Red Malay Kratom Strain Review

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The Malay Kratom plant has emerged as one of the most popular and prevalent strains of 2020. Over the last few years, it has slid right into the number one spot among insomniacs and athletes alike.

Everyone is going kratom crazy for Red Malay, but it may not be clear why. That’s why I’ve assembled this comprehensive review.

If you’re strongly considering a purchase, you’ll want to read all about its origins, effects, dosages and availability. As you’ll see, there is more than meets the eye with this remarkable cultivar.


Malaysian Kratom takes its name from the country where it was first grown. Native to the northern peninsula of Malaysia, Red Malay was initially cultivated from the trees of Penang and Perak. For centuries the locals consumed this Ayurvedic herb to cope with labor-related fatigue, pain and the common chest cold.

This all changed in 1952 with the passing of Malaysia’s Poison Act. Under this landmark legislation, the harvesting or sale of kratom became strictly verboten. As a result, botanists took the cuttings of the last surviving Malay kratom trees and transplanted them to the nearby wetlands of Indonesia’s Kapuas Hulu Regency.

Today, trusted American kratom vendors source Red Malay from their contacts in the West Kalimantan province where it is now grown on dedicated plantations by indigenous petani, each of whom is skilled in wildcrafted Mitragyna speciosa (Rubicae) production.


If you’ve ever felt like the Narrator from Fight Club before he discovers the cathartic release of support groups then Red Malay Kratom may just become your spirit animal. This sleepy strain has been known to eliminate the need for counting sheep.

As I mentioned in our strains guide, most—if not all—red vein kratom powder is calming and exhilarating. Red Malay Kratom is no exception; a slow burn strain with a tranquil aroma, this Malaysian variant is soothing and rejuvenating.

Ideal for recreation or recharging your metaphorical batteries, Red Malay offers something to suit almost everyone’s needs. As a matter of fact, some users even insist it’s a viable daytime strain. Naturally, that is one subjective opinion that can neither be proven nor denied.

Ostensibly a nighttime choice among discerning consumers, Red Malay may induce gentle introspection, positive vibes and a restful sleep. Whenever I brew a cup in the evening, I drift off into blissful dreams and wake up feeling ready to kick out the jams.


Most users notice the effects of Red Malay within five to ten minutes, although this may depend on dosage and diet. Some have recommended brewing this strain on an empty stomach for quicker results.

At low dosages its aroma generally lasts for approximately two hours. Moderate to high dosages typically stick around for as long as five to six hours. Again, this duration will vary from person to person, and it may be somewhat dependent upon tolerance and other mitigating factors.


It behooves me to mention that kratom of any kind is not to be confused with Western medicines. The FDA has not approved Mitragyna speciosa or its chief alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—for medicinal use.

As such, it is only offered for research purposes and no recommendations can be made regarding its use. That being said, experienced users have suggested the following as a general guideline for use among inquiring minds.

First-time users are advised to start with a threshold dosage before acclimating to kratom’s powerful aroma. After one has adjusted to its effects, a low to moderate dosage is considered appropriate.

A threshold dosage should be adequate for those who want to sample Red Malay’s exhilarating properties. Nausea is a common side effect of brewing Red Malay for the first time, although this sensation usually diminishes within a few moments.

  • Threshold – 1.5 to 2 grams
  • Low – 2.5 to 3 grams
  • Moderate – 3 to 4 grams
  • High – 5 to 8 grams

It is important to keep in mind that overdose commonly occurs at dosages in excess of six grams, particularly among the less experienced imbiber. Chronic kratom use is associated with tolerance, addiction, abuse and overdose.

Chronic dosing at higher levels may result in liver damage, discoloration of the skin, hallucinations, elevated heart rate or worse. For the best results, remember to cycle your dosages (taking a break from kratom use every other day).

There are many different techniques for taking kratom, some of which are more pleasant than others. Some users who opt to grin and bear it by practicing the “toss ‘n wash” method. This entails taking a spoonful of kratom powder by mouth and chasing it with a glass of water.

The toss ‘n wash is often associated with nausea, gagging and vomiting. That’s because kratom powder can form clumps which stick to the roof of your mouth or, worse, lodge in the back of your throat.

Most people prefer to brew a cup of “mitra tea” by boiling kratom in water for five minutes and using a strainer. Alternately, some users invest in kratom capsules which make it easy to swallow a dosage without enduring any bitter taste or clumpy plant matter.


Some kratom strains have been demonized for inducing lethargy and drowsiness, but not all strains fit into this category. In the case of Red Malay Kratom, the effects may contribute to a relaxing and rejuvenating brew, but they won’t knock you out.

At responsible dosages, Red Malay is neither overwhelming nor somnambulistic. You won’t feel like a walking zombie while brewing Red Malay. On the other hand, you should not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of this herb.


As Red Malaysian has become a more prevalent strain, consumers run the risk of purchasing it from a sketchy source. Many smoke shops and headshops now stock this kratom variant, but many of them get their inventory from third party wholesale distributors who specialize in substandard product.

If you wish to buy kratom that’s fresh and potent, you should always look to providers who are known for their quality. Some of the best-rated kratom suppliers offer satisfaction guarantees and third party lab results.

When it comes to buying premium grade Red Malay Kratom, look no further than the following vendors. These three US-based sellers have been thoroughly vetted and have been found to deliver top shelf product at an affordable price.

  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kats Botanicals
  • PurKratom


Like the man says, “When you have insomnia, you’re never really asleep and you’re never really awake.” Red Malay may just bridge the gap between those two states of being. So tuck into some Malaysian Kratom and slip us your thoughts in the comments below.

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