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As a child I used to hear all about Missouri from my mother. She was born in St. Louis, MO, and was all too happy to recount the many sights and sounds that had stuck out in her memory. What stuck out more than anything else was the state’s nickname—the Show Me State.

I’m reminded of that nickname now because of how it applies to one of my favorite kratom vendors. As anyone who was raised in the Christian faith can tell you, Paradise is supposed to be a beautiful and blessed place, one where there is peace, prosperity and happiness.

Some religious types associate Paradise with the Garden of Eden, that mythological realm where the prototypical man (Adam) is shown a forbidden fruit and takes that fruit, tasting its prohibited nectar for the first time.

I bring all this up because kratom has been treated like a forbidden fruit, of late. The mainstream media has stigmatized this Ayurvedic herb, running stories about its connection with overdoses and other deaths while ignoring public outcry and scientific facts.

Fortunately, there are many intrepid kratom vendors who have committed themselves to preserving the integrity of the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) plant. One such company is Kratom Paradise, a Missouri-based supplier who perfectly embodies the concept of the Show Me State.

Believe me, dear reader, these cats have a virtual cornucopia of cool stuff to show each and every person who visits their online store. But first things first…


If you’ve read our guide to buying kratom locally in Kansas City, MO, then you already know that kratom and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—are legal to sell, possess and consume in the Show Me State.

Although a bill was proposed in 2018 to include Mitragyna speciosa on the state’s list of controlled substances, this legislation did not pass. Widespread support from lawmakers and the public persuaded authorities to excise kratom from the list.

Kratom Paradise is located at 1200 Oak St. in Kansas City, MO. Local residents who want to pick up some of their mitra tea in person should be sure to familiarize themselves with current statutes.


This Missouri-based kratom vendor specializes in 100% organic kratom powder and kratom capsules. You can buy kratom online or pick it up if you live in the Kansas City area. They are renowned for their secure payment methods and discreet packaging.

Kratom Paradise got my attention after I ordered some daytime strains and found that sporadic use enabled me to get on a better schedule. After cycling my dosages with their Super Green Malay, I found myself waking up just after sunrise and staying motivated throughout the afternoon.


This vendor’s catalog frequently changes as fresh, new batches are introduced and older batches sell out. For instance, their online store is currently sold out of Green Malay, but they do feature an excellent Maeng Da that’s also of a green vein.

The following is a list of everything that’s currently available:

Each of these strains is available in both powder and capsule form. What really makes this seller stand out is their totally free sampler packs which give first-timers a good taste of everything they have in their repertoire.

The Red Bali is a clean microgrind that’s awesome after a long, hard day. It’s a restorative strain without being too lethargic. The aroma is pleasant and lasts for hours, as does their White Borneo which represents the other end of the spectrum.

White Vein Borneo is deeply invigorating, eliciting confidence, clarity and a sense of adventure. I can work for hours on White Borneo and still feel ready to make the most of my evening. It’s got a nice sociable edge over many of the other strains common of online suppliers.


Kratom Paradise charges $20-24.99 for 100 grams of kratom powder. This isn’t the worst price for that amount, but it’s certainly not the cheapest option either. For the more frugal user who is looking for a deal, I’d definitely recommend you shop around.

That being said, this is a viable choice if you’re buying in bulk. A kratom kilo only costs $105 which is well below the industry average. Sure, it’s not the most affordable, but it’s still leaps and bounds above many of the highest-rated kratom suppliers on the market.


As much as I dig their strains, I’ve gotta be honest. This seller’s website contains some misleading information. For example, their White Borneo product page says that their kratom is rich “with mitragynes.”

Anyone familiar with kratom knows that its chief alkaloids is mitragynine, not mitragyne…and definitely not plural mitragyne. On the contrary, mitragynes are a form of fungus which grow in India. That is most certainly not what is in Mitragyna speciosa or its plant matter.

There has been some speculation among members of the online kratom forums about what this vendor puts in their kratom blends with one user suggesting that the long duration of effects may be due to the presence of supplements, such as St. Johns Wort.


Users have been effusive in their adoration of this brand with one reviewer saying, “Robert [the owner] is probably one of the best vendors as far as kratom I’ve ever had, as far as overall value, quality, and customer service goes. He ALWAYS sends at least one other 10g sample of another strain with every order.

“He’ll discount your order or give you a discount code any time you ask. (15%-40%, or $10 off). He’ll usually respond to my email within 20 minutes, almost every time.”

Elsewhere, another user writes: “They sent me a shipping confirmation and tracking number on Friday and I received it on Monday! I was super impressed with the shipping, to say the least. I got ANOTHER surprise when my package also contained a free sample of Red Bali! So awesome as I’ve never tried anything but Maeng Da before ( haha!)

“The quality seems very nice for both. The smell and texture were way more pleasing than what I’d been using. I toss and wash so that was a big plus.”


  • High quality
  • Free samples
  • Fast shipping
  • Multiple payment options


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • No #AKA relationship
  • No money back guarantee
  • Limited strains


This supplier has attracted a devoted following by being generous and considerate. Their dedication to communication, quality and customer support has guaranteed them a permanent place in the kratom space.

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