Lyft Kratom: The Headshop Brand You Need to Know About

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It’s kind of a joke around here that I have some sort of vendetta against smoke shops. As a colleague recently asked, “Who hurt you?”

The truth is, I have nothing against tobacconists or head shops. On the contrary, I believe that independent businesses are a vital component of a free market economy. The little guy should always be able to have their shot at competing with large corporations. After all, it doesn’t take millions of dollars to invent something, it takes an idea and the tenacity to see that idea come to fruition.

The problem with smoke shops, at least where kratom and similar products are concerned, is that they are not owned and operated by imaginative artisans. The majority of smoke shops are run by proprietors who know about as much about the Mitragyna speciosa plant as they do about how beer is made.

It is rare that you come across a smoke shop run by someone who’s grown a kratom tree or even so much as visited a country where kratom trees are harvested in abundance. This is where my beef with smoke shops lies—they invariably stock wholesale kratom products that were purchased from third party distributors instead of trusted farmers in Southeast Asia.

This isn’t to say that all smoke shop kratom brands are bad, rather it’s to point out that wholesale kratom distributors are often shoddy in nature. Ask yourself how many times you’ve asked a headshop staffer a question about a strain and then ask yourself how many times they gave you a straight answer.

It’s increasingly difficult for smoke shops to provide customers with any reason or valuable information about their kratom because wholesalers aren’t accustomed to providing them with detailed info. Since the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use, it remains an unregulated substance. Consequently, distributors can do and say virtually anything (or, indeed, nothing) about the herb…most prefer to say nothing.

This is why you end up with display racks full of brands that lack dosage recommendations, origin info or any other proper labeling. In the last few years, agencies have put a degree of pressure on the industry to improve in this area and the highest-rated kratom suppliers have largely complied. Smoke shop kratom brands? Not so much.

That’s why it’s always refreshing when you encounter a wholesale company that does things up right. I’m speaking, of course, about the artists formerly known as Lyft Kratom…and they are artists, through and through. I’ll tell you all about it in the following vendor review.


Founded in 2017, Lyft Kratom is an international kratom supplier with customers in more than 130 countries and territories. They offer free international delivery and Lipht Kratom coupon codes when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Lyft recently rebranded as Lipht Kratom, a move that’s likely caused some confusion. The decision to rebrand was made for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who’s taken a ride from some neckbeard with a hatchback that smells like squeeze cheese and sadness.

They were founded on a commitment to provide organic, natural and certified solutions to their many loyal customers. It is their belief that everyone should have access to the highest quality at prices that don’t leave anyone broke.


This supplier specializes in kratom powder and kratom capsules, but they also stock CBD gummies, vape juice, ultra enhanced kratom powders and other curios. Their Mitragyna speciosa tea is available in three strains—Premium Bali, Premium Malay and Premium Maeng Da.

Lyft kratom capsules are among their biggest sellers, but Lyft Kratom Extract is really the most talked about item in their collection.


Each of their kratom strains starts at $12.99 for a whopping 50 grams with 100 grams selling for $19.99 and 225 grams going for $35.99. These are excellent prices when compared to the industry standard here in the U.S.

Alas, if you are on the hunt for bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules you are S.O.L. This seller does not offer kilos to the general public, at least not via their online store. Inquiries can be made by emailing them.


Lyft premium maeng da kratom reviews have made it crystal clear that this Pimp Daddy kratom is the OG of the bunch. Their Maeng Da powder is robust, flavorful and long-lasting.

As one user on Reddit puts it, “This is waaay better than I would think from how much I paid. The savings tell me I should definitely order more right away. Amazing!”

While some cynics in the online kratom communities have written them off as garden variety headshop providers, others have noted their value as a bargain basement American brand.

Another user on Reddit said, “…tried Lyft’s premium maeng da (very good imo).” This sentiment was echoed in my user experience notes from last week where I wrote, “Smooth…good body…bold taste, but not overwhelming…hour two a deep introspection took hold which led to clarity on work matters…great confidence, sharpness, motivation.”


Lipht kratom has a preponderance of partners in the wholesale kratom space as well as a full roster of return customers. They have attained this level of loyalty thanks to their dedication to affordability and transparency.

All Lipht kratom is lab tested by third party facilities that check for heavy metals and other potential adulterants and/or contaminants. Once a batch has been inspected it is stored in a clean room at optimal temperature before being rolled out to market.

As I mentioned earlier, all of their M. speciosa strains are offered at a standardized rate. Furthermore, they have provided visitors with sitewide deals and kratom coupon codes on the reg.

Their marketing strategy is simple and effective—give consumers what they want, when they want, how they want and at a price point that won’t break the bank.

In the past, there have been sitewide deals that were good for as much as 80 percent off purchases at checkout. This has been given to users in addition to free shipping and fast service.


This vendor delivers a host of disparate methods for getting in touch with them. On their Contact page you will find their phone number, email and snail mail address. Customer service representatives typically respond to inquiries within hours.

Each customer support rep is knowledgeable, friendly and all too happy to divulge information about each strain in their catalog.


  • Quality leaf
  • Great prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Potent kratom extract
  • Lab tested


  • Limited variety
  • Does not offer crypto
  • Mixed reviews


Those who wish to snap up some cheap kratom in a pinch would do well to consider Lipht kratom. This is fresh, moderate mitra tea that is readily accessible at a number of locations across the United States. You can buy direct or pick some up locally. Add to that their free shipping option and you’re talkin’ mucho convenience.

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