Halo Kratom: What You Need to Know [Vendor Warning]

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As someone with a background in citizen journalism, I know all too well how unreliable public information can be.

During my tenure as a magazine writer, I chased leads on everything from alleged modern-day pirates—not the Somali pirates popularized in that Tom Hanks movie but, rather, American beach bums turned mercenary salvage thieves—to underground gearheads who could build cars that ran on waste from chain restaurants. Most all of these leads don’t deserve to be called leads because they invariably lead nowhere whatsoever.

Navigating the rumor mill of the online kratom forums can be a similarly aggravating task. For every juicy scoop about kratom chewing gum or kratom vending machine, there’s a handful of kratom hoaxes, such as bogus strains that don’t exist or tall tales about liquid kratom shots whose effects are not “as advertised.”

Sometimes it gets to where I feel like an aging hipster whose younger counterparts are trying to hoodwink him into buying a bag of magic beans. I imagine it’s like someone asking their dealer for some MDMA, only for the dealer to say, “Oh, I’m fresh out, but you’ve gotta try these invisible, weightless microdots from Paraguay.”

In the case of the kratom industry, there aren’t any invisible microdots…but there are many elusive brands. The latest example is Halo Kratom, an item I’ve been hearing about for months despite all signs pointing to its non-existence.

After inquiring on some of the most trusted sites and talking to every colleague from Cali to Cartegena, I’ve been unable to find any tangible trace of an actual Halo Kratom…until now.

Peep this!


The only Halo Kratom brand currently available is one produced by Halo Kratom USA. It is unclear whether this Halo Kratom website sells the original Halo Kratom brand.

According to one of my sources, this is definitely not the same Halo product that initially graced the American marketplace. In his words, “This doesn’t look anything like the old stuff, it was much more artisanal. That was their whole trip—they were farm-fresh, not this commercial grade ‘premium’ shit.”

I knew, at once, what my source meant because I’ve seen this far too many times before. Everyone’s in your lobes about some legendary Maeng Da they scored from an exotic-sounding kratom vendor. Then you finally lay eyes on their online store and it knocks the air out of your gut like a Doc Marten to the groin. The wind goes out of your sales as soon as you see they’re a wholesale distributor.

This appears to be the case with Halo Kratom USA, an international supplier with a newly-minted site and a handful of strains available in both powder and capsule form.

Established in 2019, Halokratomusa.com is an e-commerce shop for kratom powder and kratom capsules. This is NOT your source for bulk Mitragyna speciosa as options are extremely limited. If you’re looking to score split kilos or a sampler pack, you’re S.O.L. There are definite restrictions placed on how much is offered.


Their powder page was disabled at the time of this writing, so I can’t speak to the quality or potency of their line-up. Of the kratom capsules on display at the moment, only one really piqued my interest—Gold Bali.

As we’ve talked about before, there are few kratom vendors who regularly stock gold and yellow vein kratom powder. That Gold Bali appears at the top of their product page is really something, as it says that they have a reliable source for this rare strain.

Their current collection includes the following:

Not exactly a preponderance of options to choose from, but at least they’ve got the basics taken care of…right?

Apparently not, at least not if you go on the evidence available on the Internet—there isn’t a single post about their products on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom or the ever-loquacious Reddit. On the contrary, this brand lacks any semblance of social media presence.

No Facebook. No Insta. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No bueno.


Each of their strains starts at $10 for a 75 count bottle of kratom caps. Every capsule is said to contain 500 mgs of M. speciosa powder.

Users can pick up a 150 count bottle for $14, a 300 count for $20 or a 500 count for $35.00.


If you’ve spent a significant amount of time exploring this and other Ayurvedic herbs then you already know that there is a lot lacking with this vendor. Their site does not carry GMP certification, nor does it feature any third party lab results.

Top-rated kratom suppliers disclose lab results because they want their customers to know that they are buying safe, uncontaminated products. If a company fails to mention lab testing then they’re likely up to no good.

Furthermore, HKUSA does not offer a money back guarantee, nor do they provide newcomers with free samples. This suggests a business that is more interested in making a quick buck than building a loyal consumer base.


  • Regularly stocks gold vein kratom
  • Moderate pricing


  • Limited variety
  • No guarantees
  • No lab results
  • No social media presence


Before resorting to a Halo Kratom purchase you would do well to research the following sellers, each of whom have demonstrated dependability and GMP compliance. These are all viable choices for those who crave pesticide-free kratom capsules at an affordable price point.

Here at Kratom Crazy, we have carefully vetted each of these vendors and sampled their wares. The results were all noteworthy, particularly in the case of the trailblazing folks behind Urban Ice Organics. You may have heard of them. They were instrumental in the making of a little Netflix documentary called A Leaf of Faith.

These are my top three picks:

  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Urban Ice Organics


Don’t let their website’s cute animated mascot fool you, this vendor is not heaven sent. You’d have a better chance of scoring quality leaf in an Asbury Park restroom. Remember: Be safe, be smart and be well.

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