Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom Strain Review

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I tell everyone who will listen to me that Hulu Kapuas Kratom is the greatest thing since the Good Lord gave us Saturday morning cartoons. This wildly adaptable strain is a multipurpose herb that’s suited to everyone’s needs.

As we covered in our strain guide, red vein kratom is the most abundant form of Mitragyna speciosa in the Western hemisphere. But it’s also infamous for being the most tranquil.

Red Hulu Kapuas Kapuas shares this serene quality with other red kratom strains, but it differentiates itself by virtue of other, more versatile characteristics. At certain dosages, it may yield all of the exhilaration we’ve come to expect of red veins while at other dosages it carries the potential of being rather invigorating.

Knowing your vein color is just as important as knowing your dosage. In today’s review, I’ll tell you all about why Red Hulu is a special hue of red and why you should check it out.


A prevalent cultivar from Indonesia, Red Hulu Kapuas has become a popular choice in the U.S. thanks to its wide spectrum of effects and its many singular properties. Originating in the remote forests of Borneo, Red Hulu has been brought to market by some of the top-rated kratom suppliers in the International industry.

Harvested from OG (old grown) trees along the banks of the Kapuas River, Red Hulu Kratom leaves have dense veins that are infused with sizable concentrations of key flavonoids and alkaloids.


This strain contains impressive amounts of important indole alkaloids, many of which work in tandem to produce an unprecedented “aroma.” These alkaloids include all of the following (and more):

  • Corynoxein
  • Corynanetheidine
  • Isomitraphylline
  • Mitraciliatin
  • Mitraphylin
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Speciofoline

It is worth noting that Red Kulu Kapuas Kratom contains the highest concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine of any cultivar in the coffee family of plants. For those who don’t know, 7-hydroxymitragynine is the terpenoid indole alkaloid which serves as an active metabolite and gives kratom its restorative power.


This remarkable strain is known for elevating one’s mood and restoring natural energy levels. Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, many users have reported a range of exceptional effects.

Some individuals brew Red Hulu Kapuas for its invigorating aroma while others take specific dosages to improve their nightly routine or unwind after a stressful day. Many botanical enthusiasts insist that Red Hulu Kapuas has distracted them from the anxiety and worry that plagues them on the reg.

While there is insufficient scientific evidence to support any such claims, one thing is for sure: volumes of people from all over the world have embraced this vibrant strain for its many natural curiosities.


It seems like any time a product comes along that blows people away, someone has to try and do you one better. This is true of Red Hulu as it is any other product.

You may have heard of Super Green Malay and its supposed puissance. What makes Super Green Malay so super is the conditions in which it grows. The mineral-rich soil composition of the mountainous forest floor gives the resulting leaves a cell wall density that is virtually unheard of in this genus of plants.

It is this cell wall density, and the overall impact of the soil on the Malay kratom tree, which yields a cultivar of superior strength and duration. This is true of Super Red Kratom as well, but don’t be fooled—this is NOT a form of Red Hulu Kapuas.

Super Red comes from oversize, wildcrafted leaves from the Banjarmasin and JongKong regions of Indonesia. There are miles between these areas and a much bigger difference in their properties than one might think.

Super Red is enhanced by way of a signature fermentation process, whereas Red Hulu Kapuas is organically produced using no such means. Red Hulu is potent because of its environment, not because of any leavening or discomposure.


Different rules apply to different kratom variants. When we’re talking about Red Hulu, we need to be talking about what you’re looking to get out of your kratom brew. For some, this will be a relaxing time while for others it may be a spoonful of inspiration.

There is a dosage to please just about everybody and that’s where a dosage guideline comes in handy. To get the best benefits, this is the way to go. Here is a general guide to brewing Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom:

  • Threshold = 1.5-2 grams
  • Low = 2-4 grams
  • Moderate = 4-6 grams
  • High = 6-8 grams

Newcomers to the kratom communities should always stick to the lower end of the spectrum, lest they get overwhelmed by the stronger effects of higher dosage levels. It is always advisable to moderate one’s dosage until such time as one is acclimated to its aroma.

Those with preexisting health conditions, such as high BP, kidney problems or fatty liver disease should avoid kratom consumption. In severe cases, kratom may lead to liver damage, kidney damage, elevate heart rate, respiratory depression or liver failure.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use kratom, as it may be harmful to you and your unborn child. All users are urged to approach kratom with proper caution. Brew responsibly, ladies and gentleman.


A lot of users have asked me if Purple Sticky Kratom is a real thing. This is understandable since it sounds more like a cannabis strain than a form of plain leaf.

The simple answer is yes, it does exist and can be purchased online. But the truth is more complicated than one might expect.

Purple Kratom is essentially a green and white vein kratom blend which is taken from Indonesian kratom trees before they have had a chance to reach optimal maturity. Purple Kratom leaves are selected after a period of one year. That is not nearly the growth necessary to yield a superior product.

Keep this in mind when you buy kratom online—the age of your kratom cultivar is as integral to its effects as its vein color.


In my experience, Red Hulu Kapuas is up there with all of the finest reds—Red Bali, Red Bentuangie and so forth. It distinguishes itself from other strains by offering a wide array of potential benefits and a protracted duration of effects.

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