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The kratom industry isn’t exactly noted for its subtlety. It takes a certain degree of bravado and brashness to declare yourself the Kratom King. With vendors and sites like Kratom Connoisseurs, Kratom Syndicate and Kraken Kratom littering the landscape, it’s obvious that this particular marketplace favors the bold.

Enter Planet K, a company that celebrates the global kratom community while establishing itself as the planet’s source for Mitragyna speciosa products.

But are they really the most diverse supplier of M. speciosa solutions or just another tired headshop provider? Today we’ll talk all about who they are, what they’ve got and where they rank among South Central kratom vendors.


Planet K is a Texas-based paraphernalia shop with locations in Austin, Bryan, Round Rock and San Antonio. They are popular among residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well, delivering as they do a diverse assortment of kratom and CBD items.

They have set themselves apart from their competition by staying open till midnight and expanding their catalog to include niche materials, such as erotica, imports, incense and hemp. Their land-based stores are renowned for their exceptional exterior graffiti artwork and controversial signs.


You may have been confused when you tried to look for Planet K Kratom online and couldn’t find it. That’s because their URL is actually Their online store is much like their brick-and-mortar locations—fun, colorful and full to the brim with gift ideas, glassware, vaping accessories and more.


This Central Texas shop stocks everything from e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco to novelty toys, CBD, vape solutions and more. They are notorious for their full line of kratom powder and kratom capsules.


Yes. Although they are primarily known for their kratom strains, such as Maeng Da and Red Bali, they also have a full line of chewing tobacco brands, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and pipe tobaccos. Shangri La CBD Juul compatible pods are among their bestsellers.


As I mentioned earlier, this proprietor specializes not only in Mitragyna speciosa strains but, also, CBD solutions, including CBD hemp flower, CBD oil and CBD isolate. Other highlights include CBD gummies and CBD-infused chocolates, each of which is made from all-natural ingredients.


Unfortunately they do not accept returns, nor do they refund money for items purchased at any of their locations. This is a common drawback when it comes to the realm of smoke shop kratom. Ma and pa proprietors are hesitant to issue refunds as it cuts into their business and threatens their bottom line.

Since most headshop vendors source their products from third party distributors they are bound by a contract which limits their inventory and requires them to meet certain financial projections.

By contrast, users can buy kratom online from sellers who have a close, personal relationship with trusted Indonesian farmers. Since these sellers partner with farmers in Southeast Asia, they are able to buy their plant matter direct from plantations which gives them a degree of wiggle room when it comes to replacing or refunding items.

Furthermore, the top-rated kratom suppliers put their customers first; they are all about ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. To this end, they are all too happy to replace an item that is deemed substandard.

The biggest names in the game routinely submit each batch of kratom powder to third party laboratories where they are tested for both purity and potential contamination. In this way they are able to guarantee that users will get what they want without incident.


If you’re not at least 18 years of age, you will not gain admittance to one of Planet K’s stores. Their website is also restricted to those 18+ years old. The Planet K age limit was put in place to prevent minors from getting access to this unregulated substance.

Those who wish to shop on their e-commerce site must register an account and login. Proof of your age is also required. Although kratom is legal everywhere in the state of Texas, this business practice is mindful of the direction that national legislation may be heading.

In certain states, statutes have been passed which prohibit the sale of kratom to minors. Additionally, federal legislation to ban kratom has been proposed in the past and may be proposed again in the future. This is just one way for small businesses to ensure that they are able to continue to offer this Ayurvedic herb to a discerning public.


This seller is all about rewarding loyal customers with special incentives. This has included an online consumer newsletter which enables visitors to avail themselves of a 15% off Appreciation Coupon and a survey one can complete to earn an additional discount. Promo codes are accepted in-person or online, although users are instructed to print said coupon prior to shopping at one of their land-based shops.


This Texas mainstay has faced some backlash in the past, both from consumers and local lawmakers. In 2018, the City of Bryan asked Planet K to remove its sign on Texas Avenue due to a lack of proper permit. This came on the footsteps of outcry from select community members who complained that zoning did not exist for such a business to operate in the area.

Sources have speculated that their consternation had less to do with zoning ordinance and more to do with this vendor’s preponderance of pornographic and countercultural materials. Another issue that has been raised by users is the store’s prices.

One reviewer on Find Smoke Shop wrote, “Kratom here is WAY overpriced and quality is non-existent! Its obviously cut to the extreme.”

Others have alleged that they are frequently late when it comes to paying their employees. Still others have suggested that their employees are too afraid to speak up when they get stiffed on their pay, for fear of losing their jobs.

As if this is not alarming enough, claims have come out in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing to Planet K’s defiance of San Antonio’s emergency declaration. According to the claims, their location has continued to operate and are refusing to cooperate with local orders.


Based on existing evidence, it would seem that Planet K is not a compliant kratom vendor and should be avoided by those who value quality, honesty and ethical business practices. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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