Gold Bali Kratom Strain Review

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Bali Kratom has long been a fan favorite thanks to its mild invigoration and potential for moderate enhancement. In recent years, Gold Bali Kratom has become the next best thing, an advanced strain that outperforms others in its powerful elation and multitude of purported benefits.

Unlike other M. speciosa products, gold and yellow vein kratom powder has earned a reputation as being stronger, richer and longer lasting. Like Maeng Da and UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), Gold Bali Kratom is said to be more potent than your average plain leaf.

Today’s review will tell you everything you need to know about this unique cultivar and its standing in the current marketplace.


Gold Vein Kratom is a term that’s more than a little misleading. In reality, the Mitragyna speciosa tree does not produce leaves with gold veins. On the contrary, the skilled petani of southern Borneo implement a particular dying process when harvesting strains such as Gold Bali.

Gold Bali Kratom gets its name from the tawny color that results from prolonged exposure to sunlight. This form of controlled photosynthesis yields plant matter which is darker and more robust than plain leaf.

In other words, Gold Bali is a premium kratom strain which is prepared with tender love and care by the natives of the Sunda Islands. The kratom leaves are hand-selected by experienced farmers who use only the finest and most mature plant matter to create this game-changing strain.


Since the drying process leads to a density of key alkaloids, Gold Bali Kratom’s chemical profile is far more substantial than your typical M. speciosa cultivar. This superior alkaloid content makes for a powder that is more dynamic than most.

Unlike Red Vein Bali, this gold variant may be profoundly exhilarating at certain dosages. Users have reported “euphoria” and “hours of clean energy” when brewing this strain. While such claims cannot be substantiated by conclusive scientific data, it is worth paying attention to the buzz this tea has generated.


Many users have pointed to Gold Bali’s significant alkaloid profile as the source of its deeply soothing and invigorating qualities. Reviewers have discussed its potential value as a pre or post-workout tea.

The general consensus is that Gold Bali Kratom is a pungent expert strain, one that is better suited to those who have had experience with more mild variations. The full body tranquility and natural boost are just two of the attributes that have made Gold Bali a celebrated fave.

Users have brewed this powerhouse for its pointed clarity, bold aroma and pronounced sense of arousal. It is generally favored by those who wish to engage socially or boost their stamina, although its utility extends well beyond this realm.


The signature drying process used to produce Gold Bali results in a product with a higher than normal concentration of mitragynine, the galvanizing alkaloid responsible for kratom’s many advantageous effects.

Large volumes of mitragynine have been associated with an uptake in alertness, focus, positivity and sociability. Although mitragynine is not approved for medicinal use, it has been the subject of scientific study and much debate among botanical enthusiasts.

Kratom advocates regularly cite mitragynine as the most beneficial of all alkaloids in its chemical makeup. As both a stimulant and depressant, mitragynine may offer arousal, exhilaration and a sense of improved vitality.


As I pointed out in our strains guide, gold vein kratom is far from subtle. As a mitragynine-dominant strain, it may be too intense for the casual consumer. If you are new to kratom, you may want to look elsewhere for your initial brew.

When brewing this one, you should always stick to the lower end of the dosage spectrum. Not only will a smaller dosage prevent against undesirable effects such as nausea or gagging, it will also enable you get used to its overpowering aroma.

The following is a general guideline for Gold Bali dosage:

  • Threshold – 1.5 grams
  • Low – 2 to 2.5 grams
  • Moderate 3 to 4 grams
  • High – 4.5 to 6 grams

As I mentioned earlier, kratom is not approved for medicinal use and should not be confused with any treatment or cure. This remarkable compound is offered as a research chemical to those who wish to better understand this Ayurvedic herb.

When taking kratom you should always be aware of the potential for tolerance, addiction and abuse, particularly at higher dosages. Chronic use has been associated with addiction, overdose and even death.

Side effects of kratom overdose may include agitation, insomnia, hallucination, kidney or liver failure, headache, elevated heart rate, seizure or liver failure.

For the best results, always cycle your dosage and avoid dosing multiple times in one 24-hour period. It is worth noting here that users require less kratom powder when dosing with gold vein kratom than they do with plain leaf.


Kratomites can be quite contrary when it comes to their opinions of different strains and vendors. However, there are scores of users from all over the globe who concur on the subject of Bali Gold.

Over on Reddit, one user said, “It mellows you out, little bit of … relief, but as the night went out [sic] it started hitting me hard & got me really sleepy. It’s worth a try!”

Another user wrote, “Gold Bali is the only Bali that works for me. Nicely relaxing and some good sedation. I do need to take a larger than usual dose.”

Elsewhere, a first-time user said, “I like reds too but my first strain was gold Bali and honestly it made me feel energized but slightly euphoric as well. My gf told me I didn’t stfu for like an hr but I didn’t realize I was talking so much.”


If you’re a seasoned user who’s on the hunt for a next level kratom powder, look no further than the gold standard of gold reserve kratom.

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