What is “Pimp Grade Kratom” and How Is It Different?

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Maeng Da kratom is easily one of the most popular strains of Mitragyna speciosa on the market. Aside from the always in-demand Red Bali, our Maeng Da kratom powder and kratom capsules are a perennial favorite.

What is it about this traditional Thai strain that makes it a bestseller and the topic of constant buzz?

Let’s take a closer look!


MD kratom is plant matter derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, an Ayurvedic herb from the coffee family of plants. It is recognizable by its jade-colored leaves which are substantially darker than those of other strains.

Although “Maeng Da” sounds like it would be named for an exotic locale it’s actually not. Whereas most kratom strains—Green Borneo, Red Thai and White Sumatra, to name just a few—get their names from their place of origin, Maeng Da gets its name from Thai slang.

Maeng Da roughly translates as “Pimp Grade.” Kratom vendors use this moniker simply because it sounds good in their marketing materials. Despite the political correctness of our times, it would appear that some people still associate pimps with wealth and coolness.

In other words, “pimp grade kratom” is thought of as something ideal and even formidable. This makes a bit more sense when we consider the literal translation of the term—large water bug. As it happens, water bugs are regarded as a delicacy in Thai cuisine.

Water bugs are known to flit about lampposts on street corners in Thailand, much like pimps hang out on the streets to ply their dubious trade. It is believed that this is where the description came from, but it is, in fact, something that is only perpetuated here in the United States.

As a matter of fact, kratom is not legal to grow in Thailand despite its origins in the region. Instead kratom trees are harvested in Indonesia using the seeds and cuttings from a Thai kratom cultivar.


MD kratom may have originated in Thailand, but it was the native farmers of Indonesia who thought to combine the cuttings of a Thai kratom tree with those of an Indo kratom plant in order to produce this powerful hybrid. Using an intricate grafting process, they were able to yield trees of unparalleled height and maturity.

These old grown trees are known to sprout leaves of such size that their alkaloid content is twice as high as the average kratom strain. It is the large alkaloid content of MD that gives it its strength. Depending on the source of MD kratom, users can expect particularly significant concentrations of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and speciofoline, three of kratom’s 25+ alkaloids.


Unlike other strains, mitragynine makes up 66% of MD’s total alkaloid profile. Compare this to the 12-13% found in most green vein kratom and you can see why it has achieved such popularity.

While some strains are considered more effective in one specific area, MD is said to be one of the most well-balanced variations. It is equally favorable for its invigorating and restorative effects.

Those who have purchased our Maeng Da kratom powder rave about the superior endurance they experience when taking it prior to a workout. Furthermore, our customers have all agreed that it gives them a general sense of well-being that outlasts that of any other form of the herb.

Although some have argued that White Sumatra can outperform Maeng Da in terms of sheer potency, many concur that it can be too overwhelming. By contrast, MD is heralded as a calming, subtle strain that nevertheless induces good vibes and plenty of vitality.


GREEN VEIN MD—By far the most celebrated of all types, Green MD is both uplifting and relaxing. It is a fan favorite due to its extended duration and exceptional strength.

To learn more about Green Maeng Da click here.

RED VEIN MD—Red MD is favored by students and working professionals because it is touted as the most nootropic form of Maeng Da. Its cognitive enhancing qualities may not be backed by concrete scientific data, but countless users have reported a reduction in “brain fog” and an improvement of mental clarity after brewing Red MD tea.

WHITE VEIN MD—Perhaps the most coffee-like of all three strains, White Maeng Da is much like White Sumatra in its power and efficacy. Some users have called it “galvanizing” which makes sense given the protracted pick-me-up it often provides.


Black MD refers to a very rare form of kratom that is produced using the grafting process typical of MD strains. Black MD undergoes a prolonged drying process with extensive exposure to the sun. This gives Black MD its darker color and profound aroma.


It may seem like an uphill battle to get your hands on authentic Pimp Grade Kratom, but with so many options at your disposal it’s actually quite easy. Just weed out the poseurs and get right down to it.

There are many pretenders to the throne when it comes to sourcing quality MD kratom. Fortunately, there are a number of online kratom forums that can help you find the source of genuine Pimp Grade herb.

When you join one of these forum communities, you will be able to communicate with a global network of kratom connoisseurs, many of whom are plugged into the international martketplace. You can expect to find a wealth of information about MD kratom and its effects as well as vendor recommendations and warnings about bad experiences.

The following is a short list of the top kratom suppliers for premium grade Maeng Da:

  • Kats Botanicals
  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • PDO Botanicals (Pharmacy Dropout)
  • Phytoextractum

We have taken the headache out of bargain hunting by highlighting the finest kratom sellers in the U.S. Each of these vendors has been thoroughly vetted, and have been found to be of the utmost quality and transparency.


Pimp Grade kratom is as strong as the marketing would suggest, but be careful when using it in larger dosages as it may be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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