Beaufort Kratom: The Best Source for Kratom Extracts in South Carolina

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Trust is something hard-earned in the ethnobotanical industry. Customers who have been burned by overpriced smoke shop proprietors and shady kratom brands learn their lesson and, more often than not, they hold a grudge.

If you visit any of the best online kratom forums, you will quickly see just how much vitriol consumers have for substandard kratom vendors and their inferior product. Users regularly opine about the lack of quality and lament the preponderance of sketchy “Facebook vendors” who take advantage of social media platforms to pimp their garbage powders.

With hundreds upon hundreds of sellers occupying the U.S. marketplace, it can seem difficult to find legit sources for Mitragyna speciosa. One of the simplest and easiest ways to find the real deal is to survey the current landscape and see what reviewers have to say about a particular brand.

In the case of Beaufort Kratom, it is obvious from the outset that they are in the biz for all the right reasons. As opposed to their shoddier counterparts, this American supplier is not in it merely for the money but for the sheer thrill of delivering quality goods to the customers who so desperately need it.

In today’s review, I’ll tell you all about their rabid fan base, their outstanding packages and their many customer incentives.

Let’s jump into it!


Beaufort Kratom is a South Carolina-based kratom vendor operating out of Beaufort, S.C. Whereas other manufacturers and distributors shuck responsibility and refuse to refund or replace opened items, the owners of this brand guarantee the quality of their products.

They were so committed to freshness and excellence that they waited patiently until they found a farm that would comply with their standards. After investing in multiple clean rooms and implementing a pioneering method of drying, they launched their operations and have been turning out top shelf kratom ever since.

Each batch of Mitragyna speciosa plant matter is tested for heavy metals, adulterants and biological contaminants, such as coliforms, E. coli and Salmonella. This vendor is forthcoming with lab results and will replace or refund any item that is at least 85% full. In other words, so long as you haven’t used the full contents of your order they will replace it if you are not satisfied.


You don’t have to place an order online to get your hands on this seller’s exceptional goods. If you live in the area, or happen to be visiting the coastal region of the Palmetto State, you can stop into their brick-and-mortar shop.

Located at 2623 Boundary St. in the coastal city on Port Royal Island, Beaufort Kratom’s land-based herbal apothecary is a one-stop shop for CBD, Kratom, Himalaya Shilajit and more.

As most residents already know, kratom is legal in the state of South Carolina. Under current state and federal laws, usage and possession of Mitragyna speciosa and its chief alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, respectively—is neither restricted nor prohibited.


The following is a full list of items in this seller’s current catalog:

  • Akuamma Capsules
  • CBD Lip Balm
  • CBD Tincture (1000 mg)
  • Evergreen Maeng Da (Wildcrafted)
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Kava Tincture
  • Moringa Powder (2 oz)
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Shilajit (100% pure)
  • Stem & Vein Kratom (20 oz)
  • Super Select Green Bentuangie
  • White Bentuangie
  • White Dragon
  • White Bentuangie (Maeng Da)
  • Yellow Maeng Da

In addition to their full line of exotic kratom strains, this vendor regularly offers their Beaufort Kratom 50 x along with other kratom extracts. Their bundles will be of particular interest to serious collectors who can score an Extract Special of three vials and a 10 ouncer of 50x FST for $80.00.

All you hardcore kratom crazies can pick up a mega-case of 144 vials of Evergreen Liquid Extract for $1,728.00. A variety of sampler packs are available in both deluxe and standard editions.


Beaufort Kratom’s prices are out of this world! You can get two full ounces for just $20 bucks while a half kilo sells for $80.00. Granted, their bulk deals aren’t nearly as good as some of their competitors, but they are definitely in the top 10 when it comes to affordable American suppliers.


When you buy kratom online from Beaufort, you will be automatically eligible for a range of promotions and other deep discounts. Promo codes are good for as much as 20% off your total at checkout.

Their Referral Program enables you to be entered into a drawing for a free quarter kilo every time you invite a friend to their online store.


These guys have earned a five-star rating from 49 customer reviews. Users have gushed about their good prices, friendly service, detailed information and quick delivery. They have received a Trusted Vendor badge from Reddit where reviewers have said that their Maeng Da is the best.

One user on Reddit wrote, “Amazing product and honest truly cares vendor.” Elsewhere, a customer echoed this sentiment, saying, “The owners at BFT are amazingly kind people with hearts of gold! I love Beaufort Kratom!”


If you’re a South Carolinian, you are no doubt familiar with this name. As well you should be. This company meets all of our standards for excellence and deserve the recognition they’ve been slowly amassing since their inception.

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