Where to Buy Kratom Locally in Tucson, AZ

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If you live in the Grand Canyon State you’ve undoubtedly heard about Mitragyna speciosa and its potent alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Tucson has put this Ayurvedic herb on the map in recent years.

If you’ve passed through the Old Pueblo, you’ve probably heard about East Coast Super Subs. The popular eatery was the first place to install a kratom vending machine in their establishment. The machine was the first of its kind in the state and quickly attracted tons of foot traffic.

Since 2017, kratom vending machines have cropped up across the city with vendors like Tucson Kratom turning their storefronts into 24/7 kratom dispensaries. The controversial herb has birthed a bit of a cottage industry in the region with Arizona residents running e-commerce sites out of their homes.

Separating the bad actors from the genuine article can be a difficult task for the casual consumer, so that’s where we come in. In the following post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about kratom legality and kratom Tucson vendors.

I think you’ll agree that there are some key considerations one needs to make before doing business with companies in this ever-changing industry.


As of 2020, kratom is legal across Arizona with no restrictions placed on the possession or consumption of Mitragyna speciosa or its alkaloids. Although state legislators considered a kratom ban back in 2014, advocacy groups like the AKA (American Kratom Association) were successful in preventing it from being outlawed.

In 2019, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act was signed into law, limiting the sale of kratom products that are not properly labeled. This piece of landmark legislation regulates the distribution, production, labeling and sale of items containing mitragynine and M speciosa’s other indole alkaloids.


As you will see, there are plenty of places from which you can buy kratom locally in Tucson, AZ. They include 24-hr kratom vending machines, brick-and-mortar smoke shops and kava lounges. There are 10 stores offering kratom strains in Old Pueblo with another 10 in Tempe and nine in Phoenix.

The following is a list of the top 3 kratom vendors in Tucson:

  • Kratom Alchemists (5.0 stars)
  • Arizona Kratom (4.8 stars)
  • Tucson Herb Store (4.7 stars)

If it’s a more sociable experience that you’re after, you can visit The Kava Bar which is located right down the street from Tucson Kratom on E Speedway Blvd. For chill vibes and awesome prices, “join the tribe” at Lacuna Kava Bar, Arizona’s #1 rated kava and kratom lounge.

For those who are willing to do a bit of traveling, Tempe is the place to be for premium crushed leaf from the folks at Golden Rule Botanicals. No gas? No car? No sweat! You can visit their online store and arrange for local delivery. They’ve got the most exotic specialty blends in the state and a variety of split kilos and other bulk deals.

There are options of everyone who resides in the state with suppliers like Kratom Labs in Scottsdale and Kratom Cafe in Tucson providing everything from Red Borneo and Maeng Da to Green Hulu Kapuas and White Sumatra. Here’s our short list of the best products in Arizona and beyond:

  • Tucson Kratom Red Borneo Maeng Da
  • Tucson Kratom Energy Blend
  • Kratom Labs White Thai Raw Powder
  • Kratom Cafe USA Bentuangie Red

Each of these products are high alkaloid M speciosa items from GMP compliant sellers who submit batches of plain leaf for third party laboratory testing.

Tucson Kratom’s Energy Blend is a personal fave which I feel perfectly supplements my usual pre-workout routine. I get hours of invigoration and vitality from this one without the comedown associated with coffee or energy drinks.

White Vein Thai isn’t exactly my jam, but I dig Kratom Labs’ Thai vein because it’s especially long-lasting and doesn’t give me the “wobz” I often get with leaf from other vendors.

Kratom Cafe’s Red Bentuangie is a wildly effective nighttime strain that leaves me feeling restored even after an especially rough night.


Those who wish to avoid potential contamination or price gouging would do well to purchase kratom on the Internet. Despite the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, many local proprietors are guilty of offering wholesale mitra tea that does not meet legal guidelines or GMP standards.

If you’ve ever visited a headshop, you’ve likely met with a fair amount of speechlessness on the part of the shop owner. You ask him/her about the origins of their kratom or the difference between each strain and they don’t know what to say.

That’s because they’re getting their stuff from a wholesale distributor who doesn’t bother to share vital information with them. Therefore, they don’t know what to tell you when you ask, “Is Maeng Da better than Sumatra?”

They genuinely do not know and that’s a problem. It is incumbent upon the kratom industry to provide detailed info to the thousands of global consumers who wish to use it. You have every right to want to know where their products come from, whether they’ve been tested for adulterants and if their strains come with a satisfaction guarantee.

The highest-rated kratom suppliers in 2020 offer all of this and more. You get a 30 day money back guarantee, a promise of freshness and potency, and a host of incentives for buying. The top online kratom sellers give their customers coupon codes, sitewide discounts, sampler packs and seasonal blowouts.

The following is a short list of our favorite vendors at the moment:

  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • PDO Botanicals (Pharmacy Dropout)
  • Phytoextractum
  • Urban Ice Organics

As you can see, these are authentic sources for quality strains and other ethnobotanical treats. Each of these sellers has been thoroughly vetted and meet our admittedly high standards.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a particularly powerful kratom extract or a bulk deal on kratom capsules, you’ll find a plethora of places with exactly what you’re after in Arizona. Just make sure you do your due diligence and look into a supplier before handing over your hard-earned cheddar. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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