Bumble Bee Botanicals Vendor Review

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Bumble Bee Botanicals has been called the best tea that money can buy. With first-rate GMP-compliant locations in Boise, Reno, San Diego and San Francisco, they are truly your one-stop shop for buying kratom locally.

Like an actual bumble bee, this vendor is attracted to the finest flowers. They are adept at collecting the best that nature has to offer, consistently sourcing potent kratom capsules and kratom extracts. And with stores that are open seven days a week with curbside pickup, they are the top choice during the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

If all of this sounds too good to be true you’ll want to read my review below. In today’s roundup I’ll give you the skinny on what makes Bumble Bee Botanicals special and where they could make some improvements.

I think you’ll agree that there are plenty of good reasons why you should do business with this vendor…but there are also some things you should consider.

Let’s talk about that.


First established in La Mesa, CA, Bumble Bee was founded on a commitment to purity and potency. As their website—bumblebeesd.com—clearly explains, this supplier believes in the healing power of plants. As such, they have made it their mission to provide customers with CBD, kratom and other ethnobotanicals of exceptional quality.

Their nationwide shops are known for their cleanliness, friendliness and superior knowledge. Each staff member is armed with a well-rounded understanding of the Ayurvedic herb and its properties.


This seller regularly stocks a wealth of exotic ethnobotanicals with products available in raw powder, tincture and capsule form. In addition their supplements and liquid kratom shots they carry the following kratom strains:


Bumble Bee Botanicals maintains consistency in quality by sourcing exclusively from two farmers in Indonesia. They have enjoyed a long-term relationship with their providers, one that is fortified by the freshness of their leaf.

This vendor routinely submits each batch of kratom powder to a third party laboratory. Third party lab testing ensures that the Mitragyna speciosa plant matter is free of heavy metals and other potential contaminants.

Unlike so many short-lived operations, this company is dedicated to the future of kratom legality in the United States. This is why they encourage their customers to donate to the AKA (American Kratom Association), a non-profit that advocates on the Ayurvedic herb’s behalf.

Where other brands set specific limitations on how much (or how little) you can order, this supplier enables you to sample their wares without breaking the bank. You can buy as little as one gram to see what you think. This saves you money as well as time since you won’t waste $$$ on a pricey shipment of bulk kratom powder.

As with other top-rated kratom suppliers, Bumble Bee provide consumers with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are disappointed with any product they will refund your money or replace the item in question.

Reputation is a major consideration when buying kratom locally. If customers are constantly complaining about price gouging and rude employees it’s a safe bet that the shop they’re complaining about is less than legit.

In the case of Bumble Bee Botanicals, their brand is backed by a plethora of four and five-star reviews. Their loyal customers have been effusive in their adoration for this shop and its catalog.

One user said, “Last of the dying breed of available vape shops along the Peninsula. For those of us who use e-cigarettes/vape to quit smoking, it’s getting harder & harder to find places to buy our supplies…this place is great.

“Always staffed with friendly knowledgeable people, convenient location, hours, and parking. And a selection of juices & products for those who constantly like to try new things…I hope that they survive…I’ve been coming here for 5+ years.”

Elsewhere, another user exclaimed, “Love this place! Super helpful and knowledgeable staff and amazing product! Love the overall environment too, it’s super clean and calming!”

And yet another user said, “Fantastic customer service, the woman at the front counter was more than happy to educate me on the products and provided me with exactly what I needed.”


There is always a risk when purchasing from a headshop or smoke shop. Normally, you have no real way of knowing if the products are safe or if the leaf will be fresh. Most smoke shop proprietors source their M. speciosa from third party wholesale distributors who do little to inform shop owners of their product’s origins.

Fortunately for those on the West coast, Bumble Bee breaks this rather annoying mold, delivering detailed information about their line and giving consumers everything they need to make an informed decision.

On the other hand, there are things you should know before visiting their locations. For one, they do not accept credit or debit cards. This is a cash only business. This is not to sleight them in any way, rather to warn prospective visitors that they should hit an ATM before heading over.

Third party lab results are not displayed on their website. While this is more than a bit disconcerting I have been assured that you can inquire about lab results on site.

Last but not least for those of us who are more privacy-conscious, cryptocurrency is not currently accepted at any of their four establishments. Sure, this isn’t the biggest deal for some of us, but an increasing number of savvy consumers have begun investing in digital wallets and doing away with the old way of doing things.


If you live in the Sunshine State you owe it to yourself to trek down to one of their shops. Their quaint, rustic shops are warm and welcoming. And you’re bound to find something that meets your desires.

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