The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Pittsburgh

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Residents of the Steel City may be wondering if kratom’s legal status is still intact or if recent developments have shattered its reputation like Pittsburgh’s glass production. As most of our readers already know, kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.

What they may not know is that you don’t have to go overseas to lay claim to some premium grade kratom powder and kratom capsules. Although kratom has been outlawed in some states, it continues to be sold in most major American cities.

In 2018, this Ayurvedic herb attracted some negative attention after two Pennsylvania men were victims of an accidental kratom overdose. There has been some concern among citizens that kratom could face a ban in the Keystone State.

Consequently, kratom enthusiasts are eager to know where they can buy kratom and whether they’ll face legal ramifications for doing so. Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about kratom legality and availability in Pittsburgh.

As you’ll see, Mitragyna speciosa is as prevalent in Pittsburgh as champion sports franchises. And it’s as easy to score some “mitra” tea as it is to sink your teeth into a Primanti Brothers sandwich.


As it turns out, kratom has been completely legal in the Quaker State since February of 2018. The debate over whether to regulate this substance or to classify it as a dangerous drug is one that lawmakers continue to have, but thus far, no legislation to ban kratom has passed.

Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids have not been outlawed as of 2020. Possession, sale and consumption of kratom and its alkaloids are permitted throughout the state. There are no restrictions limiting use, distribution or intent to sell.


You needn’t drive around for hours, hoping to spot some Speciosa in the wild. There is a plethora of places in the Greater Pittsburgh area where you can purchase all manner of “mitra” products.

Whether you’re in the market for some choice kratom extract or liquid kratom shots, there are many fine establishments that keep this stuff in their regular rotation. There are no fewer than 10 brick-and-mortar shops that stock M speciosa products in the city.

Here’s a short list of our top five in order of highest rating:

  • Smoke Glass and Vape (5.0 stars)
  • Pittsburgh Kratom (4.9 stars)
  • Leaf & Bean (4.7 stars)
  • Glass Gone Wow (4.7 stars)
  • Head of the Glass

While there are other top-rated stores to choose from, GLASSBURGH not least among them, these five vendors leave their competition in the dust by virtue of their bargain basement prices, friendly staff, wide selection and special deals.

There are few land-based kratom vendors that offer kilos and even fewer that allow their customers to pick out split kilos. Some of the best shops in Pittsburgh do just that! Inquire within for bulk pricing and see how you can get the most bang for your buck.


If you value safety, security and privacy, you shouldn’t be asking, “Where can I buy kratom locally in Pittsburgh?” You should be asking, “Who will send me the freshest stuff?”

You don’t have to gas up your car and burn miles to get your hands on mitra tea. There are legit sources for quality kratom on the Internet and it might surprise you to learn that many of them are more professional and safe than their smoke shop counterparts…and a lot of them offer free shipping!

Whereas local headshop proprietors often lack the knowledge and experience that goes with recommending kratom strains, the top-rated online kratom suppliers have partnered with trusted farmers in Southeast Asia where they work in concert to bring consumers the freshest and purest product.

We’ve all visited a smoke shop and picked up some generic kratom brand in a pinch. All too often your questions are met with a lot of head scratching on the part of the shop owner. That’s because most of them purchase their M speciosa from wholesale distributors.

These wholesale suppliers are reticent to share vital information about their sources with their clients. As a result, shop owners come up short when asked about the origins of their kratom strains or the guarantee (or lack thereof) of purity.

By contrast, a lot of online vendors are GMP compliant, regularly submitting batches of their plant matter to third party laboratories where they are tested for heavy metals and other potential contaminants. In this way, they are able to ensure the quality of their items and the safety of their customers.

The following is a comprehensive list of our top 10 kratom sellers in 2020:

  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Original Harvest Kratom
  • PDO Botanicals (Pharmacy Dropout)
  • Phytoextractum
  • PurKratom
  • Urban Ice Organics

Each of these suppliers has been thoroughly vetted as we regularly review their sites and revisit them to confirm consistency. All of them share core values in common, namely a genuine passion for ethnobotanicals and a commitment to consumer satisfaction.

As you’ll note when you visit their sites, the top choices on this list provide customers with sitewide deals, seasonal discounts, kratom coupon codes, affiliate programs, sampler packs and other incentives. The very best also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you’ll always be satisfied with your order…or you get refunded.


I think you’ll agree that there is no shortage of great places to purchase plain leaf and enhanced kratom blends in Pittsburgh. Now that you know where to look, get to samplin’ and see what works best for you. Happy hunting!

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