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The State of Louisiana has more odd or idiosyncratic laws than just about any other place in America. For example, snoring is strictly prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and properly secured.

In the town of Sulphur, LA, it is illegal to be an alcoholic or to spout obscenities while conversing on the telephone. More alarmingly, there are laws throughout the state which limit where crawfish can be procured.

These bizarre and oft-Draconian local laws extend well beyond the fly spec towns that out-of-staters have never heard of before. Just ask Cornell Hood II (if you can). Mr. Hood II can tell you all about how New Orleans laws left him sentenced to life in prison for possession and intent to distribute marijuana.

Fortunately for Mr. Hood, widespread media attention and petitions resulted in a state Judge granting him a shorter sentence. But not everyone is so lucky.

A 2019 study reported that the state’s capital punishment system costs approximately $15 million per year and at least seventy people sit on death row, awaiting their execution.

Baton Rouge is a mean place; the city’s dark and bloody history among its various settlers is second only to the history that’s playing itself out as we speak. As of 2011, the murder rate in Baton Rouge was the eighth highest in the nation with a rate of 1,065.7 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

A staggering percentage of these offenses were drug-related. As a matter of fact, East Baton Rouge held the highest number on record of overdose deaths in 2019, pointing to the larger problem facing the region.

So, where does kratom stand in Baton Rouge amid the fallout from the opioid crisis and Louisiana’s ongoing criminal troubles?

Let’s take a closer look.


As of 2020, it is legal to sell, possess and consume kratom in the State of Louisiana. Although state legislators have been scrutinizing Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—since 2014, no proposed statutes have been passed.

A bill passed in June of 2019 will effectively outlaw kratom should the federal government ever decide to codify Mitragyna speciosa as a Schedule I controlled substance. For now, residents of Baton Rouge and neighboring areas are free to sell and buy kratom without restriction or penalty.

There are many state residents selling Mitragyna speciosa in a variety of forms including kratom capsules, kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots. Some even operate their own online stores, such as Jungle Kratom in Red Stick itself.

Jungle Kratom is a local business specializing in Horned Leaf kratom and Maeng Da, aka Pimp Grade Kratom.


Louisianans can pick up kratom products all across Baton Rouge and elsewhere. The state’s capital is home to more than 50 shops offering Mitragyna speciosa in various forms. Kratom powder is readily available at gas stations, smoke shops, convenience stores and herbal medicine shops.

In the interest of pointing our readers in the right direction, I’ve compiled a short but comprehensive list of the highest-rated vendors in Red Stick. These are the best choices for kratom in the greater Baton Rouge area:

  • Body Botanicals, LLC (5 stars)
  • Capitol Wellness Solutions, LLC (5 stars)
  • Mountain Pure CBD (5 stars)
  • Lit Smoke Shop Prairieville (4.9 stars)
  • Big Boy Shop N Geaux (4.8 stars)


The Capital City has a ton of cozy, atmospheric spots where people can enjoy all sorts of exotic beverages, but for my money you can’t beat Euphorbia Kava Bar. New Orleans’ answers to Kalm with Kava, Euphorbia is a five-star lounge with outdoor seating and lightning fast service.

Their sealed terrarium workshop and botanical garden are but two of the attractions at your disposal when you visit their Oak Street location. Live events keep things popping and the kratom drink menu will keep you sociable for an awesome hang.


Before settling on a smoke shop or filling station for your speciosa needs, consider the facts: Most brick-and-mortar shops offer a relative scarcity of options. You are unlikely to come across a proprietor who lets you buy split kilos and even fewer tobacconists who can answer questions about the differences between various kratom strains.

Most shop owners get their kratom from wholesale distributors who don’t bother to share any vital information about the origins of their strains or the quality of their product. It is rare to find smoke shop brands that carry proper labeling and dosage instructions.

What’s worse, the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use. As such, it remains an unregulated substance. Shady wholesalers take advantage of this fact by failing to properly test their products for potential contamination and even, in extreme cases, cutting their kratom powder with synthetic additives.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a shop owner to have little to no idea where their kratom actually comes from. By contrast, many trusted online vendors ethically source their Mitragyna speciosa directly from Southeast Asia where they maintain long-term relationships with reliable farmers.

The very best kratom suppliers offer money back guarantees, third party lab results, kratom coupon codes and sitewide discounts. And you don’t have to be a career researcher to find the crème of the crop. There are literally hundreds of vendors out there and just as many reviews about their wares.

If you join one of the many online kratom forums, you’ll quickly get a feel for which brands you can trust and what strains may best suit your personal needs. So, before dropping serious coin on questionable kratom, consider buying online.

Sure, it may take a few days for your herb to arrive, but your patience will be rewarded with fresh, potent leaf that’s backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


If you want consistency and transparency, look no further than these five kratom sellers. Each of them has been thoroughly vetted and I find myself returning to them again and again. As you’ll see, some of the top kratom vendors offer free samples, added bonuses and special discounts.

  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Phytoextractum
  • Urban Ice Organics


I think you’ll agree that passing a good time in Baton Rouge is about as easy as pinching the tail and sucking the head. But before you get burned by some fly-by-night filling station brand, do your homework and see what’s really out there. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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