Grassroots Kratom: Austin’s Source for Versatile Buying Options

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Grassroots Kratom is the brainchild of Empowered Creations, LLC, a Texas-based company that recognized the immense void that needed to be filled in the botanical industry and proceeded accordingly.

Grassroots Harvest Kratom (GHK, for short) provides customers with all of the transparency and versatility that is woefully absent from the smoke shop kratom scene. Since their inception, they have been rolling out an ever-growing assortment of proprietary blends, CBD solutions and tropical strains.

Their online store is one for the ages—a user-friendly e-commerce site with a stunning design and a venerable selection of informative pages. All bases are covered, from the origins of their business and wholesale kratom opportunities to a detailed FAQ page and educational blog.

They even offer a fun quiz that helps you to find the strain that suits your individual needs. You just answer a couple simple questions and your answers enable them to personally curate a match that will make your day.

For those who are contemplating a purchase, the following should shed some light on what they have in store and what you can expect when shopping with GHK.


As I mentioned earlier, Grassroots Harvest Kratom is a product of Empowered Creations, a company based out of Austin, TX. As we covered in our guide to buying kratom locally in Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World does not criminalize the sale or possession of Mitragyna speciosa or its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, respectively.

In fact, the cities of Texas have never proposed nor passed any legislation outlawing or otherwise regulating the sale, possession, use or consumption of kratom. As such, there are many shops stocking kratom in the Violet Crown City.

GHK is a neighborhood vendor serving the Austin area as well as the rest of the United States. They regularly ship kratom to customers everywhere in America where it remains unregulated.


This vendor offers gold and yellow vein kratom powder and specialty blends in addition to their green, red and white vein strains. Unlike many of their competitors in this admittedly crowded space, GHK are all about transparency and diversity; they help consumers find their ideal purchase by dividing their offerings based on region and potency as well as color and strain.

Users can choose between strains from Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand. They can also pick products based on their desired effects.

Their plethora of items includes all of the following (and more):


This supplier sells each of their powders in capsule form. Customers get clear gelatinin capsules that are free of fillers and pesticides. Each strain is available in 100 count, 500 count or 1,000 count pouches.

If you’re into the whole DIY thing, you can opt to buy kratom powder from GHK and make your own caps at home. Grassroots Kratom comes in four gram, 25 gram, 100 gram, 500 gram or 1,000 gram packages.


Their “Relax” Blend is by far the most popular, selling like hot cakes all across the U.S. Relax consists of a fine mixture of reds that are known to promote restful sleep without zonking you out during the day. This, and other blends, are reasonably priced.

All of their M. speciosa leaf is farm fresh and free of adulterants. That’s because this seller never skimps on quality.


Kratom powder starts at $22 for 45 grams with 100 grams going for $35. Customers can score a half kilo for $75 or a full kratom kilo for an industry standard $110.00.

Kratom capsules start at three bucks for 4 grams with a 50 count bottle of 25 gram caps selling for $17.00. 100 gram caps will run you $50 while 500 gram capsules will cost you $180.00.


There are a number of payment methods at your disposal when you shop at GHK’s online store. This vendor currently accepts credit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-checks and Zelle.


There are very few reviews for this vendor on social media and the like, but this is understandable given their relatively short time in business. Word of mouth is all but destined to spread as patrons of smoke shops acquaint themselves with this superior brand.

The quality of their leaf is leaps and bounds ahead of most wholesale kratom brands. This is fresh, potent Ayurvedic herb that’s as exotic as it is long-lasting. More importantly, the owners of this company are committed to keeping things dependable, priding themselves on ethical sustainability and crispness.


Although the samples that I’ve tried were all of exceptional strength and freshness, GHK has yet to disclose any lab results which would ensure that they are contaminant-free. However, they do insist that they are farm-to-market. Furthermore, they claim to work hard to avoid over-farming as they are concerned about the longevity of the land.

Whereas other brands promote GMP compliance and board large social media followings, GHK avoids any explicit mention of laboratory testing and opts to market their brand via e-mail newsletter and Facebook profile.

As of this writing, they enjoy a four-star rating on FB out of a mere three reviews. As one retailer says, they’ve been stocking GHK for some time and have had customers come back looking for more.


  • Wide variety
  • Specialty blends
  • Farm fresh product
  • Secure packaging
  • CBD solutions
  • Accepts crypto
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Grassroots Kratom coupon codes
  • Educational blog
  • Industry standard pricing
  • Fast shipping


  • Does not accept COD
  • Lacks GMP seal of approval
  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Poor social media presence
  • Lacks consumer reputation


All things considered, I can honestly say that Grassroots Harvest is a brand to look out for. Even though their lack of lab results raises a red flag, it isn’t uncommon for the new kid on the block to face a learning curve in this area. My advice: Give these guys a chance, I have no doubt that they’ll prove themselves to be an industry heavyweight.

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