Red Thai Kratom Strain Review

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Kratom, otherwise known as ketum or “thang,” is a potent leaf from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, a tall evergreen from the coffee family of plants. This Southeast Asian treasure has been used for hundreds of years as a folk medicine in its native land. Today, it has become an increasingly popular botanical in the Western world.

Researchers have studied the many different vein colors of the kratom leaf with red veins being of particular interest to those who wish to avail themselves of high alkaloid concentrations. Red Vein Thai is brimming with large levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine, the indole alkaloid which powers this magnificent Ayurvedic herb.


As you probably guessed by the name, Red Thai was first grown in Thailand where local farmers could produce an abundant crop with little effort. Their voluminous yield resulted in many visitors discovering this strain and bringing it back to their countries of origin.

In 2020, Red Thai Kratom grows in parts of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea where experienced petani harvest it at optimal points in the season. These trees are permitted to grow to incredible heights, achieving a level of maturity that makes for a sturdy and alkaloid-dense plant matter.

This distinct kratom cultivar has some noteworthy attributes, particularly in terms of its restorative effects. Known for its chill vibes and bold fragrance, Red Thai is a fan favorite for its wide spectrum of purported benefits.


Red Vein Thai Kratom effects and benefits are, of course, largely subjective. Everyone responds differently to a given strain and no two people are exactly the same. For example, I tend to gravitate towards green strains like Super Green Malay, but my girl gets nothing from them.

The first time I brewed Red Thai, I was less than pleased with the experience. The powder was curdy, the aroma was overpowering and I got a heinous case of the “wobz.” By contrast, my partner found it to be sublime, comparing it to the sense of invigoration she normally gets from chugging Mountain Dew Code Red ®.

Users who have brewed Red Vein Thai in moderate dosages (4-5 grams) may find themselves feeling less anxious and more sociable. Although kratom is not approved for any medicinal use, countless individuals have suggested that it is an uplifting brew that helps them to get a restful night’s sleep.

Among the effects which have been reported by customers are the following:

  • Distraction from aches and pains
  • Loss of inhibitions
  • Talkativeness
  • Increased awareness
  • General sense of well-being

While there is insufficient scientific evidence to support such claims, the numbers speak for themselves—hundreds upon hundreds of Americans dig kratom and they are especially fond of strains such as Red Thai.


Many have debated what kratom strain is the most powerful, but no definitive answer to this question exists. That’s because any answer is bound to be largely subjective.

Since everyone comes to kratom for their own unique reasons, the “strongest” strain may also be the least effective for others. For instance, I might consider Super Green Malay to be one of the strongest because I appreciate its pronounced clarity and motivation while someone else might think Super Green Malay is weak because it doesn’t give them the serenity of Red Thai.

If you ask most people, they’ll say that Maeng Da is the strongest strain available. But Red Thai definitely deserves to be considered in the same class of potent cultivars.


All too often, kratom sites recommend that users measure out specific grams when brewing their tea. These sites fail to realize that many Americans aren’t used to dealing in grams, never mind the fact that not everyone has a digital scale on hand.

In an effort to simplify the dosage for the layperson, I suggest users rely on what they have in their kitchen drawer. To wit: A fair Red Thai dosage would be anywhere between ½ teapoon and three rounded teaspoons of kratom powder.

First-timers should start with a threshold dose of one half teaspoon, so that they can acclimate to Red Thai’s prospective effects. Once you’ve grown accustomed to Red Thai, you may want to up your dosage to two or even three teaspoons.

For those in the know, 2-8 grams is the recommended dosage range for Red Vein Thai. It breaks down thusly:

  • Low = 2 grams
  • Moderate = 3-4 grams
  • High = 5-6 grams
  • Extreme = 8 grams

Users who brew an average of four grams report an uptake in stamina and mild invigoration while those who brew 5-8 grams speak of its efficacy in improving mood. While this is all rather speculative in nature, it is strongly advised for users to avoid brewing more than 6-8 grams in one sitting.


Customers have been vocal about their love for this vibrant strain. One user on Reddit said, “I sleep very well after taking it…I’d say it’s similar to a red maeng da.”

Alternately, another user wrote, “After trying it a few times I have decided its much more stimulating than relaxing. I feel more motivation to get stuff done and more talkative as well. However, I don’t get any warm blanket feel and it doesn’t do much for my anxiety, in fact it might increase it some…I like the motivating effects but anxiety is an issue for me.”

This underscores the wide range of opinions you will get on just about any M. speciosa variant. To further illustrate this range of opinions I’ve included my take on the last batch I tried.

According to my notes, I found it to be “surprisingly racy” with a “smooth second apex that was gradually more lethargic.” I also noted the loquaciousness of my experience, writing, “I am not a big talker, despite what some might think after they read my rantings. In person, I am usually very quiet and seriousness when stone sober. This was not the case after brewing this RVT.”

I seem to recall talking up a relative stranger for what felt like minutes but proved to be more than an hour. Our conversation took some “unique and thought-provoking turns.”


Those who wish to fraternize with their peers in a public setting would do well to check out this particular strain. Red Thai really gassed me up and got me jazzed for going out and forging connections.

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