Logic Kratom Vendor Review: Examining an Industry Trainwreck

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Logic Kratom is one of those brands that is steeped in mystery. Like Halo Kratom. Logic Botanicals’ product has become the stuff of legend…but is the legend a myth?

That’s what I endeavored to find out as I plodded through the minute amount of information I could cull from online sources and close colleagues. What I discovered was yet another defunct company with a less than stellar track record.

There are many outfits that promise the world and fail to deliver. Just look at your Quality Botanicals Kratom or your Zona Kratom. Most of these companies are run by chili pimps, the sort of small-time con artists who might know how to stuff on some hayseed, but the more seasoned user will see them coming.

Unfortunately, there are lots of noobs who don’t know any better. If it’s your first time shopping for kratom, the last thing you want is to fall into the trap these dudes set.

In the interest of protecting first-time users from this all-too-common scenario, I’ll pull coat here right quick and break down exactly what’s wrong with brands like Logic Kratom.


This outfit is a wholesale kratom supplier with a number of equally dubious online affiliates. Primarily stocked by roadside tobacco shops and filling stations, Logic and its partners gained a reputation for fast shipping and credit card payments.


According to multiple sources, this brand was best known for their Logic Botanicals Trainwreck, a blend that sounds like it’s yet another knock-off. If you’re a veteran of the scene then you’ve definitely heard of Trainwreck…it just wasn’t this Trainwreck.

The inspiration behind the name likely came from Trainwreck, a southern rock band featuring the rollicking musical styling of Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass. In the early 2000s, a cannabis cultivar was created by combining Mexican Sativa with Afghani Indica.

There are conflicting theories about where its name came from—one source insists that it earned its name because it was grown on a mountain not far from where a train accident occurred in the Humboldt area.

Regardless of its origins, Trainwreck was known for its substantial mental invigoration and its capacity for instilling creativity. The sharpened focus and earthy aroma of this strain shared much in common with that of the Mitrgyna speciosa herb.

Eventually Krave Kratom Trainwreck found its way to market and users went kratom crazy for this bold and exhilarating blend. As with the sativa-indica hybrid, Krave Kratom Trainwreck embodied chill vibes and what Tenacious D used to call Inspirato.

In the wake of this runaway success, other brands flocked to produce their own Trainwreck products, including Trainwreck kratom capsules and kratom extracts. None of them measured up to the Real McCoy, especially not Logic Botanicals Trainwreck.

A headshop source compared it to “drinking soggy coffee grinds out of an empty bottle of Dairy Barn sweet tea.”

No kratom vendor can rest on their laurels after rolling out a single product, certainly not a vendor with something as lackluster as Logic’s blend. In no time at all the company was branching out into additional strains.

Logic Botanicals red vein kratom became their second best-seller and this is what really kept them on the shelves in smoke shops across America. The quality was inconsistent and the packaging was vague, but the average headshop patron hardly seemed to notice.

As with most smoke shop brands, Logic went the way of the do-do bird. There’s an unspoken agreement between vendors and customers, one that says quality will be rewarded and bunk will be dumped. Sooner or later, the scum rises to the top and consumers turn their backs on brands that can’t provide consistency.

Such appears to be the case with Logic, a supplier that ignored the demand for honesty and purity in favor of making a quick buck from customers who didn’t know any better. As one user told me, “They just don’t care, so why should we?”


If this is all a bit disconcerting to newcomers, let me alleviate your concerns. The kratom marketplace is more overstuffed than Jon Hamm’s undies. You want a reliable source for kratom? Virtually chuck your Bitcoin wallet around and you’ll hit one.

For the sake of streamlining your experience, I’ve compiled a list of the top three kratom vendors offering kratom powder and kratom capsules. Each of these brands have been thoroughly vetted and are noted for their affordability and freshness.

  • Mitragaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Urban Ice Organics

Mitragaia is a long-established seller operating out of Jacksonville, FL. They are renowned for their Plantation Maeng Da, Red Bali and Yellow Malay. Prices start at just five bucks and sampler packs are readily available for first-time patrons.

Pharmacy Dropout is a homegrown business out of Philomath, OR who are known for their Pink Bali Enhanced Fibro Blend and CBG Gummies. Their prices are fair and their strains are fantastic.

Urban Ice Organics is the brainchild of Natural Organix, a company based out of fabulous Las Vegas, NV. They are admired by many for their detailed labeling, dedication to kratom legality and devotion to customer satisfaction. Their Maeng Da is among the strongest I’ve ever sampled, but their Super Green Malay is the real GOAT of the bunch.

Natural Organix is currently running a May Special—spend $100 and earn yourself a free 50 count bottle of capsules. You can snap up their traditional strains or try Morning Focus Blend for something that’ll really blow your hair back.


I think you’ll agree that you should avoid vendors like Logic as you would a stripper with the sniffles. All that glitters is definitely not gold.

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