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Wilmington has been called the “Hollywood of the East,” which makes sense when we look at the area’s busy film and television industry. The city has hosted countless high profile productions, catering to everything from blockbuster movies (The Crow, Iron Man 3, A Walk to Remember) to cable TV staples such as Eastbound and Down.

As a port city, Wilmington is a popular coastal attraction, one whose historic treasures include the Battleship USS North Carolina and BB-55. Wilmywood is also a visual feast, one that botanical enthusiasts are bound to appreciate. From Riverwalk and Wrightsville Beach to the city’s famed Airlie Gardens, there are tons of places where you can bask in nature’s bounty.

Other community and botanical gardens include The Arboretum and Kratom Deal. The former is a tranquil open site with an active koi pond while the latter is a private local business offering Mitragyna speciosa in powder and capsule form.

Just where Wilmington stands on the subject of kratom is another story. Let’s take a look!


As of this writing, kratom is legal in the state of North Carolina. However, users should be aware that current law prohibits the sale of kratom to individuals under the age of 18. After a bill was proposed to institute a kratom ban, North Carolina residents signed several petitions to keep the leaf legal.

As a result of this public outcry, state legislators amended the statute in order to restrict under age kratom use and keep this Ayurvedic herb available to responsible adults. As of 2020, Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—are legal to sell, possess and consume among individuals of 18 years of age or older.


Those who are looking to pick up some premium kratom will have no problem locating some in the city. There are at least 10 shops offering kratom products within Wilmington city limits. This includes herb shops, botanical gardens, tobacco shops and vape stores.

The following are the highest-rated kratom suppliers in the region:

  • The Kratom Shop (5 stars)
  • Kratom NC (4.9 stars)
  • Up In Smoke Wilmington (4.4 stars)

The Kratom Shop is a fully functional apothecary that offers both kratom capsules and liquid kratom extract in tincture form. Customers have said that they have the best quality and pricing in town.

One reviewer raved about their knowledgeable staff and awesome product line, writing, “Great and prominent variety. Products are packaged very well, and kratom is clean and strong! Grind is fine as can be! I won’t be going anywhere else but here as long as possible!!”

Kratom NC is conveniently located on S Kerr Ave and features a diverse and colorful collection of kratom strains. Bestselling items include 350 mg and 700mg caps.

Customers have publicly thanked the owners for providing high quality kratom and friendly assistance. One reviewer said, “If you are reading this looking for kratom in the Wilmington area you will be doing yourself a disservice going anywhere else.”


If it’s a sociable experience you’re after, Wilmywood’s got you covered. While many US cities have introduced kava lounges for exotic beverages, not all of them give consumers the best greens. Port City Vapor Kava & Oxygen Bar is one of the exceptions.

Port City Vapor has a range of kratom drinks to suit your every need. As one person puts it, “The staff is always great to work with. Great prices on vape juices. Excellent selection of kratom. Been a customer for years and the place is great.”


You can’t always count on neighborhood stores to have your back where detailed information and quality standards are concerned. A major issue facing the kratom community is the incident of contamination.

As we’ve seen in the past, kratom can be tainted with salmonella and other forms of potentially dangerous bacteria. It’s not the kratom’s fault. Hell, it ain’t even the seller’s fault, at least not always.

Most shop owners get their Mitragyna speciosa powder from third party wholesale distributors. These third party entities do not do their due diligence when it comes to educating store proprietors about their goods. As a result, you get a product that lacks proper labeling and a staff that scratch their heads when customers ask about the difference between strains.

When you’re in the market for “mitra tea,” be sure to look for a vendor who knows their stuff. Ask questions such as, “Where does your kratom come from? Where is it grown? How is it harvested?” These are all legitimate questions that a shop should be able to answer. If they can’t then there’s something wrong. Plain and simple.

In the past, consumers have ended up hospitalized or even dead as a consequence of using tainted kratom. One of the most notorious examples of smoke shop kratom brands posing a risk is Krypton, an American brand that was found to contain a potentially life-threatening synthetic painkiller (,i.e.: 0-desmethyltramadol).

If you’re anything like me, you want to feel like you’re in good hands, especially when it comes to ethnobotanicals and other herbs. The easiest way to ensure safety and security is to buy from a trusted online seller.

Online kratom vendors are often GMP compliant, routinely submitting their ethically-sourced kratom powder to third party laboratories where they are tested for heavy metals and other prospective adulterants.

The top brands offer 30 day money back guarantees, coupon codes, sitewide discounts, seasonal blowouts, affiliate programs and more. More importantly, they pride themselves on delivering fresh, potent M speciosa products with fast shipping and free samples.

IMHO, this is always the way to go. So let’s go!


If you’ve made the wise decision to buy kratom online, the search can seem daunting. After all, there are hundreds upon hundreds of kratom suppliers all across the United States and beyond.

In the interest of narrowing that search down and pointing you in the right direction, I’ve compiled the following list of my top 5 favorite kratom vendors on the Internet. As you will see, they provide detailed info about the origins of each strain and a host of special deals on some of the most popular items in the current marketplace.

  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Phytoextractum
  • Urban Ice Organics


Whether you opt for a local shop or practice some patience and place an online order, you should always do a fair amount of research before giving a brand your business.

Read customer reviews, look into the company you’re considering and don’t hesitate to reach out to them for answers to your questions. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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