Kratom Lounge Vendor Review: A Five-Star Nevada Favorite

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Very few kratom brands stand the test of time and even fewer get bought out by larger companies. This is just one of the reasons why Kratom Lounge is a remarkable name in the industry.

I can count on one hand the number of people in the Mitragyna speciosa business who have earned complimentary reviews without attracting at least as many complaints. As of this writing, Kratom Lounge has had zero complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau and have garnered five-star reviews among satisfied customers.

So who are they and what are they all about?

Let’s take a closer look!


Founded in 2010, this brand made such an impression over the next four years that they were bought out in 2014 by Vertical Rise LLC, a subsidiary of Summit Web Ventures. This Nevada-based vendor is now a fully operational herb shop on Rainbow Boulevard in fabulous Las Vegas.

Their online store has become a hot spot for folks seeking bargain prices on bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules. As a wholesaler, Kratom Lounge has a solid presence at smoke shops and novelty stores all across the United States.

Under new ownership, this supplier has continued to flourish with a broad social media reach that includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. They have also expanded their product line to include the very appealing Non-Synthetic UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo).

Many companies provide empty promises and bogus assurances to their clientele. Several sites have been flagged for claiming that their products are properly lab tested, only to come up short when probed for actual lab results. Others have offered an alleged Satisfaction Guarantee, but when customers ask for a refund or replacement no such reparations are made.

Kratom Lounge understands this and are forthcoming about their commitment to their clients. They even have a page which reads, “Relax, we don’t play kratom games.” This page makes it clear that they do not ship untested products and never use dangerous additives.

Furthermore, they take a firm position on the industry’s propensity for dreaming up fancy names that don’t really mean anything. In their words, “We don’t make up funny names. Green Pow Wow and Red Mamba Jamba? No, not here! We don’t make up silly names so that you are forced to come to us for a product. We believe in our product, we believe in our service, and we believe that if we do our job then you might just come back to us anyway – without funny and catchy product names!”

Most importantly, they are not abusive or aloof. “We don’t treat you like crap,” they write. “You have a ton of choices when buying kratom online today. We know that. So when you email us, you can know that we want you here. And we want to talk to you.”

“You’re not some pain in the A&& getting in our way. No way. And I bet if you’ve emailed a few companies you’ll notice they are short on words and tall on attitude. Not here, we consider you a friend, and we act accordingly.”


Their versatile product line includes 15x kratom extract and Super Indo. The following strains are regularly stocked:


All of their kratom strains are reasonably priced starting at $15 for an ounce with 100 grams going for $30, 250 grams selling for $40 and a half kilo going for $75.00. A kratom kilo will run you $125 which is just about the industry standard at the moment. It definitely represents an industry low here in the U.S.

Buy One, Get One Free deals and kratom coupon codes are frequently offered, as are discounts for those paying with Bitcoin.


Whereas many of their competitors are unable or unwilling to process credit card transactions, Kratom Lounge accepts AmEx, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Cash is also on the table for those with bad credit or inexperience with crypto.


These people can be taken at their word when they tell you that they think of you as friends. They response in record time to e-mails or other inquiries, and their staff are the friendliest men and women you could ask to converse with.

They are knowledgeable, helpful and always at the ready with suggestions. If you have any kind of question you can get an answer straight away.


Testimonials are voluminous for this brand. Longtime users and noobs alike have been vocal about how happy they were with their leaf. One user said, “The Kratom Leaves were fresh and the extract was fantastic. Kratom Lounge will be where I come to buy…”


Whether you’re in the Las Vegas area or looking to place a long distance order, these cats have got the hook up. Check ’em out while they’re running their monthly special and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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