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There’s been a lot of wild bunkum published about kratom and the people selling it. One brand that has suffered from bad press is Chillin Mix Kratom, an outfit out of Georgia with mixed reviews and a checkered past.

In September of 2018, the FDA issued a warning letter to one Billy Graham, the founder of Network Solutions, LLC. Network Solutions are the people behind Chillin Mix Kratom. The general tenor of the FDA’s letter was a stern one.

In short, the Food and Drug Administration had reviewed Chillin Mix’s website and determined that their kratom products were being sold as “drugs” meant “for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.”

The claims made on their site and the way in which Chillin Mix Kratom was marketed violated numerous sections of the FD&C Act. The company was given fifteen days to notify the agency as to how they would be correcting these violations.

This FDA violation spoke volumes about what was wrong with the brand and, by extension, the Mitragyna speciosa industry as a whole. Luckily, the industry heard their call and responded accordingly.

In the ensuing years, many of the top-rated kratom suppliers have abandoned this approach to advertising and instead focused on delivering fresh, farm-to-market M. speciosa powder. The wisest of vendors have realized that it’s not outrageous medical claims that make kratom so alluring, it is the Ayurvedic herb’s natural aroma.

So…was Chillin Mix Kratom one of those suppliers that learned their lesson?

Let’s take a closer look.


CMK is the brainchild of Billy Christian, the owner of The Million Dollar Kids. The company is a homegrown entrepreneurship operating out of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Kennesaw, GA. Such were the humble beginnings of this wholesale kratom provider.

Whether their headquarters have since been moved or expanded upon is anyone’s guess as little public information about the company is available.


There’s a lot on display at, from herb grinders and vaping gear to hand-blown glass in some gnarly, one-of-a-kind designs. What makes Chillin Mix stand out among the hundreds of sellers in the marketplace is their full line of ethnobotanicals which includes fresh akuamma and live kratom trees.

Their most popular items include their Chillin Mix Kratom Red Bali and kratom extract samples. If you’re looking to buy bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules, CM Wholesale is the place to start. Their kilos sell for an all-time industry low of $64.99 and you can order as many as 10,000 grams per order.

Longtime kratom connoisseurs will be pleased to find that this site stocks gold and yellow vein kratom powder as well as pink strains. Their full product line includes all of the following (and more):


It may come as a surprise to some who were expecting Pink Indo to be a real thunderbolt to the consciousness, but of the four strains I sampled (Maeng Da, Pink Indo, Gold Sumatra and Green Malay), Maeng Da was the most refreshing of the group.

The initial pick-up is placid and steady while the second leg is especially bracing at a moderate dosage. After brewing just four grams, I felt a protracted sense of vivification. As most of you know already know, kratom tends to last for about two to three hours when brewed at moderate dosages, but Chillin Max’s MD powder’s aroma stuck around for a good five hours at just over 5.5 grams in total (two cups of mitra tea).


There has been a lot of speculation about what the appropriate dosage is with products under the umbrella of the Chillin Mix name. Obviously, we cannot provide users with instructions for use since kratom is not approved for medicinal use.

That being said, most experienced users agree that two grams of M. speciosa powder make for a low dose while two to three grams averages out to a moderate dose. This is especially true in the case of a stronger strain, such as Maeng Da or Sumatra.

Kratom extracts are far more potent than plain leaf, therefore users who take far less than they would when brewing a cup of mitra tea.


As I said before, this vendor has some of the cheapest kratom kilos on the market. But that’s not all you are limited to when buying from their online store. First-time visitors can snatch up a 50 gram sampler pack for just 99 cents. That’s less than a buck! I crap you not, for I…do not crap people (not a cannibal).

100 grams sell for $24.99 with 250 grams going for $44.99. A half kilo (500 grams) will run you $59.99 while a kilo of Maeng Da costs $69.99. If you’re looking to score some ready-made kratom capsules, you can get a 60 count of MD caps for $34.99.

A 100 count sells for $49.99 while a 400 count goes for $139.99. All of these are solid options for those who wish to take the headache out of the DIY approach. No digital scale or measuring spoon needed, just a cool, dry place to store your stash.


Kratom coupons are regularly available via sites such as Retail Me Not. You may also find promotional deals for up to 15-20% off on social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit. Keep your eyes peeled for a verified CMK coupon code.


Although these guys lack the widespread attention afforded other top choices, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their supporters. One user on Reddit said their liquid kratom extract is really good. Over on Facebook, the Million Dollar Kids’ Billy Christian has racked up thousands of Likes.


  • Exotic strains
  • Potent teas
  • Kratom alternatives
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Awesome prices


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • No GMP certification
  • No money back guarantee
  • Does not accept COD
  • Lacks consumer reputation


Chillin Mix definitely perfected their craft in the wake of the FDA’s 2018 warning. After sampling their wares, I can safely say that this is a great option for the bulk kratom buyer. But you may want to submit a sampler for independent testing before ordering up. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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