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If we think of the figurative cities of plants that grow in our backyards as literal cities of herbs, spices, flowers and vegetables then we can better understand the inherent problem facing the kratom industry. Every city across America is populated by people, some good and some bad. The same is true of plants and the people that sell them.

Consider the media stigma surrounding the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plant. This Ayurvedic herb is derived from an evergreen tree that has been grown in Southeast Asia for centuries. Despite its status as a folk medicine in its native land, Western news outlets have presented it as a scourge.

Much of this consternation is the result of 44+ deaths which have involved kratom use. While many of these deaths involved victims with preexisting health conditions who were under the influence of prescription medications, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared kratom a dangerous substance and urged the public against consuming it.

Does this make kratom a bad plant?

Absolutely not.

On the contrary, kratom is no different than the other plants we share this planet with. These plants share much in common with our neighbors—Some of them can be prickly, some can be evasive and others can be quite toxic, but they’re not out to kill you.

I bet you’ve eaten hundreds, if not thousands, of potatoes throughout your life. Did you know that the potato is related to the deadly nightshade? Although potatoes are completely harmless when properly prepared, raw green potatoes contain a neurotoxin which can paralyze those who are undernourished.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t decide to swear off home fries when I learned about the green potato, nor did I say ‘adios’ to eggplant parm when I found out that eggplant is a member of the nightshade family of herbaceous plants.

As with most things in life, plants are relatively safe when they’re approached in a responsible fashion. You’re probably familiar with the well-worn myth surrounding the banana. According to the old wives’ tale, eating too many bananas will kill you.

I think we can all agree that fruits and vegetables are hardly something “to die for,” but fortunately we don’t have to. At the risk of coming off like Adam Conover, you don’t have to be a monkey to enjoy bananas…just don’t be a pig about it. Realistically, one would have to eat around 400 bananas before consumption proved fatal.

Like the city of plants in your backyard, the actual brick-and-mortar cities we live in are full of good and bad people. Unfortunately, some of the vendors in the kratom industry are as shady as a deadly nightshade.

Kratom Delight may be one such vendor, an international ethnobotanical brand that’s lost their luster as time has worn on. Here’s everything you need to know about Kratom Delight and where you’ll want to start if you’re looking for a new supplier.


Founded in 2011, Kratom Delight is (was?) a kratom seller from overseas. Owner/operator Fabi built a sizable customer base via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Reddit. As a kratom wholesaler, Kratom Delight generated a lot of buzz and quickly snapped up placement in several U.S.-based smoke shops.

This vendor was a popular choice for standard plain leaf strains, although some of their products gave users pause. One member on Reddit wrote, “The white vein borneo tastes funny.”

Kratom Delight serviced no fewer than 135 countries through their partnerships with American wholesalers and land-based retailers. One of their most prominent locations could be found in Amsterdam.

At the time, they were considered by some to be the best source around. As a bulk dealer, they were embraced by those who saw the value in purchasing large quantities of M. speciosa. One user lamented the lack of smaller options, but was quick to note the tremendous savings you get.

“You have to buy in bulk overseas,” they said. “But the money you save is insane compared to buying domestically. They have a reputable business.”

Somewhere along the way they lost their way and they haven’t recovered since. One of the biggest issues they faced in their time in business was an inability to process cryptocurrency transactions.

As one user explained, Kratom Delight used the same Bitcoin wallet for each and every one of their BTC orders. This raised a red flag with Coinbase who refused to permit such a “high risk” transaction.


Their site is no longer active, instead functioning as a sort of ad for the Kratom Delight domain name. When you view the page, you can almost see the words YOUR CONTENT HERE on the screen.

Related links include Red Vein, Kratom Capsules and Where to Buy Gold. But don’t get it twisted, these seemingly conveniently links do not act as a source to buy kratom powder and kratom capsules. Instead, they link to a page encouraging you to compare related prices on Yahoo.

If you click on one of these links in hopes of purchasing gold and yellow kratom you’ll be disappointed, as there is no mention of sun-dried M. speciosa or fermented plant matter anywhere in sight.


In light of this vendor’s lack of online representation, I thought I’d point you in the direction of some best-rated kratom suppliers. The following are my picks for the top 3 bulk kratom sellers in 2020:

  • Kratom Deal
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Mystic Island Kratoms

Kratom Deal is a wholesale distributor that enables consumers to pick a five-strain five kilo bundle (5,000 grams) for $249.95. They offer fast shipping, free samples and openly disclose third party lab results.

Kats Botanicals is one of my oldest and dearest go-to vendors, regularly impressing with new and exotic strains. They are an affordable, reliable source with consistent potency and freshness. Kat provides wholesale deals to those who buy 10 kilos or more.

Mystic Island Kratoms’ original strains sell for $69 per 1,000 grams. These guys frequently offer special deals via their email newsletter. Their custom blends start at three dollars for 25 grams with kratom kilos available for under $70.00.


If you were one of many users who relied on Kratom Delight for cheap bulk prices and quality leaf, you should do yourself a favor and shop around. There are lots of good plants for sale on the internet. Alas, there are also plenty of bad actors looking to rip you off. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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