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Make no mistake about it, we are living in uncertain times. With so many constraints being placed on small businesses and so many delays hampering our ability to receive goods in a timely manner, life can seem pretty topsy turvy.

As luck would have it, this does not have to be the case for those of us who wish to buy kratom. There are lots of top-rated kratom suppliers serving international customers. It is easier than ever to buy kratom online in a variety of forms.

Dozens of trustworthy brands are offering everything from kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots to specialty blends and even kratom chewing gum. Most of these brands deal exclusively in small batch kratom, selling powders and capsules by the gram.

Most…but not all.

This is where vendors like Bulk Kratom Now come into the picture. The following review will tell you everything you need to know about these Colorado titans and their treasure trove of dope deals.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of all the price gouging that goes on in the kratom space. If you’ve visited a smoke shop to score some Maeng Da Kratom then you’ve likely come across dudes peddling kilos for upwards of $250.

Not only is this highway robbery, it’s also an insult to the Internet-savvy consumer who can easily find kilos for under $130.00. Look hard enough and you can buy bulk kratom online for as little as $90 for 1,000 grams.

Bulk Kratom Now have answered the call for quality and affordability by maintaining standardized pricing on large orders. Each of their strains start at just $18.99 for 100 grams with half a kilo (500 grams) going for a bargain basement $44.99. You can even pick up 250 grams for under 30 bucks.

More impressively, they have managed to set a fixed price of $79.99 on full kilos for each and every strain in their growing catalog. You’ll save beaucoup bucks right out the gate, but that’s not even where the savings stop with this Colorado Springs seller.

Every time you pay by e-check, you automatically receive an additional 10% off your order at checkout. That’s 1,000 grams of top shelf M. speciosa powder for a mere $70! Not too shabby, to say the least.


This vendor stocks no fewer than 30+ strains, from perennial bestsellers like Green Hulu Kapuas and Maeng Da to exotic strains such as Red Riau and White Sumatra. Their gold and yellow vein kratom powder is some of the nicest I’ve tried, striking a delicate balance between “fast” and “slow.”


As a new vendor, Bulk Kratom Now lacks the strong social media presence of long-established brands. But don’t be surprised if you start seeing Bulk Kratom Now Reddit posts sprouting up left and right. This kind of savings and superior potency can only stay a secret for so long.

The brand is poised to blow up in the third and fourth quarter of 2020 as more and more people seek elite quality at economy price points. And it’s not just their deals that will generate word of mouth.

Unlike other sellers who slap a lab-tested logo on their homepage without going into any further detail, Bulk Kratom Now is forthcoming about the process by which their M. speciosa powder is evaluated. As their FAQ page clearly states, they “test for microbials (salmonella, e-coli, mold), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury), and alkaloids (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine).”

Whereas lesser brands post vague laboratory results which don’t clearly point to any specific product, Bulk Kratom Now affixes lot numbers to each batch of kratom. In this way, they can always keep track of which strain has been tested and what concentrations of alkaloids occur at higher levels than others.

That last part should be important to discerning consumers because these alkaloid concentrations are integral to kratom’s efficacy. Shady companies have all but completely ignored this trend, opting instead to sell their stuff fast without concerning themselves with how pure or strong it actually is (or isn’t, as the case may be).

By contrast, these Colorado proprietors invest time and resources into ensuring that purity and potency are guaranteed. Testing for alkaloids also enables them to determine which strain is best for specific purposes. This is useful to consumers because it makes your shopping experience run a lot smoother.

There is also the matter of variety which is high on their priority list. Bulk Kratom Now has dozens of unique strains to choose from, many of which are counted among the best kratom strains on the market. This is exactly the kind of diversity which contemporary enthusiasts demand.


Customers can choose from USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express, both of which are fulfilled in an expedient fashion, arriving safely and securely. Tracking information is provided via email or text, depending on whether or not you are a subscriber.

I placed my order for a sampler pack on a Tuesday and had it in my hands by Thursday of that same week. Their vacuum-sealed bags were among the sturdiest I’ve come across and actually resealed without incident. That’s more than I can say for some of the biggest dogs in the biz.

I cannot really speak, with any sincerity, about their customer support staff since I didn’t have to deal with them. Like I said, my order arrived super-fast. However, their website gives visitors a multitude of methods by which to get in touch.

You can give them a buzz at one of their two toll-free numbers, shoot them an email at their sales department, send a letter to their snail mail address or fill out a brief contact form. After dialing their 1-800 number for the purposes of this review, I received an answer in just two rings. That’s fairly incredible considering how overwhelmed call centers are with inquiries at the moment.


Everyone likes to have options available to them and these cats obviously get that. They accept major credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa) as well as e-check and Bitcoin. This is excellent news for the more privacy-conscious user, as some of us prefer to remunerate with crypto via secure channels.


  • High quality
  • Awesome selection of strains
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Thorough lab testing
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency
  • Fast shipping


  • Lacks social media recognition
  • Does not accept COD (Cash on Delivery)


No matter what you’re looking for, you are likely to find it in their online store. More importantly, you won’t have to buy it piecemeal from a bunch of wholesalers. This seller gives you everything you want all in one place.

Their catalog is like the ethnobotanical equivalent of Chili’s Bottomless Fries—satisfying and affordable, especially in mass quantities. Give them a shot today and see how they hit the mark. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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