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As the largest city in the Centennial State, Colorado Springs serves as a cultural hub for area residents and tourists alike. The municipality is home to a bevy of breathless attractions including glacier-carved landmarks, hopping music venues and lively nightspots.

Colorful Colorado is also the single most autonomous state in America, embodying a libertarian spirit that values civil rights and individual privacy. It is also an open-minded place, one that was forward-thinking enough to decriminalize marijuana long before the rest of the country began to follow suit.

There are as many as 100 medical cannabis stores operating in and around the state with locations in Aurora, Edgewater, Glendale and beyond.

But where does Little London stand on the subject of Mitragyna speciosa, the admittedly controversial Ayurvedic herb from which kratom is derived?

Let’s take a closer look!


As of 2020, kratom is legal everywhere in Colorado save for the towns of Monument and Parker. Sales of kratom were outlawed in Monument and restricted in both Castle Rock and Denver after coroners linked several deaths to kratom.

An ordinance banning kratom sales was also passed by the Parker Town Council as a result of this negative exposure. Nevertheless, kratom products remain legal in the rest of Colorado State where there are no restrictions placed on the sale, possession and consumption of the substance and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.


If you hail from The Springs, you’ll have no problem tracking down some top shelf keh-thum. M speciosa is one of the most popular ethnobotanicals on the market and neighborhood smoke shops carry the stuff in a variety of potent forms.

There are 35 herbal medicine stores and tobacconists offering kratom products in the municipality of Colorado Springs. It is available in crushed leaf, micronized powder or capsule form. Customers can head into local headshops to pick up everything from kratom capsules and kratom extracts to kratom shots and kratom chewing gum.

The following is a list of the highest-rated brick-and-mortar kratom shops in the area:

  • CBD Life/Colorado’s Big Discovery (5 stars)
  • Kiody Kava & Kratom (5 stars)
  • Laughing Lions Apothecary (5 stars)
  • Pikes Peak Botanicals (5 stars)
  • Roots Apothecary (5 stars)
  • Mr. Nice Guy’s E-Juice, Etc. (4.9 stars)
  • Elev8 Glass Gallery
  • Pipes Peak (4.8 stars)
  • Puff the Magic Smoke Shop (4.8 stars)
  • Savory Spice Shop (4.8 stars)

Laughing Lions Herbals was originally located in Monument, but were met with scrutiny after legislative changes. The Internet famous kratom vendor had the last laugh when they opened Lauging Lions Apothecary on Montebello Lane in the heart of the Springs.

LLH has a Kratom Colorado Springs shipment coming in for 10,000 fresh kilos featuring new strains and old favorites.


Laughing Lion is the premier holistic practitioner and herbal dispensary in the municipality and have earned a 5-star rating thanks to their dedicated customer service, eclectic collection of strains and awesome deals on split kratom kilos.

So far as we’re concerned, they are the finest apothecary in the state and easily one of the best in the United States. Reviewers tend to agree with one customer writing, “Very professional place!!! They really care about their customers and I have always been satisfied with every order I’ve ever had!! I refer them to all my friends.”

Elsewhere, a user said of his second order with LLH, “I was blown away…I purchased the sampler and loved it…The pouncing tiger was great for my mood and helping get through the day…Click to door was 3 days and they went the extra mile to ship mine even after the cut off time. I’ve never had such good customer service and great product for cheap.”

It’s worth mentioning here that Laughing Lions represents the exception to the rule where smoke shop brands are concerned. Whereas all too many smoke shop kratom products lack proper labeling and safety guarantees, LLH’s stuff is backed by a company that specializes in speciosa.

These guys serve as both land-based kratom sellers and an online kratom store. Their e-commerce site provides same day shipping, local deliveries, a money back guarantee and a wealth of clearance items. Customers can receive coupon codes, shipping upgrades and more.

More importantly, they pride themselves on being transparent, publishing all of their third party lab results on their website and assuring consumers that they will get kratom that is unadulterated and 100% pure.

This is what every shopper should be able to receive, but the ugly truth is that most users get the short end of the stick. People who purchase “mitra tea” from local headshops and tobacconists often face potential health risks as a result of oversight on the part of proprietors.

No malice is intended on the part of smoke shop owners. They simply don’t know enough about Mitragyna speciosa to properly care for their customers. The vast majority of shops get their kratom from wholesale distributors who do not implement appropriate business protocols.

Consequently, shops end up with an inventory of kratom products that lack dosage recommendations, detailed information about origins or any vital info that one could share with their patrons.

That’s why we always advise our readers to order from a trusted online dealer. The highest-rated kratom suppliers on the Internet practice GMP compliance, and serve as members in good standing with watchdog groups and non-profit organizations like the AKA (American Kratom Association).


There are hundreds upon hundreds of sources for M speciosa on the Internet. As with smoke shop brands, there are many that you should avoid if you can help it. Fortunately, there are also plenty that are worth every penny.

The following is a short list of our top 5 kratom vendors in 2020:

  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Phytoextractum
  • Urban Ice Organics

Each of these independent businesses are run by passionate, trustworthy individuals who are committed to preserving the integrity of this incredible ancient herb. They care as much about their clients’ well-being as they do about their bottom line.


Regardless of where you get your kratom from or how much you pay, make sure you know where it came from and whether it’s been tested for heavy metals and other potential contaminants. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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