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Sacramento has become the most hipster city in California thanks to its blossoming craft beer culture, vibrant art scene, and proliferation of 20-year olds with pocket squares and homburg hats. But it’s not just IPAs and kombucha-swilling fedora freaks that have reinvented the Sactown landscape.

Speciosa Wholesale has played an instrumental role in River City’s transformation from Transcontinental terminus to full-on underground mecca of herbal enthusiasts. Their status as the ultimate destination for kratom accessories quickly positioned them at the vanguard of the ethnobotanical boom.

Many kratom vendors come and go, especially as changing laws and media hatchet pieces seek to demolish the industry. Fortunately, Speciosa Wholesale has continued to thrive with users shouting them out on social media and reviewers gushing about their signature products.

In today’s post, I’ll tell you all about this Valley fave and why they’ve found a permanent place in the hearts of discerning consumers.


Speciosa Wholesale is a West coast business that was first established in Orangevale, CA. After they were forced to close the shutters on their Sanwood Court location, they wasted no time in reopening in the greater Sacramento area.

Five years later, they remain one of the crowning jewels in the crown of the City of Trees, maintaining not only a land-based shop but, also, an easy-to-use online store. As a family owned business, Speciosa Wholesale have dedicated themselves to providing consumers the best product at the most competitive price point.

Each of their illustrious strains is sourced from one of their network of overseas farmers, enabling their operation to deliver potency and consistency in quality to their loyal customer base.


This vendor offers both kratom powder and kratom capsules, each of which is available in a variety of sizes. Their collection includes all of the following:

Some of their most celebrated products are their proprietary blends such as Cali’s Confetti Kratom Multi Mix and Cali’s Best Blend.


Prices start at $6.50 for 25 grams with 100 grams going for $21.75. You can get 250 grams for $44.50 or 500 grams for $74.50. For the serious collector who wants to buy bulk kratom, you can score a kilo for an industry low $117.50, two kilos for $225 or a whopping five kilos for a flat 500 bucks.


All orders receive kratom Same Day Shipping via First Class, USPS Priority or Express Mail. The vast majority of orders arrive within one to three business days. Justin and his team are a delight to deal with as you’ll learn if you’re anywhere near as impatient as I am.

After reaching out two days after my order was placed, I received an immediate response to my inquiry with detailed info about where my package was and when I could expect it. Their service was lightning fast and my order was packaged securely as well as discreetly.


It’s really a snap to order from these cats as you’ll see when you click on your shopping bag. They offer COD (Cash On Delivery) in addition to a plethora of convenient payment methods such as Bitcoin, E-check and Venmo.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin purchases receive 20% off which makes for some killer savings if you’re crypto-savvy. From what I understand, all digital wallets can be used to buy from them.


If you Share their site on social media, you automatically receive 10% off your total at checkout. Other deals include sitewide specials and seasonal discounts.


Responses to this brand have been overwhelmingly positive with one user writing of their Red Horned Leaf, “My back feels great and I feel more awesome than I did last week…If you’re into kratom for the relaxation…this strain is for you. If you take kratom for the more energetic properties, this leaf is probably not for you though it does seem to have good euphoria/mood lift.”

Reviewers have raved about their Maeng Da and Red Bali as well as their FST (Full Spectrum Tincture). This is no surprise as every single strain I’ve sampled was exceptional.

IMHO, there’s no beating their Super Green Malay and White Lightning. The latter is bold, delectable and elevating while the former is warm, animating and motivational in nature. Other highlights include their Red Dragon, Cali Confetti blend and the Yellow Vietnam.

If you’re a fan of gold and yellow vein kratom powder, you owe it to yourself to brew their Vietnam strain as it is one of the strongest I’ve encountered and longer lasting than even I’m used to. This is undoubtedly a long-fermented kratom variant as you can tell from its darker gold coloring and its robust fragrance.

Very few kratom suppliers have this much going for them. From deep discounts and unique combinations to awesome bulk deals and excellent turnaround time, Speciosa Wholesale’s got it all the goods. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here then you’re probably living in a land of make believe.


If you’re tired of buying from the same old vendors with the same old product, you’ll be blown away by the sheer diversity of this seller’s catalog. Speciosa Wholesale’s online store is brimming with signature takes on specialty blends and some mysterious combinations that you won’t see coming.

Put it this way: Their Netflix mix might sound pretty gimmicky, but the experience is something you’ll certainly be tempted to binge over and over again. Give ’em a shout, request a sample and see what you think. Shoot us your thoughts in the comments below!

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