Kratom Crumbs: A Review of a Native Indo Kratom Vendor

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As kratom has grown in popularity here in the Western world, many seasoned users have endeavored to find legitimate overseas sources for plain leaf. Since kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree that was first discovered in Thailand, lots of people start there.

The problem is, kratom is no longer legal to grow or sell in Thailand, making it increasingly rare for someone to find Rifat kratom growing in the wilds of the Land of Smiles. While black marketeers will sell you just about anything in Big Mango, the likelihood of you getting your hands on anything of quality is virtually non-existent.

In light of the 1943 Thai kratom ban, AKA Kratom Act 2486, the vast majority of vendors have turned to Indonesia when seeking M. speciosa plant matter. Best-selling kratom strains include Green Borneo, Red Bali and White Sumatra, each of which is named for a particular region or island of western Indonesia.

One kratom vendor with headquarters in Indonesia is Kratom Crumbs, a brand that has garnered mixed reviews and a lot of attention in online kratom forum communities. Before you get too overzealous about the prospect of buying kratom direct from Southeast Asia, let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they’re all about.


Kratom Crumbs is an international kratom supplier based out of Pontianak, Indonesia. Established in 2016 by Raditya Setiawan, the KC brand has often been confused with Kratom Connoisseurs because they both share the same initials.

Make no mistake about it…these are NOT the kratom connoisseurs. If you’ve taken part in the Mitragyna Dialogues then you know that the kratom connoisseurs is another name for, one of the best kratom forums on the Internet and a valuable tool for those wishing to learn more about online sellers.

As an online brand, Kratom Crumbs has been selling wildcrafted “mitra tea” for three plus years. In that time, they have marketed through social media platforms and set up a threadbare online store using an amateurish-looking WordPress site.

According to their About Us page, the Crumb’s product line is harvested in four different forests around Indonesia. Curiously, they do not disclose any details about these forests aside from their names—Banjar, Borneo, Kapuas Hulu Forest and Jongkong.

More legitimate sources typically extrapolate on the origins of their strains and the methods implemented in their growth and preparation. For example, Red Bali is often produced by means of cross-fertilization, relying on an intricate grafting process to yield a sturdy kratom tree.

By contrast, Gold Bali is made by subjecting Red Vein Bali to a protracted drying process which also requires a period of exposure to direct or indirect sunlight.

This kind of attention to detail can tell you a lot about the worth of a prospective brand. The absence of such detail tells you even more. I am always hesitant to recommend a brand that doesn’t offer proper strain info.


This seller’s online catalog includes all of the following:

  • Green Banjar (Borneo)
  • Green Jongkong (Borneo)
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Medan (Sumatra)
  • Premium Maeng Da Medan (Sumatra)
  • Premium Maeng Da Jongkong (Borneo)
  • Red Hulu Kapuas (Borneo)
  • Red Jongkong (Borneo)
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Stem & Vein
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Medan (Sumatra)
  • Yellow Banjar (Borneo)
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Medan (Sumatra)

Their Stem & Vein looks like nothing so much as sun-scorched dirt and it’s just as grainy on one’s palate. This is truly bizarre considering that stem and vein is normally far less refined than traditional kratom powders which are repeatedly sifted before micronization.

What’s worse, their red vein kratom strains tend to be clumpy and bitter in taste, making for a nauseating toss ‘n’ wash if you don’t brew a proper cup of filtered kratom tea.

I was excited to try their Yellow Banjar because I’ve never had the pleasure of sampling this strain in the past. Alas and alack, Yellow Banjar is the weakest of all the strains I’ve tried from the gold and yellow vein kratom family.

Where Yellow Vietnam is known for its bland, easy-to-stomach flavor and the clarity it brings to bear on matters of the mind, Kratom Crumbs’ Yellow Banjar is too much for the taste buds or the mind to handle, coming on overwhelmingly acrid in taste and resulting in a headache (at least in my case).

Of the five strains I sampled, I’d have to say that Maeng Da was the only one that really got my motor running. Their Premium MD is definitely up there with some of the most vigorous strains I’ve had. It comes on slow (about 25 minutes or so) and then really peaks at about the one hour mark.



Despite being active in wholesale kratom since 2016, Kratom Crumbs has failed to generate the buzz that so many of their competitors have enjoyed. Records show that they are not active on social media even though they went to the trouble of setting up profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After joining Twitter in their first year of business, they didn’t bother to follow anyone on the platform and only attracted five followers of their page. Nevertheless, they have managed to garner positive notices from their customers with one Facebook user calling them the best kratom they had ordered in more than five years.

One experienced user on Double M Herbals said, “I have bought lots of KC leaf, over 2+ years, from trusted US vendors who stock it.. KC has been really a legendary Indo supplier, to many vendors and individuals as well. Experience wise? KC has got a long history, and track record…I’d be confident, you’ll receive excellent kratom from KC.”

Others have pointed out that it is best to order KC’s strains directly from Indonesia by contacting them via email. Although several US vendors stock KC products they are notorious for buying in bulk which occasionally results in weak batches getting mixed in with more acceptable inventory.


  • Buy direct at Indonesian prices
  • Accepts multiple payment methods
  • Wide variety of exotic strains
  • Native farmers
  • Fresh product


  • Lacks social media presence
  • Poor consumer reputation
  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Not a #AKA member
  • No money back guarantee
  • No sampler packs


Based on my research, I can safely say that Kratom Crumbs is a reasonably priced source for farm fresh Mitragyna speciosa powder. That being said, I would not recommend them to anyone who wants GMP compliant, third party lab-tested kratom tea. This is neither the strongest nor the safest product on the market.

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