New Age Kratom Vendor Review: A Smoke Shop Brand You Can Trust

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The New Age Kratom brand has blown up on social media. If you’ve spent any time on the Gram of late, you know all about this powerful smoke shop product. New Age supplements have appeared on the page of @new_age_vape where it has been marketed as an “all natural kratom kosher grade capsule.”

But is this product really worthy of all the hype or is it yet another sketchy item being pimped by the novelty shop crowd? In order to answer this, I sought out a colleague who works at a smoke shop and asked him about his experiences with this brand.

What he told me kinda blew my mind.

Check it.


New Age Kratom is what we used to call an eBay brand. To wit: In the early days when the Western world was first getting hip to the purported benefits of the Ayurvedic herb, users used to be able to purchase kratom capsules from eBay sellers.

When eBay began prohibiting the sale of kratom for legal reasons, some suppliers turned to social media to pimp their stock. This is why the early-2010s saw an influx in Facebook and Reddit posts advertising bulk kratom powder and brick of kratom became a popular search term.

Even platforms such as Twitter have been utilized to sell small batch kratom in the past. Nowadays, this has become quite rare what with all of the terms and conditions that prevent companies from using personal accounts to move product.

Nevertheless, social media remains a viable means by which to flaunt your goods, so to speak. That’s why many vendors continue to post pics of their inventory for curious visitors. Much of their business is done via private messages resulting from these posts.

It would appear that this is the case with New Age Kratom as much as with any other kratom brand on the market. @new_age_vape has gotten hundreds of Likes and nearly 1,500 follows on Instagram alone.

As a California kratom supplier, New Age Supplements has catered to a very hip and exacting clientele, one that values their cutting edge inventions and proprietary tweaks. Items like Ultra Gold Full Spectrum Alkaloid Extract and liquid kratom shots have kept them relevant in an ever-evolving marketplace.


This vendor regularly stocks both CBD and kratom in a variety of forms. Their online store,, offers GMP quality, vegan friendly solutions and non-GMO alternatives. They pride themselves on delivering prices that are below wholesale standards.

Their collection includes New Age Kratom Maeng Da blend, New Age Kratom Red Vein blend and New Age Kratom White Vein Blend.

Alas, this seller does not sell full kratom kilos, but you can stock up on their 500 gram pouches if you’re looking to replenish your stash. Other items include Black Widow, a cheap kratom extract that’s 100% organic, and their Orange Cream flavored 2x Kratom Drink.


This is where things get murky, at least if you’re a casual consumer. Retailers need to open an account with New Age Supplements in order to view pricing. This is a common practice in high risk industries where there is a lot of competition. You’ll often see this done with tool manufacturers, trade companies and adult novelty distributors.

Since I wasn’t in the market to buy wholesale for a brick-and-mortar location, I turned to a friend who works at a smoke shop. He told me that his boss pays about the same amount of money for New Age as he does for other brands such as O.P.M.S. Silver or Krave Kratom, but the quality is much higher.

This was something I wasn’t expecting. Since New Age is still a fairly new business, having only gotten their start in the mid-to-late 2010s, I was surprised to learn that they could compete for potency with more established companies.

My source says that their products fly off the shelves faster than any other product with similar effects. “Customers are more ravenous for this than they were for Spice,” he told me.


This brand is readily available in wholesale outlets in and around Vacaville. Northern California may be famous for its breezy ocean climate and its preponderance of redwood trees, but the herb from Southeast Asia’s evergreen tree is quite popular throughout the counties of Solano and Sacramento.

There are dozens of hot spots for hellacious herbs all across the region, from Empire Novelties to Smoke Plus on Alamo Drive. But before you go running off to your local headshop to pick up the strain of your choice, you should always look at the legalities in your neighborhood.


Maybe you assumed that kratom use was permitted all across the Golden State. I mean, medical marijuana has been decriminalized after all. But not so fast there, Jack!

As it happens Mitragyna speciosa and its key alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, respectively—have been banned in San Diego County. Earlier this year, a public ordinance was passed to outlaw this compound after local legislators deemed it a “nuisance.”

Fortunately for those who live in the Vacaville area, kratom remains legal to sell, possess and consume across Northern California.


After scoring a 60 gram pouch of Maeng Da from my pal, I was fully expecting to be let down. It’s no secret that I loathe most smoke shop kratom and highly recommend people stay away from it.

This was not the case with New Age. On the contrary, I felt it hit me in under 15 minutes and the aroma remained unabated for more than five hours. The boundless elevation and sense of animation that this one brought to bear on my day was outstanding.


I’m normally a pretty quiet dude unless you get me wound up on a subject that I’m passionate about. Well, that all changed after I brewed 3 grams of New Age’s MD powder. I became Rambling Robert, steadily spitting the realness about any and all topics that came up.

The best part? The gradual sensation of well-being, one that lasted well after all other effects had dissipated. I went to bed feeling at ease which is something that few people can claim in these strange and confusing times.


While I’m not one to suggest that folks get used to shopping at tobacco shops, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out if you see it at your local store. It’s well worth whatever your neighborhood proprietor may be charging…and then some.

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