Gold Elephant Kratom Strain Review

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If there’s a gold standard when it comes to gold and yellow vein kratom powder, it should absolutely be Gold Elephant Kratom. This sublime “super strain” is synonymous with all the mental acuity and chill vibes people have come to expect of the Ayurvedic herb.

In today’s post, I’ll give you the skinny on what makes this signature cultivar so special and why it represents the paradigm by which all other strains should be measured. As you’ll see, Gold Elephant Kratom beats out bold variants like Maeng Da and White Sumatra for the # 1 spot when it comes to the strongest herb available.


Elephant kratom refers to any strain produced using the oversize leaves of mature Mitragyna speciosa trees. Elephant is grown in a multitude of vein colors including green, red and white. These strains are harvested in a number of disparate locations across Southeast Asia.

The name Elephant gets its name from its massive leaves which resemble nothing so much as the ears of earth’s largest land animal. Although Elephant strains are cultivated all over the Australian continent, Gold Elephant Kratom is sourced from a single family-owned plantation to ensure consistent quality.

This ma and pa farm, owned and operated by skilled petani, is situated in the remote and rugged terrain of the Ketapang region. The steep topography and mild precipitation of this West Kalimantan regency make for a mellow herb that’s at once alleviating and creative.

Gold Elephant Kratom is prepared by harvesting only the most mature leaves. These leaves are then subject to a unique fermentation process. This technique yields higher than normal concentrations of key alkaloids such as mitragynine, 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine), corynoxine and paynantheine.

These terpenoids and indole alkaloids work in concert to induce a potentially euphoric aroma that’s unlike any other psychoactive compound out there.

Gold Elephant is readily available as a “raw” powder, but you can also buy kratom capsules online. Several vendors stock kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots.


Like other gold and yellow kratom powder, Gold Elephant is a fecund strain that’s believed to be reposeful as well as constructive. Those who have brewed it swear by its efficacy in terms of productivity, inspiration, relief and rejuvenation.

Users have said that its purported benefits include increased motivation, tranquility, clarity of thought, calm and general well-being. Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use, many have insisted that it is a viable cup of tea for those who wish to avail themselves of a coffee-like pick-me-up without the jitters and nervousness commonly associated with caffeine.

In the case of Gold Elephant, these effects may be more pronounced than with traditional plain leaf. The strength and endurance of this fermented herb provide users with a longer duration of effects. What’s more, effects are typically felt within 10 minutes or less.


Since Gold Elephant Kratom is made from the leaves of Red Elephant Kratom and White Elephant Kratom we need to take into consideration the common dosage for these variants and adjust our measurements accordingly.

Seasoned users have pointed to 2 grams as a low dosage of White Elephant Kratom. At this dosage range, users generally report subtle effects that enable them to acclimate well to M. speciosa’s aroma.

These same users suggest 2.5 to 5 grams is a fair measurement for a moderate dose while a 5.5 to 8 gram dosage is believed to be a reasonably high dosage.

When we factor in the increased potency of Gold Elephant Kratom we can surmise that all of these measurements can be subtracted to arrive at a responsible level for a gold strain. The following is a short list of measurements for responsible usage:

  • Threshold = 1.5 grams
  • Low = 1.5 to 2 grams
  • Moderate = 2.5 to 3.5 grams
  • High = 4 to 6 grams

Depending on your history with the M. speciosa herb, you may be able to tolerate more (or less) than this, but it’s always advisable to start small before slowly increasing your dosage. This prevents against adverse effects such as nausea, stomach cramp, vomiting, constipation or profuse sweating.

It is imperative that users avoid chronic use as it may lead to tolerance, addiction, abuse, overdose or even death. In the past, chronic kratom use has been associated with liver and kidney damage, overdose, seizures and coma.

Larger dosages are ill-advised as they may result in a wide array of side effects or even liver failure. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid kratom use as it may be detrimental to the health of their child.


In the interest of full disclosure I had never tried Gold Elephant Kratom before. When it came time to write this review I took my first dose on an empty stomach and was bowled over by the sheer brassiness of the initial pickup.

Even though Gold Elephant’s effects are considered fairly mild, the first hour was more than noteworthy, instilling a powerful sense of purpose and confidence. I felt very much in control of my faculties and empowered to get things done.

The warmth and motivation it induced was just the beginning. After brewing 2.5 grams, I found myself riding a protracted wave of inspiration, lucid thoughts and overall animation. I was more excitable than I am normally and more sociable to boot.

Two hours in and I was still eager to converse with colleagues and express complex ideas. I got two days’ worth of work done in a matter of hours and found myself itching to plow through even more.

As the effects slowly dissipated I made a nice dinner for my partner, tucked into some binge watching and went to bed early feeling calm and elated. Upon awakening the following morning, I felt replenished and ready to tackle another busy day.


User reviews have been somewhat divided on this variant with one user saying, “It’s better than nothing.” This is not surprising as all strains are very dose-dependent and experiences tend to vary wildly from person to person.

That being said, the vast majority of consumers agree that Gold Elephant Kratom is out of this world.

One Reddit member writes: “It’s a little more subtle than a yellow Vietnam that I take, which makes me a little “zingy”. I just noticed that I haven’t had any pain, too…I give it a 9/10, for it working great, but it’s not overbearing. It’s a great balance.”


I think you’ll agree that Gold Elephant is the variant you want if you’re on the hunt for hours of inspiration, serenity and social engagement. Just don’t overdo it or you might end up praying to the porcelain god. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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