Super Sunda Kratom Strain Review: What You Need to Know

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There has been much chatter, of late, concerning a hot new item called Super Sunda Kratom. While it’s unlikely that you’ll find it sold on any reputable website, you will undoubtedly come across a slew of blog articles and forum posts revolving around it.

That’s because consumers are always stoked to learn about new Ayurvedic offerings. Shrewd marketers recognized the demand for stronger product and have taken advantage by rolling out bogus blends and trumped up names.

One of these trumped up names is Super Sunda, an apparent blend of Green Sunda and Red Sunda that’s designed to target the smoke shop kratom crowd. As any seasoned user will tell you, smoke shop brands are largely bunk. Their lack of detailed labeling or lab results demonstrates their lack of authenticity.

Nevertheless, hundreds of kratom users flock to their nearest headshop or tobacconist to score some quick kratom. Super Sunda Kratom is just the latest in a plethora of shady products to find their way to brick-and-mortar locations.


If you’ve heard the name Super Sunda, you probably thought it was something like Super Green Malay or UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo). Unfortunately that’s not really the case.

Super Green Malay or SGM is a blend of Malaysian kratom leaves that test high for mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the Mitragyna speciosa tree’s most abundant terpenoid indole alkaloid. Alternately, UEI kratom is premium grade Indonesian kratom leaf which has been enhanced by extracting 7-hydroxymitragynine and infusing it into the kratom powder.

As I talked about in my UEI kratom extract comparison post, UEI differs from commercial kratom extracts in that it is a simple infusion of extracted alkaloids into micronized M. speciosa powder. By contrast, most commercially available extracts are produced using additives such as water or alcohol solutions.

Super Sunda Kratom does not appear to be comparable to either of these items. On the contrary, some bloggers have referred to Super Sunda as a “strain,” which is wildly inaccurate when you consider that such a strain would fly in the face of everything we know about kratom strains.

When we use the word “strain,” we are referring to plain leaf M. speciosa leaves which grow in the wilds of Southeast Asia. These strains are differentiated by the color of the veins that run through the kratom tree’s leaves.

Kratom leaves occur naturally in a variety of green, red and white veins. The vein color tells us what strain we are using. In the case of so-called “super strains,” we aren’t really dealing with a natural strain or cultivar so much as any number of strains which are blended to provide distinct effects.

For example, one might combine Maeng Da—a powerful cultivar that’s known for substantial relief—and Green Borneo—a strain that’s renowned for its invigoration—in order to optimize the amount of vitality and exhilaration experienced by the user. Such a combination does not constitute a strain, rather it qualifies as a kratom blend.

Super Sunda Kratom is often described as a strain, but some reviewers have also used the term blend. I would argue that it can neither be codified as a strain or a blend since the ingredients of said blend have not been disclosed to the general public.

In order to better comprehend what Super Sunda is (or may be), we need to understand Sunda Kratom in its natural state.


Sunda is shorthand for Sundanese Kratom, a series of strains which are grown in the Sunda Islands of Indonesia. These strains come from a variety of forests and plantations along the Malay archipelago.

The humid environment and tropical temperatures facilitate the optimal maturity of each kratom tree. This results in higher concentrations of key alkaloids such as mitragynine, paynantheine and isomitraphylline.

Sunda Kratom has been called a “rare” strain by some online sellers, but in reality is no more nor less uncommon than other popular kratom variants. Some of the top-rated kratom suppliers on the market regularly stock Sunda teas.

Although Green Sunda and Red Sunda are the most accessible strains, some online stores carry gold and yellow vein kratom powder including Yellow Sundanese Leaf.


Like I said in my Green Sunda review, this private reserve kratom product was made possible by the fast-growing industrialization of the Sunda Islands. The natives of the region routinely chew the Sunda kratom leaves for its bracing and invigorating aroma.

More than just about any other strain, Green Sunda is infamous for the hours of vitality and animation it induces. Users have called Sunda Kratom the true G.O.A.T. That’s because of its protracted duration of effects and its bold aroma.


Whereas Green Sunda is considered by some to be deeply stimulating, Red Sunda Kratom is more of a lazy strain. If you’re averse to the “couch lock effect,” you may want to avoid Red Sunda because it’s the kind of chill cup of tea that can lead to hours of soothing serenity.

To put it another way, if the Sunda strains were the Seven Dwarfs, Green Sunda would be Happy while Red Sunda would be Sleepy. Brew it at larger dosages and it may be Dopey.


Reputable kratom vendors don’t mislead their prospective customers by slapping fancy names on their products. The very best suppliers in the industry encourage their readers to try free samples before placing a full order.

If a company is trying to sell you something like Super Sunda Kratom without disclosing any vital info (origins, preparation process, lab results, et al.) then they’re surely not on the level. When you encounter such a company it is always advisable to give them the brush off.

After all, there are literally hundreds of trusted vendors on the market, many of whom are all too happy to provide a crash course in choosing strains as well as a satisfaction guarantee. The following is a short list of trustworthy sources for Green and Red Sunda.

  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kats Botanicals
  • MitraGaia
  • Socratic Solutions


Those who wish to experience a new and improved kratom should consider joining one of the best kratom forums before placing a purchase. There you will find user experiences and recommendations. Always be sure to listen to vendor warnings and cautionary tales. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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