Is Kratom Legal in Vermont?

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Vermont is a heavily wooded state whose name translates as “green mountain.” This is fitting since so many of its residents live in forested areas, and subsist on the fruits and herbs therein. A progressive state with a commitment to preserving their citizens’ Fourth Amendment right to privacy, Vermont prides itself on being forward-thinking when others are not.

This isn’t to say that such liberty isn’t earned. On the contrary, freedom comes at a price in the Green Mountain State. Recent laws have certainly affected the means by which area residents can obtain the herbs of their choosing.

For instance, current legislation enables the government to tax retail sales of medical marijuana. Similar measures have also been implemented where kratom sale is concerned. In today’s post we’ll talk about the latest status of kratom in Vermont and what users need to know from hereon out.


Although medical marijuana has been decriminalized in the state, kratom hasn’t fared nearly as well. As of 2016, Vermont lawmakers placed kratom’s key alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—on the state’s list of regulated substances.

These two important kratom derivatives are now classified as controlled substance along with synthetic cannabinoids and hallucinogens. This is due, in no small part, to the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) leaves’ innate psychoactive properties.

Although kratom comes from the coffee family of plants its leaves may contain high concentrations of psychoactive alkaloids which can be dangerous when consumed in large dosages. Those who have overdosed on kratom have experienced confusion, blurred vision, rapid heart beat, delusions, elevated blood pressure, dilated pupils, hallucinations or even organ failure.

Such overdoses are arguably unlikely given the relatively small number of such incidents, but kratom-related hospitalizations have caused legislators to reconsider its safety or lack thereof.

Since this Ayurvedic herb has been lumped in with synthetic compounds there was an understandable degree of confusion on the part of local retailers as to whether or not lawmakers were referring to enhanced kratom products or pure kratom powder.

Nevertheless, kratom vendors do not ship to consumers in the state of Vermont and sales to residents from third parties is strictly prohibited. As such, many kratom enthusiasts have left their homes in the state and moved elsewhere.

Fans of the fresh and fragrant herb have followed suit in other parts of the country where legislation was either passed or proposed. Others have lamented the trek they must make to neighboring states when a kratom ban is imposed in their native area.

States like Alabama and Arkansas have seen something just shy of a mass exodus after outlawing kratom use. While it may sound extreme for an individual to up and leave their hometown after losing the right to possess kratom one must consider the severe limitations placed on them by their representatives.

In Arkansas folks can’t even order kratom online because e-commerce sites are afraid of facing legal ramifications. In 2018, the FDA stated that kratom had been banned in the so-called Land of Opportunity as well as Alabama, Indiana and Tennessee.

This move left hundreds of proponents to wonder how they would cope with the loss. Some moved, others begrudgingly fueled up and headed across the border…all of them panicked. Thousands of Americans have come to rely on Mitragyna speciosa for its invigorating and restorative aroma.

In the state of Florida where kratom use is largely unregulated, hundreds of residents begged Clearwater to not place a ban on the plant in 2019. During public comment, officials were taken aback by the sheer number of outspoken locals who came forward to advocate for the legality of kratom.

This outcry left officials flummoxed for one very simple reason: Outlawing kratom had not been on the council’s agenda. As Rep. George Cretekos told the Tampa Bay Times, “I think there was a misunderstanding. They all came to the meeting the other night thinking that we were going to be discussing a ban. I don’t know that we’re thinking about it at all.”

This misunderstanding should come as no surprise since Sarasota County had previously restricted kratom use in the Sunshine State, leading select lawmakers to rethink the legality of kratom in other municipalities.


Vermont is bordered by Canada, Massachusetts and New York, respectively. As we talked about in yesterday’s post, kratom is currently legal in the State of New York. It is also legal throughout the State of Massachusetts. Sadly the same cannot be said of Canadian cities.

As of this writing, kratom remains illegal across Canada. Much to the frustration of retailers in places like Edmonton, Health Canada has imposed rigid restrictions on the use of kratom. At this time it is against the law to sell health products such as tea or kratom capsules across the Great White North.

Many kratom users have found a loophole of sorts insofar as the legal vagaries of kratom regulation are less than clear in the area. Although Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids are forbidden to be sold for the purpose of human consumption many shops have gotten away with marketing the plant matter as a form of aromatherapy or potpourri.

Due to this grey area of the law, many users have been able to avoid fines or other forms of criminal prosecution. With kratom readily accessible in many local markets it isn’t exactly difficult to get your hands on this Ayurvedic herb in Canada.

Similarly, kratom powder and kratom extracts are widely available throughout the Bay State and the Big Apple. In Massachusetts kratom is stocked by many smoke shops, head shops and convenience stores.

There are tobacco shops and gift shops that sell kratom in Boston, Cambridge, Peabody, Shrewsbury and beyond. Sugar Daddy’s Smoke Shop is the Cradle of Liberty’s premier shop for quality kratom products. They boast a 4.6-star rating among consumers who value their variety and affordability.


Regardless of the restrictions that have been imposed on M. speciosa, certain shop owners have refused to bend to the will of the state. Smoke shop proprietors in Bennington, Burlington, Essex Junction and elsewhere have continued to carry kratom products.

Places like the Magic Mushroom in Springfield and Haze Glass Creations in Rutland have also been known to stock powders and capsules. If you’re thinking about purchasing kratom be sure to comply with all local statutes. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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