The Best-Rated Kratom Suppliers in 2020

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When selecting a kratom vendor there are many variables one should consider. For starters, some of the biggest names in the game aren’t nearly as well-received as their name power would have you believe. In the course of reviewing nearly 500 kratom brands, I’ve found horror stories about nearly all of them.

Many of the negatives that consumers assign to kratom suppliers are negatives that could have been easily avoided had said consumers done their due diligence before placing an order.

For example, I came across a Reddit post where a user was complaining about how long it took for him to get his order from a noted kratom vendor. At the time, this vendor was one of the top three vendors online. Unfortunately their rating has since suffered, no doubt because of users like the one I just mentioned who didn’t bother to find out where their order would be coming from.


When buying kratom online, you should always consider your location, the location of the seller, the price you’re willing to pay and the quality of the kratom itself. For instance, it may be a foolish idea to place an order with a company that operates out of California if you live on the other side of the country.

Shipping delays tend to be one of the most commonly cited complaints among customers and, yet, many of these delays could have been anticipated if the buyer familiarized themselves with the physical location of the kratom brand’s warehouse.

In other words, don’t place an order with a California-based vendor if you know you live in Portland. There are many places where you can buy kratom locally in Portland and that includes proprietors from your area that maintain their own e-commerce sites.


Let’s be real, a supplier’s rating really doesn’t mean much of anything if they are cost-prohibitive. We’re living in rough economic times and not everyone has the luxury to splurge on the speciosa herb. If you’re one of the 90% of Americans who struggle to pay their bills on time then you can hardly be expected to spend a small fortune on the kratom tea of your choice.

Although prices vary wildly in the kratom industry, there remains a broad concept of what is acceptable in most of the United States. Keep in mind that you are going to spend more when shopping at a smoke shop or headshop than you would if you purchased kratom from a trusted online seller. This price hike doesn’t necessarily come down to greed so much as it does to fundamental supply and demand.

In the age of cleaner living and tobacco alternatives, smoke shops have been struggling to keep their doors open. Once they recognized consumer demand for the Ayurvedic herb many of them decided to stock it and adjusted the price accordingly. In this way they are able to pay their employees, provide the public with a much sought-after product and turn a modest profit. Nothing wrong with that.

However, it is worth mentioning that consumers pay far less on average when buying kratom on the Internet than they would from any brick-and-mortar store. This is especially true of health food stores and contemporary apothecaries, many of which are notorious for price gouging.


Because they know they can. When the hipsters started flooding their shops, eager to find exotic herbs and bespoke homemade gimcracks, they saw an opportunity to milk things like kratom for all they’re worth. You can thank your neighbor with the old time-y mustache and the pocket watch for that.

The following represents a fair and (mostly) affordable price range for various kratom products:

  • Low—$6.00 for 28 grams (1 oz.) of kratom powder
  • Low—$10-14.00 for 28 grams (1 oz.) of kratom capsules (00 size 600 mg vegetarian caps)
  • Average—$15-20.00 for 28 grams of kratom powder
  • Average—$20.00 for 28 grams (1 oz.) of kratom capsules (00 size 500 mg vegetarian caps)
  • High—$25.00-30.00 for 28 grams of kratom powder

A lot of users prefer to order their kratom products in bulk because they know that they’ll get more bang for their buck. Unfortunately this is not the case in every circumstance. While it is true that many vendors, Kratom Crazy included, offer kratom kilos for under $100, there are a number of well-known kratom brands that cost as much as $135-140 for a single kilogram.

It is rare to find a smoke shop that is willing to sell you a kilo. Those that do invariably upcharge, pushing kilos and split kilos for as much as $220.00. Sad but true.

The following kratom suppliers are the most highly-rated vendors operating on the Internet today. Their online stores are user-friendly, full of special deals and backed by guarantees that protect their customers against sub-par batches of kratom powder.

  1. HAPPY HIPPO HERBALS—Happy Hippo’s store has become one of my permanent haunts after experiencing the wonders of their Dynamite and Fire Hippo blends. They are a reputable company with a long history of pleasing their customer base with prizes, coupon codes, sitewide cyber sales and more. Avg. Price: $14.00 for 28 grams
  2. KATS BOTANICALS—This homegrown favorite has garnered 4.8 stars out of 5 stars among Facebook users who have thrown a lotta Likes there way. Not surprising considering the consistent potency and freshness of Kat’s many lab-tested kratom strains. Avg. Price: $7.99 for 28 grams
  3. MITRAGAIA—The artists formerly known as Gaia Ethnobotanical may have rebranded, but the spirit that made them one of the industry’s giants has not changed one iota. MitraGaia remains one of the most highly rated and heavily praised options on the market. Avg. Price: $5.00 for 28 grams
  4. PHARMACY DROPOUT (PDO BOTANICALS)—With rare strains and homemade products like kratom soap and incense, Pharmacy Dropout has risen to the forefront of the indie biz, establishing themselves as the face of a new breed of kratom vendors. Avg. Price: $20 for 50 grams
  5. PHYTOEXTRACTUM—Offering everything from freshly fermented kombucha and maca to incense and mushrooms, Phytoextractum is the Internet’s # 1 virtual apothecary. Their kratom selection is versatile and very reasonable, whether you’re buying Red Vein Bali or Full Spectrum Extract (FSE). Avg. Price: $8.96 for 28 grams

We understand that many of our readers are either natives of parts beyond the US or frequent travelers who don’t like to leave home without their kratom tea. For those of you who would like to find some fine herb overseas the following is the guide for you.


  • Buy Kratom Indonesia
  • Kratom Sulawesi
  • Malaka Kratom Indonesia

Buy Kratom Indonesia is a wholesale supplier out of Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat. Their premium grade kratom powder is some of the finest in the region and their longevity speaks for itself. They’ve been around for nearly a decade.

Kratom Sulawesi wouldn’t be my first pick if I was visiting the area, but they’re certainly not the worst. As a wholesale distributor they don’t typically keep things as fresh as their peers, but that’s not to say they’re totally worthless either. Just not my first choice.

Last but not least, Malaka Kratom Indonesia is a vendor out of Sungai Bangkong in Pontianak Kota, West Kalimantan. They have earned a 4.2-star rating with more than 20 glowing reviews on Google alone. As you can see when you visit their websites, prices are kept extremely cheap.


If you live in Johannesburg or are visiting the region there is only one top notch supplier worth mentioning. Buy Kratom South Africa, otherwise known as Kratom For Africa, is a fully-functional delivery service out of Roodepoort. They have been awarded a 5-star rating on Google where customers have raved about their incredible service and professional knowledge.

Buy Kratom South Africa is a trusted, compassionate seller with a lot of loyal customers and some of the freshest product this side of the South Atlantic Ocean.


I think you’ll agree that if you do your homework, shop around, compare prices and listen to what users are saying about these and other kratom brands you’ll find the kratom supplier of your dreams in no time.

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