Kratom Connection: A Review of Idaho’s Best Vendor

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With literally hundreds of vendors working in the kratom industry, it is rare that you find a brand that’s loved by one and all. If you run a Reddit search on almost any company that offers Mitragyna speciosa you will read dozens of complaints from customers who were disappointed, in one way or another, with that company.

It is very rare that you come across a brand that’s earned customer loyalty and rarer still to find one that everyone can agree upon. Even once-famous brands like SoCal have been called into question by irate consumers who were scorned by a weak batch of bulk kratom powder.

This is why it’s always refreshing to encounter a company like The Kratom Connection. After all, it’s one thing to read the random review that raves about excellent prices, but it’s another to see scores of consumers losing their minds over insane deals on split kilos and sampler packs.

Such is the case with Kratom Connection, a company I just knew I had to check out after discovering the effusive outpouring of comments about their products. The following is my in-depth review of this U.S.-based vendor.


The Kratom Connection is an American retailer operating out of Boise, ID. They provide free shipping to their online customers and local pickup for residents of the Big Buck area.

Owner Andrew Graham founded the company five years ago and has since grown it into a viable local business after relocating their headquarters to the City of Trees. A proud donor to the AKA (American Kratom Association), Kratom Connection is a GMP compliant brand that sources all of its M speciosa directly from Southeast Asia.


If you’re from the Gem State then you already know all about kratom legality. The Mitragyna speciosa plant remains legal in Idaho where retailers frequently stock kratom powder, kratom extracts and more.

As with other states, it is imperative that users do their homework before selecting a local kratom shop. While most brick-and-mortar stores get their M speciosa from third party wholesale distributors, Kratom Connection sources their strains directly from farmers native to Southeast Asia.


The Kratom Connection’s online store boasts 15+ unique kratom strains, each of which is available in 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 gram pouches. All of these strains are offered in both powder and capsule form with sample packs for those who wish to select a variety.

The following is a full list of their Mitragyna speciosa strains:

  • Gold Bali
  • Green Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • White Borneo
  • White Elephant
  • White Maeng Da
  • Yellow Maeng Da


Of all the leaf I’ve sampled from these guys, I’d have to say that White Borneo wins out over all others. This is my absolute fave because it’s that good.

Longtime visitors to this blog are already well-aware that I am not much of a white vein kratom fan. With the exception of our White Sumatra, I seldom partake of anything other than gold and yellow vein kratom powder and my go-to strain daytime strain (Super Green Malay).

After placing my first order with TKC this all changed. The freshness was superior to any that I’ve purchased from other suppliers—if I didn’t know better, I’d think I scored this off a local petani on the day of harvest.

Like my staff pick—Super Green Malaysian—T.K.C.’s White Borneo gave me hours of heightened focus and concentration. After tossing and washing 4.5 grams, I felt like a blindfold had been taken off; I could organize my thoughts more easily and achieve my daily tasks without any sluggishness.

Many kratom products have been promoted as energy-boosters and focus sharpeners, but few have done so without resorting to bold claims. Andrew’s source for White Borneo must be something special because this one got the job done and then some. After three hours I was still smiling and powering through my responsibilities with ease, enhanced motivation and confidence.


Prices start at $35 for 100 grams with 250 grams going for $69.00. You can pick up a half kilo for $125 or purchase a full kilo (1,000 grams) for $195.00.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “This is outrageous! That’s highway robbery!”

Under normal circumstances I would be inclined to agree with you. Not for nothing but the industry standard for a single kratom kilo is typically between $90 and $125, depending on who you order it from. About the only time you see higher prices is when you buy from a sketchy smoke shop owner who’s notorious for price gouging.

But these aren’t normal circumstances, nor are these the prices that best reflect The Kratom Connection. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the nation’s need for quality control standards it only makes sense that customers should expect to pay more for their kratom at this point in time.

To be clear, it is no small investment to ensure that each batch of Mitragyna speciosa plant matter is pure, potent and unadulterated. GMP compliant vendors must invest in third party laboratory testing as well as temperature-controlled cold storage facilities and hygiene-conscious manufacturing facilities. None of that comes cheap, so why should your kratom?

As the saying goes, this too shall pass and when it does Andrew and company will likely reduce their prices. To put things in perspective, let’s look to the not-so-distant past. In 2017, Kratom Connection advertised a sale on kilos for $75 per 1,000 grams.


The kratom connection coupon code is among the most prized of discounts among bargain-hunting herbal enthusiasts. Where many of their competitors dole out your routine 10% off, Andrew and company regularly roll out deals in excess of 30% off.


This retailer currently accepts checks, money orders, E-checks and Zelle. They also accept major credit and debit cards from time to time, so you can always inquire about additional payment methods before ordering.


All of their U.S. orders receive USPS First Class shipping on the house. Packages generally arrive within two to five business days. All packages are securely and discreetly wrapped, and come with tracking information so you can check on the progress of your order.

Furthermore, free Priority Mail is provided on every order of $55 or more, meaning you’ll be replenishing your stash in less time than it would take you to find a trustworthy headshop proprietor.


As I mentioned earlier, this vendor stands out among the pack by virtue of their ever-growing base of loyal customers. Google reviews have referenced their “amazing quality” and top notch service as well as their unsurpassed knowledge of strains and their expedient shipping, but nothing gets mentioned more than their pricing and variety.

One reviewer says, “Best prices I could find and very good products,” while another says, “If you want good Kratom then look no further the connection is the place to get the freshest on the market. Vacuum sealed fast shipping they’re number one in my book. And if you need help with which strain to try Andrew will definitely help you out.”

Elsewhere, another reviewer writes: “I was ordering from the kratom connection and I tried going to my local vape shop to get it faster. Never again. You get what you pay for. These guys have great customer service and the product I have received has always been great quality. Super fast responses if you have any questions. I have recommended them to almost everyone I know.”

Personally, I’ve never been what you’d call a “happy camper,” but I can’t help but smile when I think of the crisp natural scent of their Borneo White. My package arrived two days earlier than I anticipated and came with free samples thrown in.


If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable seller with a customer service record, you’ve found the site that suits your needs. This is one connection that won’t let you down. Check out their Facebook profile for the latest news and discount codes.

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