Garuda Kratom: The East Coast’s Most Affordable Vendor

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Some kratom vendors earn their stripes by providing affordable powder while others make their mark by offering a versatile product line. In the case of Garuda Kratom, they have done all of the above and more.

Unlike other online stores selling kratom and CBD, the folks behind Garuda Kratom are not third party retailers. Garuda kratom is purchased directly from their experienced source in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia.

All of their strains are expertly harvested and ethically sourced, using sustainable methods and hygienic business practices. In today’s review we’ll take a look at their incredible deals, their exotic items and the deep discounts that are in store for anyone who gives them a go.


Garuda Kratom is the product of Hudson Valley Botanicals, Ltd. This U.S.-based vendor is located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Established in 2017 by Scott U., this company serves as an importer and seller of high end herbs.

All of their Mitra teas are sourced directly from Indonesia where they have forged a long-term relationship with trusted farmers who hand-select only the finest OG (old grown) kratom leaves.

Garuda kratom gets its name from the mythical bird of Hinduism, itself the mascot of Indonesia’s international airline.

Don’t get it twisted, Garuda is not technically a strain in and of itself, but each of Hudson Valley Botanicals’ kratom strains are pure Garuda—bold, tropical, wildcrafted and free (no pesticides, no adulterants, no B.S.).


This East coast kratom vendor stocks no fewer than 30+ Mitragyna speciosa strains. From their ever-popular Wild Green to their signature Typhon, HVB prepares its teas using only the finest mature kratom leaves, the veins of which are known to contain as much as 2% mitragynine.

These highly concentrated variants deliver a robust aroma with some serious longevity. So far as I can tell after sampling six strains, the average duration is around 4.5 hours, give or take.


This supplier currently stocks all of the following (and then some):


As I mentioned earlier, this seller doesn’t just deliver the goods, they deliver the deals that every kratom connoisseur has been searching for. Their 28 gram pouches range from as little as $6.50 to a maximum price of just $10. The average price of premium grade kratom powder is $8.50 per ounce plus.

You can pick up 250 grams for $36, a half kilo (500 grams) for under $60 or buy bulk kratom for $83 per kilo. They also sell a four-way split kilo for $86 which is significantly below the mass market standard.


A Hudson Valley Botanicals coupon code is available from time to time. Promo codes typically reduce your total by $12 or more at checkout. Users are encouraged to email them with any questions regarding this or other matters related to a prospective purchase.


This company ships all orders using the United States Postal Service. More specifically, every package automatically receives Priority Flat Rate shipping. Those who buy a kilo or less are encouraged to pay extra for Priority Flat Rate Express. Orders in excess of one kilo can get Priority Express for $50 or less.

If your order is delayed or anything else comes up, you may have a tough time getting a hold of someone, as their staff are notorious for ignoring email inquiries. That being said, they always deliver what’s been paid for and their wild leaf is well worth the wait.


Hudson Valley Botanicals Reddit reviews have been largely positive with one user writing, “I have tried their product and found it up to par with the more known vendors. Overall it is good quality leaf.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “When I saw Garuda had a Super Wild Green I ordered some. Not really sure if it was going to be slow or more energetic, I only took about .65/gram the first time instead of my usual .8-1 gram dose. I was blown away. It’s definitely a premium Wild Green…Ordered a kilo of that too. Whenever I’ve ordered from Garuda I’ve gotten the shipping notification within a couple hours. I definitely recommend this vendor, every strain I’ve gotten from him has been on point.”

Everyone’s favorite veteran reviewer at I Love Kratom had great things to say about multiple strains, writing, “This Vendor is called Garuda but they just changed their website name to Hudson Valley Botanicals. They have a good quality product that has a nice very find grind with no grittiness to it. Pouches are very easy to open & seal back.

“Shipping was above average at just 3 days. Easy well laid out site to browse for the strains you may want. They have a big selection of strains…They have something I have never seen from any Vendor. They have a section for the older batch & the newer batch. That’s a very good idea. Also they have the date on them as well. They were very nice people to deal with. I can Recommend Hudson Valley Botanicals (Also known as Garuda) as a good solid vendor.”


  • Wide variety
  • Great prices
  • Split kilos
  • Fast shipping
  • Specialty blends
  • Fresh product
  • Secure packaging
  • Accepts Visa and Mastercard
  • Accepts applicable refunds


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Does not accept crypto
  • No COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • No money back guarantee
  • Lacks a mission statement
  • Insufficient strain descriptions


Even though I’m always hesitant to recommend vendors that aren’t openly GMP compliant, I have to say that these guys have fresh, potent leaf that’s definitely been properly handled. They are reasonably priced, fond of their customers and always eager to bring new and exciting strains to market.

Check ’em out and let us know what you think in the comments below! : )

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