchase kratom without fear of any legal consequences. This is in keeping with the state’s commitment to their residents’ Fourth Amendment right.

But—and that’s a huge but, no pun intended—it is imperative that users follow the news and keep themselves abreast of any changing statutes. The sad truth is that kratom laws could be altered at any time. After all, the FDA has already issued a public warning, urging Americans to avoid kratom use. It’s only a matter of time before such fearmongering draws the attention of Texas bureaucrats.


There are plenty of places that sell Mitragyna speciosa in Austin and beyond. With no fewer than 25 major metropolitan areas in the state, it is relatively easy to get your hands on some top shelf botanicals. This extends to CBD and kratom as much as any other substance.

One of the greatest examples of a neighborhood vendor is ATX1, a smoke and vape shop that abuts the University of Texas’ West Austin campus. These cats put a premium on variety, offering a number of excellent brands and hand-blown glass.

UT students flock to ATX1 on the reg, availing themselves of the ever-evolving inventory and exceptional pricing. How affordable are they? I’ll put it to you this way: For the price of a cross-town cab ride in New York City, you can pick up 500 grams of kratom powder or two plus bottles of kratom capsules.

Caveat: If you plan on paying them a visit, be sure to do so on foot as this strip has a reputation for booting the cars of anyone who spends so much as ten minutes in the shop.

While ATX1 is arguably the most popular store among college kids (and some of their professors ::wink wink:: ::nudge nudge::), it certainly isn’t our personal fave. That distinction goes to a relatively new business that has made a lasting impression in a very short amount of time.


White Dragon isn’t just the name of one of the finest kratom strains on the market, it’s also the imprimatur of Austin’s newest and most exciting kratom apothecary. Offering a whopping 39 exotic kratom strains including Gold Boyan, Hulu Kapuas, Green Asia, Red Bentuangie, Maeng Da, Red Dragon and White Sumatra, WDB delivers the goods in a big, bad way.

The best part is, you can order from their website to receive awesome deals on their outgoing inventory. Their Discount Bin features a number of unique strains at bargain basement prices. This is just one way that they keep everything fresh and cheap.

Their kratom powder starts at eight bucks for an ounce and caps off at a reasonable $105 for a kilo. This is extremely impressive when one considers the price gouging that runs rampant on the smoke shop circuit.


The following is a short list of top contenders for quality kratom products. These may include kratom extracts, kratom shots, proprietary kratom blends and more.

  • Happy Clouds Smoke Shop
  • Natural Remedies ATX
  • Planet K
  • Smoke ATX
  • Smoke N Chill
  • Unicorn Botanicals
  • Wizard Hat Smoke Shop


Customers have been clamorous about their affinity for this vendor and his friendly staff. Users have said that Tony (the owner) is a good-humored genius. One person raved about their pouches, writing, “Everything comes in a sealed package clearly labeled by strain, vein colour and batch.”

Another user has this to say: “Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Reasonable prices and fresh product each and every time!! I pass a couple other vendors to get to White Dragon but refuse to stop. I won’t buy anywhere else. Their variety of stock is impressive and I have never selected the product I want only to be told they were out of stock.

“They also have a member loyalty program where you can get special discounts from time to time. Many times they will run discounts on some products. Visit frequently if you want to catch their latest specials.

“The staff is very particular about the producers of their products. Everything comes in a sealed package clearly labeled by strain, vein colour and batch. There’s no guessing when buying from White Dragon.”


As I mentioned earlier, kratom isn’t limited to headshops in the city of Austin. You can go out for a night on the town and find yourself having a nice sociable brew with other kratomites who enjoy kratom as much as they enjoy cocktails and dancing.

The Herb Bar on W Mary Street carries a 4.7-star rating and an incredible reputation among local kava kava lovers who have gone gaga over their gaggle of kratom drinks. There are herbal tonics galore and a friendly environment that loans itself to a good hang.

SquareRut Kava Bar is another top choice among kratom enthusiasts. A self-described “cool hub,” SquareRut (pronounced “square root”) is your go-to spot for kava shots, ginger chews and other treat-os.


If you’re looking for Violet Crown kratom that you can count on, start with White Dragon and work your way down the list. And remember, you should always ask a local vendor about where they source their product from. If they can’t give you a straight answer then they’re probably not legit. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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