Where to Buy Kratom Locally in St. Louis, MO

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St. Louis embodies the very fabric of our country, representing as it does America’s westward expansion and independent spirit. It was this westward expansion that made it possible for us to stake our claim to land, land whose seed we would inevitably sow.

More than any other, St. Louis is emblematic of the freewheeling, forward-thinking ethos surrounding ethnobotanicals. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, ethnobotany refers to the study of a region’s plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of local culture.

The Western world has discovered the practical uses of kratom by doing just this—exploring the rich history and pragmatic applications of kratom in its native region. As you probably already know by now, kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, a tall evergreen tree from the coffee family of plants.

What you may not know is that kratom has been used for centuries by the locals of Southeast Asia. Today, we can find kratom in an ever-growing number of locations, from headshops and dirt malls to novelty shops and filling stations.

This Ayurvedic herb has become so popular that it’s threatened to take down a certain industry. For the sake of discretion, let’s call them Pig Karma. Now, Pig Karma recognizes, much like the Thai government before them, that kratom offers an alternative to traditional American methods. That is to say, traditional in the sense that Pig Karma has marketed their brand of buncombe to us for so many years that we now consider it our very own custom.

So, Pig Karma sees that kratom is offering an alternative and they ain’t so hot on the idea of it cutting into their profits. Next thing you know, a certain institution—we’ll call them the Initial People—comes out in defense of Pig Karma and publicly demonizes kratom.

The joke’s on them though, brother! Because kratom’s popularity only continues to grow.

But I digress. You didn’t come here to read some kratom crazy carrying on about an economic conspiracy. You came here to get shoved in the right direction, for good or ill.

If you’re visiting the Gateway to the West or you’re thinking about setting down roots in the place, you may want to think long and hard. Not just about the city and how it writhes under its grimy cloud—to borrow a phrase from W.E.B. Du Bois—but, also, where you can get yourself some kratom without facing any repercussions.

All hokum aside, St. Louis happens to be one of the finest cities in these United States and the one where you are least likely to have any problem obtaining Mitragyna speciosa in all of its wondrous forms.


A law was enacted in 2018 which lifted any restrictions placed on kratom, rendering it 100% legal to sell, possess and consume in the Show Me State. Today, kratom remains legal in Missouri and any public onus has also dissipated like so many grimy clouds.

Citizens are able to grow their very own live kratom trees if they so desire, although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve got a greenhouse to go with your green thumb. Missouri’s natural climate doesn’t exactly lend itself to the gestation of an OG (old grown) kratom plant.


The STL has approximately 60 shops selling kratom in a variety of strains and tinctures. This includes stores that stock kratom extracts, liquid kratom shots and even kratom chewing gum.

For the sake of brevity and quality, we’ve broken it down for you. The following is my list of the top 5 highest-rated kratom suppliers in the greater St. Louis area:

  • Kratom Plus CBD – Brentwood and St. Louis Locations (5 stars)
  • Leaf & Co. by CBD Kratom – Saint Louis Galleria (5 stars)
  • The Cave Smoke Shop – Kratom, CBD & E-juice Superstore (4.9 stars)
  • Greatest Shop Ever (4.8 stars)
  • Studio 420 – Florissant (4.8 stars)


While their mildly clever moniker might prove subjective, at best, their prices speak for themselves. This is bargain basement shopping that doesn’t sacrifice freshness or potency for the sake of saving y’all some scrilla.


Forget that superstore stuff over in Fairview Heights, this Florissant joint has got a selection that you won’t soon forget. We’re talkin’ staggering amounts of kratom, tons of exotic strains to choose from and all of the biggest brands you’ve been hearing about.


There are two kava lounges in the Mound City limits, one in St Louis and one in St Charles, respectively. Nothing against that St Charles dive (the place is kickin,’ after all, so they must be doing something right) but Synergy is the place to be.

Users have called this juice joint an “awesome place,” adding that the service, atmosphere and people are all impressive. “We will most definitely be back,” they said. That’s how you run a business!

Their inspiring menu includes a classic kava kava tea, a kratom tonic with strawberry and pomegranate, and a sweet mana smoothie, all priced lower than your average chain restaurant.


Although there are more than a few decent stores from which to purchase kratom in St. Louis, I always advise our readers to consider online stores before buying locally. There are simply too many risk factors when dealing with wholesale kratom distributors.

When you deal with most smoke shops, you are dealing with a proprietor who barely knows what they are talking about. They invariably get their kratom from the same distributor that sells them surplus pipe screens and vape pens. Consequently, they know little to anything about where their kratom came from.

This is how you end up with weak, ineffective or otherwise dangerous product that may be contaminated or even cut with synthetic additives. By contrast, if you buy direct from a trusted online vendor, you effectively cut out the middle man.

The highest-rated kratom suppliers in 2020 understand the need for consistency and transparency. They regularly submit their product to third party labs so that they can be tested for heavy metals and other potential contaminants. The best of the best post lab results on their site, so you can tell they are on the level.

Here is a short list of my top 5 online kratom vendors. As you’ll see, these cats care about their customers as much as they care about kratom itself:

  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Phytoextractum
  • Urban Ice Organics

If you visit any of their online stores, you’ll see just what I’m talking about. These cats offer free shipping options, multiple payment methods, kratom coupon codes, sitewide deals, dedicated customer service and so much more.


If you’re from the Show Me State, you owe it to yourself to get the lay of the land. Shop around and see the sights, deciding when the time is right if a shop is worth your time and money. Never settle for second best…because you don’t have to. Happy hunting, friends!

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