VIP Kratom Vendor Review: Florida’s Forgotten Brand

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The Sunshine State has swiftly become the ethnobotanical mecca of America. With more than 25 kava lounges and kratom bars in St Petersburg alone, it’s one of the fastest growing hubs for Mitragyna speciosa in the world.

As with any kind of business, this degree of oversaturation can be both good and bad. In terms of the Florida economy, it can only be a good thing. More asses in seats, more smiles on faces and more pockets lined with cash. But what about the proprietors themselves?

That’s another story.


This homegrown operation was founded way back in 2012. About the time that people were licking the wounds left by Hurricane Sandy, VIP Kratom swooped in to save the day with their top shelf speciosa products.

Their many exotic kratom strains included Green Anjungan, Red Bentuangie, Red MD and White Vein Sumatra. Other items included liquid kratom shots and a powdered kratom extract.

Needless to say, they became an overnight success, spawning several knockoffs on a local level. Neighboring shops began to compete with them almost immediately and this may have posed part of the problem.


Despite fostering a communal relationship with their customers—VIP’s Facebook profile reveals their propensity for inviting followers to the Low Tide Kava Bar for free tea and giveaways—the company seemed to fall off the map by the ass end of May, 2018.

Since then, their social media accounts have stagnated and brand recognition has dwindled. Their Twitter page shows that they have zero followers while their Facebook account suggests a fledgling company, not a long-established brand.

Over the years, VIP Kratom has integrated themselves into the wholesale kratom space, moving product through third parties on an international scale. Unfortunately this has done nothing to improve their social standing.

A scrappy web page at claims that VIP Kratom delivers orders to 250 countries. This is peculiar even by kratom industry standards since there are only 195 countries on earth. Unless we’re operating under the assumption that VIP Kratom has won the Space Race then this is just taint-faced malarkey.

Today, VIP Kratom remains a favorite menu item at such establishments as Grassroots Kava House in Gulfport, FL. But their presence on the national scene seems to get smaller all the time. I personally took a survey of friends and colleagues for the purposes of this article. Only one out of 10 had even heard of the name before, much less ordered from them.


There are many clear reasons why someone could or should buy kratom online, particularly from a U.S.-based vendor. For starters, you’ll get your order quickly and securely—no waiting for shipments from overseas and no threat of your sensitive personal data being stolen by bad actors who hack into sites that are not secure.

On the flip side, there is an argument to be made in favor of buying direct from the natives. There’s something to be said for purchasing farm fresh M. speciosa. You’ll always know exactly where it came from and you may just forge a bond with the petani who grow and harvest it.

Companies like serve as portals to some of the freshest, most potent kratom strains available. Unlike VIP Kratom and their ilk, Borneo Hale offers bargain basement pricing (you are unlikely to find cheaper kratom anywhere else).


When shopping for Mitragyna speciosa in any of its splendored forms, always demand safety, security and privacy. If you’re concerned about your postman or landlord discovering your herbal secret make sure to leave detailed instructions for its delivery with the vendor you buy from.

The most trusted and highly-rated kratom suppliers carefully prepare your shipment in nondescript mailers. Some of the best names on the market double-wrap your item to ensure that it is both secure and unassuming.


Before you put yourself at risk by buying this stuff from a smoke shop you may want to consider one of the following sellers. Each of these companies is known for their honesty, transparency and affordability.

As you’ll see, these are excellent choices for variety and savings, but they’re also my go-to vendors because they are fast, fresh and reliable. You can always reach out to their customer service team to discuss preferences or to receive recommendations.

  • Kats Botanicals
  • Meridian Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Urban Ice Organics

Kats Botanicals has been around for years and their quality has only improved with time. Their proprietary blends are thoughtfully concocted and securely packaged. In addition to their specialty mixes and plain leaf they carry CBD and holistic herbs. Justin [Kats] also provides a 100% money back guarantee.

Meridian Botanicals is another independently-owned business with a genuine passion for the Ayurvedic herb. Owner Justin Rasayana is friendly, knowledgeable and diligent in his search for the choicest plants on the planet. He regularly sources herbs and spices from some of the most remote places on earth.

Mitragaia, formerly Gaia Ethnobotanical, is Florida’s #1 choice for Mitragyna speciosa. Like VIP Kratom, they are located along the Gulf coast with headquarters in Jacksonville. They give their customers reward points on every order and frequently provide free samples, kratom coupon codes and more.

Pharmacy Dropout is relatively new to the scene, but they’ve quickly built up a loyal following. Their unique catalog of OG strains includes Hazel-cooked Brown Indonesian Sumatra leaf. Variety sampler packs make it cheap and easy to see what they’re all about.

Urban Ice Organics is a product of Natural Organix, a Las Vegas-based company that tests all of their products and promises top quality. An Urban Ice Organics promo code saves you big on your first order and their superior potency keeps you coming back for more.


With so many options at your disposal there’s really no rhyme or reason to seeking this brand out. But if you’re feeling dangerous and you want to do some digging have at it. Just make sure you don’t get burned by some shady headshop. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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