Kratom Wholesale Distributors: Where to Buy Kratom in Bulk

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If you’re an independent business owner and you’re looking to expand the scope of your inventory, there is no better way to do so than to buy bulk kratom powder and capsules. Ordering high quality wholesale kratom in mass quantities is the most cost-productive way to keep customers satisfied while earning a profit.

Many smoke shops and filling stations in the United States mistakenly believe that ordering small means ordering responsibly. Such businesses operate in a state of fear, one in which they are always running out of product because they were afraid of getting stuck with too much surplus.

The reality of the marketplace dictates that you can never have too much. The figures speak for themselves; an estimated 3 to 5 million Americans are using kratom. In just a few short years, it has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

While there are hundreds upon hundreds of kratom vendors active online, the vast majority of them do not invest in brick-and-mortar stores. Indeed, their primary POS (Point of Sale) is on e-commerce websites where customers can place orders for the kratom strains of their choice and await delivery by mail.

Since kratom users are cropping up all across the country, the demand for local kratom becomes more pronounced. After all, why would a college student in Des Moines order kratom from a California-based vendor when he could just pop into his local tobacco shop for a pouch of fresh kratom powder?

It would seem as though online sellers and small town shop owners should each procure their products from their respective sources, and never the twain shall meet. But that’s simply not the case.

Wholesale kratom makes it easy, affordable and convenient for top kratom brands and ma-and-pa botanical shops to offer each other a helping hand. Here’s how!


Your customers want to buy in bulk. It’s that simple. I can’t tell you how many visitors we’ve had to this blog that have emailed me afterwards to marvel at our wide variety of kratom kilos.

“How can you afford to offer split kilos for so cheap?”

“OMG!! You guys are a godsend….I’ve been looking everywear to get a kilo but the headshop enar me wont sell them any more.”

“Yours is the 1st site ive found that sells in bulk. How do you sell so much?”

These are just some of the questions I’ve received and I’m always so pleased when I read them. It reminds me that we’re in this industry for the right reason. Yes, we’re earning a living, but we’re also enabling other people to do the same.

By sourcing our kratom powder in bulk from our trusted network of farmers, we are able to provide retailers with unbeatable prices and superior freshness. And we’re not the only ones that do so. There are a number of legit sources for wholesale kratom online.

It all boils down to responsible business practices. It’s been our mission for the longest time to deliver only the freshest and most powerful kratom tea to our many loyal customers. We have achieved this by regularly rotating our stock.

With each new batch that arrives in our facilities, we take our existing inventory and move it to the bulk kratom queue where it is then sold off to wholesalers before it can lose any of its potency. We offer it at a discounted price for the following reason:

Waste not, want not.

The reality is, our bulk kratom powder is sold at a reduced rate so that others can benefit from its resale. Were it not for the implementation of our wholesale kratom program, our surplus inventory would go to the trash, and that is not something we are comfortable with.

In this way we have been able to service an industry desperately in need of discounted pricing while also enabling those same wholesalers to turn a small profit. The best part? Everyone wins.

Your customers will be impressed by your growing collection of strains and the availability of larger quantities. You’ll be pleased as punch with the deals we provide. And we’ll rest easy, knowing that we’ve kept in the fam, so to speak.


Depending on where you live and work, there is a myriad of fine distributors from whom you can purchase bulk kratom powder and kratom extracts.

Those who live on the East coast are likely familiar with Master Distributors, the Bohemia-based cash and carry wholesaler who has everything from OPMS Kratom and CBD to Kava and Juul in their warehouse.

If you’re from the Golden State then you may already know about Original Harvest Kratom. They are California’s premier supplier of high quality kratom powders and capsules. These cats stock a whopping 50 different kratom strains, each of which is accessible to those who partner with them for wholesale purposes.

All of their stuff is submitted for third party laboratory testing to ensure that it contains no adulterants of any kind. What’s more, they deliver all the goods when it comes to wholesale kratom and we do mean all the goods.

When you enter into a partnership with OHK, you get social media engagement, marketing advice, custom bags, detail-oriented labeling and more.

Kats Botanicals is another viable option when buying kratom in bulk. Their Kratom Wholesale Program is engineered to meet your demands and fit your specific needs.


When you’re thinking about placing an order, consider your aim as a business. Is a vendor’s mission statement aligned with your own? What do they have to offer? And is it what’s best for your company? Keep these things in mind and you’ll find your wholesale kratom source in no time.

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